Sunday, February 17, 2013

Menopause Treatment that Really Works

Menopause symptoms are rarely a cake walk. Yes, that does mean literally pain in the derriere. Fortunately treatments have become available over the last three decades or so. Many generations of women simply endured the stages of menopause without relief. The remedies that were not available 30 years ago have proven effective in easing the signs of menopause. You can not count on what worked for your friend working for you because we all react differently to the various remedies available. Still, some treatments have been proven to work better than others. Here are a few treatments you might think about looking into.

Try loading up on phytoestrogens. Phytoestrogens come from a variety of naturally occurring foods. They come in two forms: lignans and isoflavones. You can find lignans in foods that contain flaxseed, whole grains and they are also in many fruits and vegetables.

Soy beans contain isoflavones. Women who prefer not to use hormone replacement therapy should choose these foods. Studies are iffy on phytoestrogens. Treatment results vary greatly depending on the person. Some women report feeling a decrease in their symptoms. Others have been known to respond better to hormone replacement therapy.

Another effective treatment for menopause symptoms, believe it or not, is yoga. Studies have proven that women who regularly practice yoga do not have as many hot flashes. The intensity of a woman's hot flashes won't be as intense as the hot flashes of people who don't do yoga. Another reason that yoga is thought to be a beneficial menopause treatment is that, in addition to helping a woman's body feel better, yoga can raise her spirits as well.

Some anti-depressants have been known to help with the symptoms of menopause. Altering the chemistry of the brain during menopause is risky business. Lower dose anti-depressant treatment is sometimes prescribed. Anti-depressants have been known to reduce the intensity of hot flashes. This may also help you control your mood swings and stay more level headed. Work closely with your doctor to determine if anti-depressant therapy is a treatment route you'd like to explore. The first several weeks may not show alot of results because it takes time for these treatments to develop a medication level high enough to maintain your system. Moods and behaviors will not change overnight, it will take time for the medicine to enter your system.

There are a multitude of treatments available for every symptom. No two menopause experiences will be the same. Many women will not require official treatment wheras others will. Help is available do not forget that. If you reach for the resources available you will have an easier time coping with the changes.
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