Sunday, August 12, 2012

Bedsore Quick Option Treatment

What is a bedsores? It's a lesion  that  gradually grows worse when it was neglected. The usual people having bedsores were those people seriously injured in the spinal then paralyzed. As well as those people who were paralyzed due to stroke.

They spent most of the day just lying in bed or sitting in wheelchair. Lying and sitting without movements will certainly build up a lesion later on and  it may worsen when neglected. Whenever there is pressure in a vein  the blood cannot circulate properly. Gradually, a lesion starts to build up later on. When it worsen the wounds  is called bedsores or decubitus ulcers.

 We do not set aside the competence of specialized doctors in their treatment means in this case. If for any reason you decide to go for alternative treatment for bedsores try this. This is what I learned from people with bedsore. Get a liter of clean water. Put a tablespoon of salt( Avoid iodize salt. Use sea salt or rock salt.) and a tablespoon of sodium hypochlorite also known as bleaching compound or clorox.Shake or mix them thoroughly. Apply this  only to clean the wounds in the morning and before going to bed. Please take note that this is only for external purpose. This is only use for cleaning the wounds.

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