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Making A Raw Vegetable Diet Fun, Interesting and Tasty - And Lose Weight In the Process!

Most of us know that a raw vegetable diet can help us lose weight, improve our health, and boost our energy levels. So, if we are aware of all the amazing advantages, why do we so often neglect to add these powerhouse foods to our daily eating plans?
Is it because we think vegetables are boring or take too long to prepare?
Do we believe that a fresh food diet would be too costly?
Or, do our busy schedules make quick snack options the easier choice?
Doctors, nutritionists, and even our mothers, have been telling us for years that eating a variety of veggies is good for our health. It has been drilled into our heads, we know that it's true, and most of us want to do what is best for our body.
Well, there is good news.
We can discard all our excuses and misconceptions, because the truth is that adding more raw vegetables to our diet does not have to be complicated, uninteresting, or expensive.
With today's technology, there is an abundance of fun and exciting recipes right at our fingertips. Visit your local library or bookstore, or simply turn on your computer and explore the fascinating world of raw veggie cuisine.
There are so many options, several using ingredients readily available at most supermarkets for reasonable prices. Experiment, try new things, or add your own personal flair and you will soon discover that eating raw vegetables will not only make you feel better, but they can taste great too!
Why Eat Raw?
One of the biggest motivators in changing your diet is understanding why the choice is important.
Raw vegetables are high in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, and are packed with valuable phytochemicals, which help protect your body and improve its natural ability to heal itself. They also contain important enzymes that assist in proper digestion and aid in the absorption of nutrients.
Unfortunately, cooking can destroy or diminish all these essential properties. Raw whole or living foods are unprocessed, low in sodium, and have all the enzymes, vitamins, and minerals still intact so your body can use the nutrients more efficiently.
For maximum health benefits, about 75% of food should be eaten raw. So, pull out those new recipes, gather together some fun ingredients, and prepare to enjoy all the benefits veggies can offer.
What are the Advantages of a Raw Vegetable Diet?
Adding vegetables to your daily eating plan will provide a lot of positive benefits that will improve your physical and emotional well-being. Before long, you will notice a significant energy boost, increased vitality, and balanced moods. You will sleep better, think clearer, and achieve a healthy weight.
From better digestion to a lower risk of disease and increased immunity, eating raw veggies is one of the best things you will ever do for your body.
How Can I Add More Veggies to My Diet?
Adding raw vegetables to your diet can be easy, even if you have a busy lifestyle or a tight budget.
1. Add a salad to your meal.
Try new recipes or experiment with interesting combinations. By using 'in season' options, you can make extravagant salads inexpensively. And, of course, veggies such as carrots, cucumbers, and lettuce are always available and reasonably priced. Add nuts, seeds, sprouts, or even fruit to make eating veggies fun, tasty, and extra nutritious.
2. Drink a green smoothie.
These can actually be quite delicious, easy to make, and are a great way to start your day. Keep it exciting by making your own creations using bananas, kiwi, persimmon, papaya, or mint. Add in sprouts, chia seeds, flax, or some interesting herbs, and you just may stumble upon something deliciously amazing.
3. Grow or eat sprouts.
These are packed full of vitamins and minerals and offer a very high concentration of essential nutrients. Add them to salads or smoothies, put them on a sandwich, or sprinkle them on top of your veggie stir fry.
4. Choose vegetables for snacks.
Take the time to cut up carrots, celery, bell peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, or whatever other vegetables you enjoy, and store them in proper containers so that they are ready and available whenever the munchies strike.
If you are really pressed for time, you can even purchase many veggies already cut and cleaned. Although not quite as nutritious, they still offer many benefits and are the wiser choice over fast food or starchy snacks.
Make your own dips, choose healthy dressings, or sprinkle some tasty herbs and spices on top of your cut vegetables. You can even slice zucchini lengthwise and use in place of bread for sandwiches.
A raw vegetable diet can provide the boost you have been looking for.
If you are ready for positive change, visit the produce section of your supermarket or plant your own garden, and start adding fresh veggies to your daily menu plan.
Trina Cleary is the editor of Growing Raw a website dedicated to helping people choose the healthiest ways to grow and eat food. Ready to discover the 3 best veggies for losing weight in a raw vegetable diet?

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BREAKING NEWS: Boston Marathon Blast !!!

 Where can we find a safe place to lived in this world?  Watch this video and see how explosions hit one of  US Sporting Events and reportedly,  2 people died in the incident and more than a hundred people were injured.

