Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Unhealthy Effect Of Junk Foods Among Children

So many people, adults and children enjoy eating junk foods.They love to eat junk foods while watching tv and movies, while playing games or using their computers, and some while  reading.  Most children were not well informed  about the dangers. They want to eat for as long as they like until they are satisfied. The hazards of eating too much junk food were sometimes mentioned with them but too  seldom explained  in school and  even at home.

Try to visit  any  elementary and secondary school, Private or public. Go to the school canteen and try also to look around outside the school campus. You'll see different brands of  crispy chips and salted snack foods  loaded with mega dose of seasonings and preservatives. Junk foods  contains a very high content of salt or sugar, fats, cholesterol with less nutrients. 

There were studies that  junk foods does not only affect the body. It also affect the brain  because of poor  nutrition and it will result to poor performance of children  in school. Should junk food be banned in school? The decision is yours.
Source: via Ramon on Pinterest