Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Herb Approved by DOH ( Department of Health) To fight Obesity and Diabetes

This plant grows in warm climate. A flowering plant used as an alternative medicine for weight loss and also a herbal medicine in diabetes. The leaves and its flower contains corrosolic acid a substance that works like insulin in our body. This plant is called Banaba Plant or Lagerstroemia speciosa L Munchausia speciosa Linn.
Lagestroemia reginae Roxb. Banaba is also knows as: Agaro, Mitla, Bugarom, Nabulong, Pamalauagon, Duguam, Pamarauagon, Kauilan, Parasabukung, Makablos, Tabangau, Tauagnau.

Obesity is one of the primary cause of diabetes. Find out how you can reduce  your weight and  keep yourself  away  from diabetes. Check how to prepare a banaba tea.