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Tips On How To Reduce Arm Fat In Five Basic Steps

Ever wonder the easiest way regarding how to burn upper arm body fat? The best as well as fastest method on how to burn upper arm excess fat is through a lot of exercise and also by following a proper diet. The following energizes the uppr arm as well as other fat in general. Should you be looking for methods on how to shed upper arm body fat, you have to realize that there are no miracles or techniques that will enable you to burn off the particular arm body fat immediately. You must be willing to adhere to a new stringent procedure of combining an effective exercise and dieting program. Lets take a look at some easy ideas down below: 1. Change your eating habits. Keep in mind that for you to have nicely toned upper arms, physical exercise is not going to turn out to be adequate. You will also need to start on a healthy diet plan. Include veggies, fruits, whole grains and also lean meat within your meals. Additionally, drink a lot of h2o throughout the day. Having said that, should you be beginning on a major diet adjustment, don't neglect to consult a physician before you make any changes - merely to ensure everything is organized. 2. Physical exercise. In terms of carrying out a stringent workout routine, start off simple. You may well be searching for quick fixes regarding how to shed arm fat, however there aren't some! Here are some basic steps to check out regarding how to melt away upper arm fat exercises: Step One: Do basic upper arm physical exercise.
Start out with performing arm circles in your own home. This kind of exercise is pretty simple to perform and can yield good results in time. You simply need to stretch out each arm in a straight place, shift your arms inside a spherical movement and also let them keep moving within rings. Begin with this particular routine slowly, and build your way into a quicker replication. Step 2: Level up upper arm workouts with dumbbells or weights.
The suggested weight is 5 lbs per whenever starting out. In locating effective methods on how to burn off upper arm extra fat, using dumbells or even free weights will ensure your own uppr arms turn out to be ripped. This is due to the use of dumbbells through working out will certainly generate muscle mass, this raises your own metabolic rate, which assists a person to burn off arm body fat quicker. Simple curls and tri-cep raises could go quite a distance within burning up upper arm fat. Step Three: Take dumbells while strolling.
Carry a hand weights inside each palm and go on a pleasing walk. Try to make certain that you swing your upper arms in any back and forth motion while strolling so as to aid your physique in it's effort on how to help burn off arm excess fat. A single measured exercise to shed upper arm extra fat is usually typical arm curls. You are going to need to lie your arm dangling out there within the actual breeze. As soon as the arm is definitely level, bring the hand gradually up to the actual shoulders. Bend the upper arm located at the actual elbow joints while bringing it upwards. Lie your upper arm out there level once again, once the particular 1st action is actually done. Duplicate this movement several times. Carry out this exercise with regard to the other arm. The advantages of doing these kinds of basic exercise while walking will not simply function just as the great solution about exactly how for you to drop upper arm excess fat, but also will supply you a beneficial cardio workout. Step 4: Do some push-ups.
Yet another workout concerning how to burn upper arm extra fat is performing push ups. Pushups can help burn your ugly upper arm excess fat quickly. Initially, it may not be simple to do push ups particularly for girls however, these can effectively be sure that your arms become a little more ripped and less flabby. Step 5: Visit the fitness center.
If you feel the above mentioned exercises are currently not working for you very well, benefiting from expert advise as well as assistance with this may be the right choice for you personally. Enroll in a fitness center or perhaps a nearby gym if you have the time and ask for instructions via the gymnasium coordinator about the various workout routines that you can do regarding how to eliminate arm excess fat. -- The best ways to burn arm fat can be obtained on our site located at apexweightloss.com. Stop by right now for the most recent info on weight loss and weight reduction suggestions and ideas. Source: http://www.articletrader.com

Weight Loss - Android Phone to the Rescue

Tend not to look at the level. You can hurt your self-confidence by consistently stepping for the scale. You may be gaining muscle tissue during your livre tout sur les abdominaux mike geary loss routine, so do definitely not fret should you gain programme abdo. As an alternative, determine how you're progressing by how cosy or loose your clothes are.

As regards finding, the best place to seek out this marvelous supplement is within New Zealand, specially in the North west corner connected with South Area where there is actually a nature arrange. The genuine cooling gusts of wind from the Antarctic furthermore help to truly produce raw material that is second to none. There won't be extreme climatic conditions either. You will be risk-free in the knowledge that there is certainly a complete not enough hype that you tend to see in the classic bee pollen tout sur les abdominaux loss capsules reviews.

One more thing that you should set about is changing ones wardrobe. There isn't any better delight when starting livre tout sur les abdominaux mike geary loss diets for ladies than to find that you are lastly slimming. As you begin transforming the clothes you wear, you will certainly be half-way in your target.

Avoid drugs - If you aren't extremely chubby, suffering from osteoarthritis, or not able to move, there's no justification to utilize diet pills for you to lose acheter tout sur les abdominaux. Pills and tablets will almost always be to be used under strict issues only immediately after consultation from a medical expert. Most of the tout sur les abdominaux mike geary loss pills are controlled substances licensed by the FDA. These are only obtainable from drugstore after featuring a valid pharmaceutical drug and ended after the medication is finished.

Keep in mind, too, that the tout sur les abdominaux loss program probably will include many physical exercises. Think about the exercising component of your method as enjoyable and adventure and not while a form of difficult and tired work. The reality is that physical fitness is related inseparable to all particular effectiveness atlanta divorce attorneys field. Any individual willing to take the few basic steps that lay between them and fitness can shortly set out to feel better, and the improvement can reflect themselves in every facet of their everyday living.

