Wednesday, July 17, 2013

How to Cure Acne - Simple Herbal Concoctions

Finding the answer on how to cure acne has become a multi-million business. Numerous researches are specially conducted to pinpoint the causes of acne and determining what are the appropriate remedies. Studies are undertaken to identify the factors that trigger an outbreak and consequently, discovering ways on how to prevent or control acne.

Everyone is susceptible to developing zits, thus the market for acne products is definitely huge. There will never be a lack in interested buyers who are willing to try on new products like creams, ointments, and lotions, among others. For as long as this skin condition persists, users will regularly flock the dermatologists’ offices and the pharmaceutical outlets and try the proposed remedies on how to cure acne.

Herbal plants and flowers are effective alternatives on how to cure acne. Different concoctions have been tried by many herbalists to come up with various mixes that are claimed to be efficient in keeping your skin blemish-free. One of the downside of these herbal remedies would be the fact that what may cure one person of his or her acne may not have the same effect on others. Other factors need to be considered such as the person’s skin type, and degree of pimple condition. Fortunately, since there is little or no side effects attached with these herbal mixes, it is possible to try them all and stick to the one that works for you.

Herbal medicines are recommended since these are powerful cleansers that could clear your body of unwanted and otherwise harmful toxins. The final mixture works best when drunk hence you could make them as tea, which you can sip during the day. In preparing for your special herbal concoction, you need to procure the following – burdock, echinacea, English walnut, fragrant valerian, blue flag, yellow dock and wild strawberries. These main ingredients can work alone or blended with one another. You can also perform your own combinations although be careful in doing so as you would not want to produce something that may be dangerous to drink. By following the specific instructions, you may find the right mix on how to cure acne.

The leaves of burdock when boiled in water can be used to wash your face to clear away the acne. Moreover, when combined with echinacea, blue flag, yellow dock and honey, it can be mixed as tea that you can drink three times daily. You should limit yourself to only three cups and do not expect immediate results. Herbal plants take some time before you can see the positive changes on your skin.

Another suggested mixture on how to cure acne is make a drink mixing burdock with dandelion and sarsaparilla. The amount of honey depends on your preference as this is used to add taste to the concoction. The English walnut, fragrant valerian, and wild strawberries are for external use only to wash the affected portions of your face and not be taken internally. The roots and the leaves are boiled in water and the final product should be applied on your face in the same way as you put acne creams or lotions.

These herbal concoctions are alleged to be effective on how to cure acne; hence you should give them a chance to work its wonders. -- Author is the webmaster of Acne Treatment and Acne Products. Download Free Acne Ebook here. Source: