Friday, January 31, 2014

A Surprising Natural Remedy for a Cold or Flu

I recently read some advice on suggesting what I have been teaching for years, that oregano oil in a capsule acts like a broad-spectrum antiviral ("Vaccine Propaganda Heats Up-The Latest Scandals You Need to Be Aware of.", Feb 12, 2013).
There is much more to oregano and other essential oils than just a capsule. In fact, if you want fast action directly into your blood stream, there's an amazing method that will get quick and obvious results at the outset of the flu or a cold. This is a highly effective antiviral therapies among many others.
Because a virus multiplies so quickly, you'll want to act fast at the first symptom (slight chill or fever, scratchy throat, sinus headache, upset stomach, etc.). Go into instant action using a blend of oils I have been recommending for years. I use it aggressively in every way I can-ingestion, topical application, and diffusion (into the lungs). I call this the "lick trick."
You put only a trace of the blend on the back of your hand, just enough so your hand glistens a little bit. Too much of this blend will taste terrible, and you don't want that much in your mouth all at once. A whole drop is way too much. Essential oils are highly concentrated, and this blend is strong.
Lick the trace off the back of your hand and distribute the molecules around your mouth with your tongue, especially in the back on your throat. Then swallow. This immediately gets thousands of antiviral molecules working up into your sinuses, down your throat, and into your digestive system. But that's not the most valuable part.
What's most remarkable about the lick trick is how the essential oil molecules are absorbed into your mouth capillaries, especially right in the area where your throat is most tender. Unlike taking capsules of essential oils, the molecules bypass the digestive system entirely and go directly into the blood stream right in the targeted area.
You'll want to do the lick trick frequently, especially at the first symptoms. Do it every few minutes until you actually feel the scratchy throat begin to ease up. With a bottle of the blend, you can keep up this habit at your desk, between TV commercials, or at every stoplight.
Because viruses are trying to take over your entire system, they'll duck and dodge and get you down again if you're not careful. So you'll want to keep your blend handy. When you feel the scratchy throat coming on again or getting worse, even in the middle of the night, get up and do the lick trick over and over for about an hour. Don't wait for the morning because viruses multiply fast and dig in hard.
The lick trick is also handy for getting rid of bad breath, taking down a cold sore or canker sore, helping with a painful tooth, and other mouth-oriented infections.
There are many other interesting and effective ways to use essential oils that don't involve smelling like the oregano-spiced pizza delivery boy. Diffuse them in the room where you shower, bathe, or shave. Use them in an Epsom salts bath. Apply them topically, take capsules, and put a drop or two in all your drinking water.
Here's how I create the blend: Put 20 drops each of oregano, peppermint, geranium, and basil. Then add 100 drops of tea tree oil. This is the blend you'll use for your lick trick. It has many other uses.
Bill Fifield has trained thousands in the safe use of therapeutic essential oils. He was personally trained by Dr. Daniel Penoel MD who is one of the foremost authorities worldwide on medical uses of essential oils. You will find all the oils listed in this article plus instructions and videos demonstrating how to use them on Bill's website,

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