Manage to visit peace in addition to accept your self the way you tend to be. - Establish acknowledgement of your body image in the present type. Self-acceptance allows you to sales channel your energy in to actual modifications to behavior, instead of struggling with pessimism like: "would I, could My spouse and i, should I".

Diet program meal plans: You'll find things we eat that produce us add programme abdo. Would you give me a perfect example? Fatty foods- appropriate! They are not ideal for the body simply because excess cholesterol levels in the body allows room for diseases and other health risks. Diet plans help you lose acheter tout sur les abdominaux speedily. Meal plans for males and women vary, and we will delve into these meals plans shortly, so, do not be in a rush, okay?

If perhaps "Diet!" is the double, then "Exercise!" would be the king connected with livre tout sur les abdominaux mike geary loss tips. If you aren't obese, you may still lose livre tout sur les abdominaux mike geary whilst eating a similar amount one does, but exercising regularly. Not all work out programs are designed equally, even so. All applications produce effects with constant, long-term effort, however, many programs deliver results in as few as two months. Couple this with a good livre tout sur les abdominaux mike geary loss diet program and you will definitely see leads to one month.

-- If you would like additional information or suggestions about weightloss, you could go at http://commentmaigrirblog.fr/perdre-du-ventre/comment-avoir-ventre-plat and obtain lots of interesting items to become bikini all set for this summer time. Source: http://www.articletrader.com

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The Most Common Health Issues and the Natural Home Remedies for Them

It is the habit of modern people that in case they have some health related problem they take a trip to the drugstore. Maybe it would be time for them to try some of the good old natural home remedies. So, what is your problem?


Although this isn't something that you would normally want to try, but cayenne pepper is one of the home remedies that are natural and that could help you in this case. It not only stops the bleeding, but it also relieves the pain.


There are few things that are worse than a toothache. Using home remedies that are natural cannot substitute a trip to the dentist, but while waiting for your appointment you might want to reduce the pain and the swelling. For this purpose you should put a few drops of clove oil on the tooth and the gum and bite on a clove of garlic that has antibacterial effects.

Rashes and allergies

These are usually treated with antihistamines, but you don't necessarily need medication. Try green tea as natural home remedies. This also has antihistamine properties, and to feel the effect you will need about 2-3 cups per day.

Athlete's foot

Actually this is a kind of fungus that can be treated with home remedies that are natural. You need to soak your feet in salty water and then wash them with garlic juice. For the same effect you could also soak them in diluted apple cedar or white vinegar. No matter which one of the natural home remedies you choose, you should repeat it several times, even after you think that the problem is gone.

Sensitive skin and acne

The best home remedies that are natural in this case is to take a look at the lifestyle that you have, and make some changes if you have to. Also you could try washing your face with oatmeal that exfoliates the skin and washes off the impurities.

Ear infections

In case of mild infections there are some natural home remedies that you can use. Put a few drops of white vinegar or garlic oil in your ear and lay on your opposite side. These create an unfriendly environment for the bacteria that causes the infection. You should repeat the use of the home remedies that are natural, until the symptoms are gone. There is almost no health problem that couldn't be treated with one of the natural home remedies. -- Stephanie writes on alternative medicine, alternative health, natural remedies, alternative therapies, ayurveda, massage therapy, acupuncture, hypnosis, yoga, holistic medicine and other alternative treatments.
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Penis Rash Symptoms - 5 Home Treatments for Lichen Planus

Lichen planus can affect the skin of the genital area, as well as other parts of the body, and can cause severe itching and the appearance of a penis rash. Understanding the signs and symptoms of this inflammatory condition can help men to get the treatment needed to stop penis itching and reduce the appearance of lesions and discoloration.

What is lichen planus?

Lichen planus is an inflammatory condition that affects the skin and mucus membranes. The areas of the body most often affected are the external genitals, mouth, inner forearms and ankles. It occurs when the immune system attacks the cells of the skin and mucus membranes, similar to an allergic reaction.

Symptoms of lichen planus

Symptoms include flat-topped, purplish bumps that are sometimes mistaken for warts, especially when they occur on the genitals. The sores may sometimes break open and then scab over. In the mouth, lichen planus may appear as a white, lacy film. Severe itching, especially in the genital area, may accompany the skin lesions. Lesions in the mouth (or in the vagina, in women) may lead to painful ulcers. Scratching these is a bad idea, because breaking the sores increases the risk of secondary infection. Hair and nail loss may also occur.

Symptoms of Lichen planus on the penis resemble those of a variety of other penile skin conditions, including certain STDs; any unusual sores or lesions on the penis should be evaluated by a doctor.

Is it contagious?

Lichen planus is not contagious; people cannot "catch" it from someone else or transmit it to another person. However, until a positive diagnosis has been obtained, it is best to avoid sexual contact to reduce the risk of passing a contagious condition to a partner.

