Tuesday, October 29, 2013

What Is Reiki System of Natural Healing?

The word reiki means Universal life force energy where the word reiki means universal and 'ki' means life force energy. Life force energy is the vital force in all living things that enables them to live and procreate.
It is a unique art where the reiki practitioner channels this concentrated form of life force energy through their chakra system (invisible energy vortexes in the human body) the reiki energy flows through the crown chakra and then passes to their palm chakra, then this energy is beamed onto the healee to heal any ailments the healee may be suffering from.
Reiki energy has a soothing and relaxing characteristic; it is a wonderful stress buster. Most of the people receiving a treatment go to sleep within a couple of minutes of healing. Healing is divinely guided. It has innate intelligence to know and heal wholly and completely. In other words the healing energy knows how and what to heal we need not give instructions to it on how to heal Reiki energy is all knowing and it knows how to heal.
Reiki healing techniques are fairly simple and with dedication they are easy to master. There is no specific pre qualification required to learn it. Anyone with the desire to learn and an open mind can easily learn reiki. Attunement is a process during which the reiki master passes on their power to heal to the student. After the attunement process the reiki student gets the ability to channel energy and heal themselves and others effectively. Usually the attunement process involves invoking angels and gods and goddesses.
Reiki healing generally lasts for an hour. The practitioner can feel the flow of reiki energy through the body and transmit this energy to the person who gets healed, there are secret symbols used in reiki these symbols assist the process of healing. Reiki Distant Healing is also possible with reiki. It is possible to remotely send healing to the person without the healee physically being present with the reiki practitioner. Reiki distant healing is very powerful and is very convenient for the healee as they can get the healing at the comfort of their home.
Chakras are wheel like energy centre in our body there are seven major chakras in our human body they are muladhara( root chakra), swadhistan (sacral plexus ), manipuraha( solar plexus), anahata (heart chakra), vishudhi( throat chakra), ajna (third eye chakra), sahasrara(crown chakra). The working of these chakras are essential for the healthy working of the human body. With the help of reiki we can easily heal and restore heath and well being to all the chakras and the body parts and organ associated with each chakra.
Reiki is most importantly used for positive thinking and goal manifestation. Reiki destroys all negativity in the body, mind and consciousness and helps in bringing positive thoughts to us. There are various healing techniques in reiki which helps in manifestation of one's desires and manifesting one's goals.
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