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Salmon Avocado Salad. Goodbye Wrinkles, Hello Avocado!

‘Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the most beautiful of all?' Unfortunately after a certain age, even the mirror would not be able to help but reflect the deteriorating state of the skin. Unwelcome though they might be, wrinkles are an inevitable part of life and their appearance on the skin with the advancing age needs to be accepted as a sad but true part of life. But instead of accepting the onset of wrinkles passively if an individual decides to combat their onset, then the affect is greatly reduced.

Goodbye Wrinkles, Hello Avocado

There are many ways in which the battle against wrinkles can be waged and these range from being aggressive to totally natural, meaning entailing the use of natural ingredients which are commonly found in homes. While the former calls for extreme measures which may be quite expensive as well, the latter recommends the use of fruits and vegetables, prominent amongst them being avocado.

Healthy Benefits of Avocado

Counted amongst the anti-wrinkle foods, avocado is one of the most potent products of Mother Nature when it comes to fighting aging problems. Apart from being the richest source of protein, avocado as a fruit boasts of a high concentration of vitamin A and B as also natural oils which have a softening affect on skin. In fact using this fruit as a means to accomplish healthy and wrinkle-free skin is not just economical but nourishing as well courtesy of the presence of as many as fourteen minerals and nutrients.

Anti-Wrinkles Avocado Recipes

One of the most effective recipes for making an avocado face mask calls for mashing half of a ripe avocado, blend egg yolk and honey into the pulp to form a smooth paste and apply it on the face, neck and shoulders. After an interval of 20 minutes, the pulp is washed off and the areas rinsed with warm water.
An even easier method would be to simply de-seed and mash the avocado to pulp and then apply it on the face. The result would be well hydrated and nourished skin which would be bereft from the perils of premature ageing and hence keep wrinkles at bay as well. Apart from the anti-ageing affect, control and prevention of hot flushes caused due to menopause is an added benefit accrued from application of avocado.
Avocado can be combined with almond oil or olive oil as well wherein the mask is applied in circular motions on the face and washed off after 15 minutes for best results. Next to the fruit itself is its oil which is naturally endowed with large percentage of Vitamin E and C as also beta carotene all of which provide the crucial enrichment for restoration and exfoliation. Because it is inherently heavy, avocado oil can be combined with other lighter oils prior to being applied.

 Anti-Wrinkles and Healthy Salmon Avocado Recipe

[caption id="attachment_675" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Salmon Avocado Salad. Goodbye Wrinkles, Hello Avocado!"]Salmon Avocado Salad. Goodbye Wrinkles, Hello Avocado![/caption]
Do You Wanna Know How To Make this soo Tasty and Healthy, Anti-Wrinkles Salmon Avocado Salad?
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