Causes and risk factors

The precise cause of the immune response is not yet understood, but it is believed to be linked to inflammation. Certain individuals are more likely to experience the condition; mainly middle-aged adults. Lichen planus may be triggered by certain health conditions, as well as some medications; possible triggers include:

  • Flu vaccine;
  • Hepatitis B vaccine;
  • Hepatitis C infection;
  • Certain pigments (paints) and metals;
  • NSAIDS like aspirin or ibuprofen;
  • Some medications used to treat heart disease, arthritis and high blood pressure.


People with lichen planus may develop scars; painful or itchy sores on the penis may lead to temporary sexual dysfunction. There is some evidence that men with lichen planus on the penis may be at greater risk for developing penile skin cancer.

Diagnosis and treatment

Lichen planus may be diagnosed by performing a skin biopsy. Men with symptoms may also be tested for hepatitis C and various allergies. Unless the symptoms are severe, this condition can generally be managed without prescription medications; it generally clears up on its own.

Five at-home tips for easing the itch

Men with lichen planus sores on the penis may find the following at-home remedies to be helpful in easing the itch and soreness:

  1. Soaking in a colloidal oatmeal bath;
  2. Aloe vera gel;
  3. Cool compresses;
  4. Over-the-counter hydrocortisone creams;
  5. Vitamin A and D supplements.

Preventive care for the penis skin

As the cause of lichen planus is not known, it is not possible to prevent lichen planus; virtually anyone can develop the condition. However, keeping the penis skin clean and well moisturized and boosting the body's natural resistance to disease through use of a penis vitamin cream (most health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) may help to stave off common skin infections, as well as promoting an overall sleek and supple appearance. Nutrients such as vitamins A, C and D may also help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, scars and blemishes that affect the penile skin.
-- For additional information on most common penis health issues, tips on improving penis sensitivity, and what to do to maintain a healthy penis, visit: http://www.penishealth101.com. John Dugan is a professional writer who specializes in men's health issues and is an ongoing contributing writer to numerous online web sites. Source: http://www.articletrader.com

Try Home Remedies For Bacterial Vaginosis

Are you aware of Bacterial Vaginosis home remedies? Well, Bacterial Vaginosis is a common condition in most women. This is basically a condition whereby the vagina is infected by fungus and germs that are as a result of different things such as poor nutrition, long period moisture, pregnancy, vaginal products that have harmful chemicals, sexual intercourse that is repetitive and many other different causes. Some of the symptoms of this condition include a burning sensation in the vagina, itching and inflammation of the vagina. In addition to that, a bad odor can be produced by the vagina in conjunction with some unusual discharge. The best thing about it is that there are some Bacterial Vaginosis home remedies, which include washing the vagina using warm water and mild soap on a regular basis. This will help to clear off the germs that might have clogged the vagina. After using the restroom, it is also important to ensure that you wipe the vagina using clean tissue. Antibiotics might be recommended for treating bacterial vaginosis. As they function to kill the bacteria, the actual symptoms might subside. But antibiotics can't differentiate between friendly and bad bacteria. So, both types tend to be eliminated and when new bacteria grow in the vagina, the friendly bacteria will not have sufficient power to rise up to the level to be able to manage the bad bacteria. The entire process starts once again and that is why more than 75% of women of all ages who are generally given antibiotics to cure bacterial vaginosis may experience a flare-up in a brief time. Yogurt is actually a great home remedy and you can either eat or insert it directly inside the vaginal area. Yogurt contains friendly bacteria called as Lactobacillus and it can cure the problem. Ensure that when wiping, you do it from the front to the back and not vice versa so as to prevent germs from the anal area. With this in mind, you also need to wear cotton clothing rather than tight jeans and panties. This will relieve the discomfort rapidly and you will soon see the situation improving a bit. It is better to follow preventive measures rather than worrying later. The use of tea water is also very effective when it comes to trying Bacterial Vaginosis remedies. Here, you need to soak a tea bag in water and then put it in the fridge. Leave it there for some time to cool and afterwards apply it to your genital area. This is highly effective and it relieves the discomfort in the shortest time. Cranberry juice is also very effective and is considered among the best Bacterial Vaginosis home remedies. It is also important to clean the vaginal area after sexual intercourse. -- Pay Attention Here: Eating proteins like poultry, meat and fish is also a good home remedy for treating bacterial vaginosis effectively. Avoid eating junk food and taking excess alcohol as this makes the condition worse.Get more information about Bacterial Vaginosis Home Remedies Now!

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Basic Guide In Heat Stress Management

For a lot of people, summertime may mean sunny, comfortable days ideal for long walks, picnics, and beaches. However, for some people it may mean working outside on projects under the heat of the sun, with no proper cooling systems. Hot working conditions may pose particular hazards to health and safety that is why it is important to be guided of the various injuries and illnesses linked with heat stress, and the proper heat stress management.

There are four environmental factors that affect the extent of stress that a worker may face under a hot working area: humidity, temperature, wind speed, and radiant heat like that coming from a furnace or the sun. People who have high blood pressure and those who take "diuretics" (water pills) are likely to be more responsive to heat exposure.

The body protects itself from heat by three mechanisms: sweating, altering the flow of blood, and breathing. The body's first response is circulating blood to the skin, increasing skin temperature and allowing it to "give off" some heat. In heavy work, one's muscles require more blood flow thus reducing the amount of blood available for the skin to release heat.

