Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Instant Foods May Result To Instant Death

Nowadays, instant foods packed in can or plastic sachet are everywhere. It's truly very convenient because you just have to heat it or boil it in a few minutes and it's done. The food is ready to eat. No more problem going to the market buying all the spices you need and all the stuffs needed in cooking. Cooking is no longer a big deal  that it will take you more time to prepare all  the spices, vegetables, fish or meat or what ever it is that you need to prepare to cook the food you wanted to eat. You also avoid yourself  from washing all the
kitchen utensils that  you would   use for cooking. This is the advantage of instant foods, convenience. This is the reason why more and more people are patronizing instant foods and to include also buying  junk foods rather than preparing and  eating quality foods. Foods that are nutritious to make us physically fit.

Recent surveys revealed that more and more people died of heart problem, kidney disease, diabetes, liver disease, and cancer. It is very surprising  to know that many of them are  children and teenagers. Today's generation, children and adult prefers  to eat  processed foods, canned foods, and   instant foods rather than to prepare the home made nutritious  foods that we used to eat. Oftentimes,  some children find some homemade foods we used to eat before   strange or uncommon. Burgers, pizza, french fries, hot dogs and other related foods that  can bought   over the counter are the only foods they know and  are accustomed to eat.

What happen latter on? You will be surprise that onset of diabetes, hypertension, kidney problem, liver desease comes at their early age. Why? Because the food they eat lacks the nutrients their body needs. The foods they love to eat is loaded with cholesterol and  preservatives. Additionally, today's generation  prefers to play in the computers rather that to play with physical activity. Basketball, soccer or football can just be played in the computer.

People are becoming lazy. Everybody wants convenience but let's not set aside quality foods and exercise that our body needs. Instant foods may result to instant death. If we  want to live healthy and live longer then, let's all go back some of our activity  to basic perhaps.