Sweating is another way that helps one's body to "cool off"; however, only when levels of humidity are low enough to permit sweat to evaporate, as well as if salts and water lost through sweating is replaced. If the body overheats, "heat stress" condition occurs, and can lead to several problems including heat cramps, heat rash, heat exhaustion, fainting, or heat stroke.

In the majority of cases, heat stress may be prevented, or at least, reducing the risk of developing heat stress. An effective heat stress management provides assistance on how to recognize heat stress and prevent them. Here are some simple ways of proper heat stress management to prevent heat stress:

Wear lightweight, loose-fitting clothing that permits sweat to evaporate -light colored clothing absorbs lesser heat than dark colors. If working outdoors, wearing a lightweight cap with good brim, will keep off the sun from the face and head.

Drinking a lot of fluids, particularly when the color of one's urine is dark yellow, will replace the lost body fluids from sweating -one quart every hour might be necessary. Sports drink or water is suggested; avoid beverages like iced tea, coffee, and cola as caffeine is a diuretic that makes one urinate more.
Work schedule
If possible, schedule heavy work during cooler times of the day. If not, rotate heavy work in heat with lighter work in areas that are cooler. Minimizing the hours spent in extreme heat when doing heavy work will lessen the possibilities of heat stress.

Heat stress management if effectively practiced reduces, prevents, or eliminates the harmful effects of heat stroke.

Find insightful and useful information about Organizing and Positive Attitude at Articlegrow.com. -- Lucile Taylor, an expert in Coaching, is a writer for Articlegrow.com. Source: http://www.articletrader.com

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Salmon Avocado Salad. Goodbye Wrinkles, Hello Avocado!

‘Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the most beautiful of all?' Unfortunately after a certain age, even the mirror would not be able to help but reflect the deteriorating state of the skin. Unwelcome though they might be, wrinkles are an inevitable part of life and their appearance on the skin with the advancing age needs to be accepted as a sad but true part of life. But instead of accepting the onset of wrinkles passively if an individual decides to combat their onset, then the affect is greatly reduced.

Goodbye Wrinkles, Hello Avocado

There are many ways in which the battle against wrinkles can be waged and these range from being aggressive to totally natural, meaning entailing the use of natural ingredients which are commonly found in homes. While the former calls for extreme measures which may be quite expensive as well, the latter recommends the use of fruits and vegetables, prominent amongst them being avocado.

Healthy Benefits of Avocado

Counted amongst the anti-wrinkle foods, avocado is one of the most potent products of Mother Nature when it comes to fighting aging problems. Apart from being the richest source of protein, avocado as a fruit boasts of a high concentration of vitamin A and B as also natural oils which have a softening affect on skin. In fact using this fruit as a means to accomplish healthy and wrinkle-free skin is not just economical but nourishing as well courtesy of the presence of as many as fourteen minerals and nutrients.

Anti-Wrinkles Avocado Recipes

One of the most effective recipes for making an avocado face mask calls for mashing half of a ripe avocado, blend egg yolk and honey into the pulp to form a smooth paste and apply it on the face, neck and shoulders. After an interval of 20 minutes, the pulp is washed off and the areas rinsed with warm water.
An even easier method would be to simply de-seed and mash the avocado to pulp and then apply it on the face. The result would be well hydrated and nourished skin which would be bereft from the perils of premature ageing and hence keep wrinkles at bay as well. Apart from the anti-ageing affect, control and prevention of hot flushes caused due to menopause is an added benefit accrued from application of avocado.
Avocado can be combined with almond oil or olive oil as well wherein the mask is applied in circular motions on the face and washed off after 15 minutes for best results. Next to the fruit itself is its oil which is naturally endowed with large percentage of Vitamin E and C as also beta carotene all of which provide the crucial enrichment for restoration and exfoliation. Because it is inherently heavy, avocado oil can be combined with other lighter oils prior to being applied.

 Anti-Wrinkles and Healthy Salmon Avocado Recipe

[caption id="attachment_675" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Salmon Avocado Salad. Goodbye Wrinkles, Hello Avocado!"]Salmon Avocado Salad. Goodbye Wrinkles, Hello Avocado![/caption]
Do You Wanna Know How To Make this soo Tasty and Healthy, Anti-Wrinkles Salmon Avocado Salad?
Watch The Video Below [vfblock border_size="2" border_color="#191399" corner="rounded" bg_color="#fffbcc" message="This post is only available for subscribers! To view this post please click on the Facebook button below!" font_color="#555555" url_custom="http://"] [/vfblock] -- Source: Salmon Avocado Salad. Goodbye Wrinkles, Hello Avocado! Source: http://www.articletrader.com

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How To Prevent And Get rid of Under Eye Wrinkles Naturally

Eye wrinkles are a prevalent dilemma that impacts many of us these days. Fine traces around the eyes and wrinkles under the eye are a regular part of the ageing. When we grow older our skin grows thinner and it is easier for wrinkles to appear. traces and wrinkles beneath the eye are the first to appear before they appear at anyplace else. The appearance of these traces is due to the loss of collagen which is necessary to fill up the facial area. There are various brings about of creases underneath the eye apart from the natural aging process. gorgeous eyes are an asset and an important part of personality and overall looks. You can simply remove lines underneath the eye naturally and don't need to spend money to buy expensive skin care items. consuming a nutritious diet and leading a healthy life style can keep the skin around your eye stunning and prevent traces and wrinkles from appearing. We should know the result ins of below eye wrinkles to be able to prevent and eliminate them. wrinkles beneath the eye are a part of the natural aging process but we can quickly reduce and delay their appearance. Here are the major reasons for the appearance of traces underneath the eye: i) Lack of Care
People today lead a busy way of life and have little time left to care for their body. Even women who are significant about looking gorgeous take care of their face, neck and body and neglect the skin around the eyes. Even so the first signs of old age can be ugly traces and wrinkles around the eye and proper care should be taken to prevent or reduce them. ii) Natural aging
Old age is a part of life and we cannot halt or delay it. creases beneath the eye will appear and there is no way we can permanently stop these creases from appearing. With old age the skin gets slimmer and it loses its ability to maintain the collagen levels which is vital for the skin to look radiant and supple. Skin care is important for preventing and reducing eye traces and wrinkles but even with proper skin care wrinkles around the eye cannot be prevented after a certain age. iii) Stress
Stress is a part of modern life and most of us have to face a lot of stress in our day to day life. Stress can cause a number of ailments and it also leads to traces and wrinkles beneath the eye. This is betrigger when we face stress we tend to frown more often. When we frown we use more Muscle tissue in contrast to smiling and this outcomes in the sagging of facial skin over time. This brings about wrinkles below the eye. Stress not only is harmful for our health but also spoils our appearance. iv) way of life and Diet
Our way of life and diet too could also lead to eye lines and wrinkles. An unhealthy diet and excessive booze consumption can lead to an unhealthy and balanced skin over time and wrinkles would appear prematurely. Similarly smoking cigarettes can trigger skin around the eyes to lose its elasticity and wrinkles would appear. v) Sun publicity
A person who spends a lot of time outside in the sun is more susceptible to get eye wrinkles. Sun rays are harsh on our skin and publicity to them for long periods can result in lines to develop. Now, as you know some of the major brings about of eye creases make some life style changes to prevent eye creases to appear prematurely. Natural remedies to Get Rid of underneath Eye traces
There are several natural remedies which can be used to keep the tender skin under the eye in a nutritious condition and prevent under eye lines. Most of these cures aim at therapeutic the skin around the eyes and preserving it moist to help improve its resistance against strains and wrinkles. i) Eat a healthy Diet
One of the easiest way to improve your skin's health and prevent traces and wrinkles below the eye is to eat a nutritious and nutritious diet. You should eat a diet which is rich in antioxidants as it can improve your skin's health and prevent strains. Eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables as they can provide the vital vitamins and minerals to the skin and help it stay healthful. ii) Regular exercise
You should exercising regularly if you want to prevent wrinkles below the eye from appearing. Regular work out is a great way to stay healthy and balanced and it helps keep the body in good shape. work out also helps keep the skin and Muscle masss tight and hold off lines on the face and below the eye. iii) Sleep for 7-8 hours
We need proper rest for a nutritious body and our body systems to function efficiently. We should sleep 7-8 hours each and every day to provide sufficient rest to our body. Proper sleep is also vital to prevent eye wrinkles as they prevent dilemmas like dark circles around the eyes. iv) Keep your eyes refreshed
One of the easiest and most effective ways of retaining your eyes healthy and balanced and skin around them free of strains and wrinkles is to take care of your eyes and maintaining them refreshed. Wash your eyes and face regularly with h2o to keep it clean and wholesome. You should also drink seven to eight glasses of water each day as this helps to keep the skin moist improving its overall health and preventing creases underneath the eye. When you don't drink sufficient h2o your skin looks dry and dull and creases can quickly appear on a dehydrated skin. h2o can improve the skin's health and keep it seeking younger for long. v) Avoid Stress
Stress is a part of modern lifestyle and many people face stress at work as well as family life. Stress has some dangerous health risks and one of them is beneath eye creases. People who are unable to manage stress and reduce it are prone to look more mature earlier than usual as their skin health deteriorates and premature creases appear. We need to work on reducing stress in our life to prevent below eye wrinkles and keep our skin in good health. These are some of the natural treatments to help you prevent and reduce under eye lines and keep you seeking younger for long. Try these cures and watch those lines and wrinkles underneath your eyes vanish. -- Source: http://freefacecream.net/taking-care-of-your-skin-problems/ Source: http://www.articletrader.com

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Fast Acting Cures For Heartburn

Medication is the only thing any doctor will prescribe as Cures For heartburn. But there are many people around who do not want the medication. They want some natural ways which can be used as cures for heartburn. There are a whole lot of home remedies available for the problem of heartburn....
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Monday, April 1, 2013

Contact Lens Care Tips

Although there are many different contact lenses designs, there are basically two types.

HARD GAS PERMEABLE LENSES are made from plastic and are curved to match the cornea. They cover the central part of the cornea and are held in place by the surface tension of the tears. These are available in materials that enable them to be worn for up to 30 days sleeping.

SOFT CONTACT LENSES are made of a soft, flexible plastic material and cover the whole of the cornea. The type of lens that is finally prescribed depends on the need and suitability of the patient for a particular lens type. Two types exist; CONVENTIONAL SOFT LENSES, which last 2 years, as well as DISPOSABLE CONTACT LENSES which are worn for periods between one day and four weeks (being removed at night), and then discarded. The period of wear is dependent upon the material.

New Contact Lenses wearers should adopt a responsible, patient and determined attitude to wearing and handling their lenses. The lenses are susceptible to damage through careless handling, and because of their size can be lost if care is not taken. The risk of loss is greatest during the initial period, and special care must be taken during this time.

New contact lens wearers should be aware that despite consideration of all the necessary factors in the fitting of contact lenses some people are unable to satisfactorily wear lenses on a long-term basis. Every effort is made to determine this in the initial fitting procedures. If however, after delivery of the lenses this situation arises, appropriate steps will be taken to overcome the problem but no refund is available on lenses. The optometrist may exchange the lenses for spectacles.


The number of visits you will be asked to attend will vary depending on the type of lens fitted. In some cases, several visits may be necessary. A typical schedule would be as follows;

(i) Routine optometrical examination
(ii) Visits for additional measurements and fitting of lenses
(iii) Prescribing and ordering of lenses
(iv) Delivery of lenses, instructions on insertion/removal, lens care and maintenance.
Advice on wearing schedules
(v) Aftercare visits


When regular contact lens wear is achieved, there still remains the responsibility of having your eyes and lenses checked regularly by a contact lens fitting practitioner. Regular aftercare is an important part of the contact lens fittings and prescribing both from the patients and the practitioners’ point of view. At these visits the practitioner checks the state of health of the eyes, evaluates the performance and fitting of the lenses and discusses any problems the patient may have. Sometimes minor adjustments will be made to the lenses to improve their performance and occasionally the lenses may have to be refitted.

A typical schedule following delivery of lenses might be;

- 4 weeks later
- 6 weeks later
- 3 months later
- 6 months later
- 12 month intervals


If significant bacterial contamination is introduced into the eye an infection may result. Therefore strict hygiene in handling contact lenses is essential. Reports of any serious complications associated with contact lenses are rare but invariably the cause of these rare cases has been traced to some serious neglect by the patient of the instructions on hygiene, wearing schedules or maintenance procedures.


Before handling contact lenses wash your hands thoroughly ensuring that the sides of the fingers and the palms are cleaned. Ensure that your fingers are free of lint, cosmetics, hand lotions, hair oils, nicotine etc.
Contact lenses are made of plastic materials and if handled carelessly they may be scratched, distorted, chipped or split. Do not slide or scrape a lens across a tabletop and be sure that your fingernails do not scratch the surface or dent the edge of the lens. If the lens is accidentally squashed or jammed in its case or elsewhere, be sure to inspect the lens carefully.

If you suspect that the lens might be damaged, have it checked by your practitioner.
If a lens is dropped, do not move until you have looked carefully near where you stand. If a lens is wet it may adhere to hands, face, eye lashes, clothing or furniture. Do not overlook cuffs, pleats or shoes. A torch shone around at ground level will often locate a lens by reflections from the lens surface.


Chemical Disinfection
Special soft lens solutions are available and provide lens sterilisation and cleaning. Strict adherence to the cleaning and storage regime, described at the delivery of your lenses, is necessary. Because soft lenses absorb water, they will also absorb any water-soluble chemicals or impurities, consequently, precautions against contaminations are even more important. Strict hygiene is essential. NEVER USE SALIVA OR TAP WATER.


Before contact lenses can be worn successfully, the eyes must become adapted to the presence of the lenses. The time required for adaptation varies between individuals and with the different types of lenses and it is important to be able to distinguish between "normal" adaptation problems and signs or symptoms that require you to seek advice from your practitioner.

You will be given a wearing schedule designed to allow sufficient time for the eyes to adapt to the presence of the lenses. The wearing schedules will vary depending on the type of lens and the needs of the patient. A typical program for flexible lenses is given below.

First day 6 hours
Increase per day 1.5 hrs
Max before first
aftercare visit 8-l2 hrs

Some patients may need a break during the day or the lenses may need cleaning during the day. NEVER WEAR YOUR LENSES OVERNIGHT UNLESS SO ADVISED and if you stop wearing lenses for any length of time you will have to re-adapt by wearing them again for a reduced time. Excessive wear during the initial period of adaptation results in the "over-wear syndrome" characterised by:

(i) Severe pain in the eyes at 3 to 4 o'clock in the morning.
(ii) Extreme sensitivity to light (photophobia)
(iii) Blurred vision, watery eyes

Although no permanent damage normally results and the symptoms fade over the next 24 hours, the experience is an extremely painful one.

During the first few days of the adaptation period, avoid the following if possible:

-Wearing lenses in overheated or smoky atmospheres, or whilst sitting over a heater or fire. Take advantage of the increased comfort to be experienced in dull conditions in the fresh air.
-Sudden movements of the eyes to extreme of gaze.
-Driving a car with bifocal CLs, especially at night until confidence is gained.
-Subconsciously rubbing or manipulating the lids.
-Prolonged close work
-Altering your normal blink rate.


-Blinking and watering of the eyes
-Dislike of bright lights or looking upwards
-Tension in the face or forehead
-Moments of blurred vision
-Temporary blurring of vision with spectacles after wearing contact lenses
-One lens behaving better than the other
-Reflections from lights
-Temporary doubling of vision
-Displacement of lenses on the eye
-Some inaccuracy in judgment of sizes and distances


Seek advice if you have any of the following signs or symptoms:

-Persistent redness of the eyes especially if it lasts overnight. A lens should never be inserted into a `red' eye as you may have a corneal abrasion that you cannot feel due to the "sensory" adaptation
-Soreness or discomfort (without the lenses in) that lasts until the next day
-If the lens is grossly uncomfortable you should remove it, clean it, and reinsert it. If it is still uncomfortable the lens should be removed and not worn until the advice of your practitioner has been sought.
-If you ever have severe pain or a very red eye advice should be sought immediately.

Every morning after you insert your contact lenses you should check the following three things:
(i) How they see – Vision should be clear for both eyes (check them separately). If not, check that the lenses are clean and that they were inserted into the correct eyes.
(ii) How they feel – The lenses should feel comfortable on your eyes
(iii) How they look – Your eyes should be essentially “white”. If your eyes turn red upon insertion, re-clean the lens. If the eye is still red and uncomfortable, remove the lens and consult your optometrist.


Initially, you should insert and remove your lenses over a cloth or towel spread on the table. A mirror might be handy while learning techniques, but you should learn to do without it. If you fail in an attempt to insert a lens, the lens should be rinsed before trying again.


Place the lens on the index finger and retract the lower lid with the second finger. Look up, and place the lens onto the lower portion of the sclera. Remove the index finger and slowly release the lid. Close your eyes and lightly massage the lid to help centre the lens.


Retract the lower lid with the second finger and place the index fingertip on the lower edge of the lens. Slide the lens down onto the sclera. Gently pinch the lens lightly between the thumb and index finger. Roll the thumb and index finger together causing the lens to double, which allows air beneath the lens, and remove from the eye.
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Music Therapy for Autistic Patients

Many people listen to music for entertainment, and many people play musical instruments in many parts of the world. Interestingly, music is embraced by all cultures, some dating to the ancient times. Music has the power to touch people of all cultures, races, religions, and nationalities, communicating with the masses on a deeper level. For some time now, music therapy has been successfully used to improve the functionality of people who are suffering from a broad range of emotional or cognitive problems. Music therapists have found this method to be especially effective with autistic patients of all ages.

At this point, it's important to differentiate the difference between music therapy and music instruction. Music instruction refers to the study of music or music lessons where a person learns to play a musical instrument. Well, it can be argued that playing a musical instrument can be therapeutic but it's not the scope of music therapy. In music therapy, the therapist uses music to achieve certain individualized goals with the patient.

What Can Music Therapy Do For Autistic Patients?

On the most basic level, music therapy can help to improve the skills of autistic patients such as self-reliance, motor or perceptual skills, cognition, behavior, sensory issues, social skills, and communication skills. By enhancing these skills, autistic patients can integrate more easily into society. At the same time, they will also grow in confidence and learn to be more self-sufficient. To build trust and develop personal connections, it's the challenge of the music therapist to strike a chord with the autistic patient through music experiences. Due to nature of music which is both engaging and affecting, it's perfectly suited to be used as a tool to stimulate a particular response. For some reason, music has a profound effect of autistic patients so it's quite normal for them to respond positively to music therapy. Patients who are suffering from sensory aversions may find music therapy to be effective in helping them to handle auditory processing differences and sound sensibilities.

How Do Music Therapists Work with Autistic Patients?

Working with small groups or individuals, music therapists use a range of music and techniques to provide the right treatment to autistic patients. To develop an effective treatment strategy, the music therapist needs to analyze the autistic patient's needs and strengths. The goals and objectives of the treatments have to be laid out so that the progress of the patients can be monitored.

A music therapist can use spontaneous musical improvisation to encourage the autistic patients to express themselves, thereby, improving their communication and social skills. For instance, the music therapist may play the guitar or even sing as the patient produces sounds. This is an effective way to give support to the patients so that they are confident enough to create their own musical language. The patient will learn the joys of two-way communication and also tap into a wider spectrum of emotions. A professional music therapist will know how to formulate developmental plans to maximize the potential of the patient.
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