Friday, August 2, 2013

Removing Acne Scars by Eating a Good Meal

If you or someone you know has acne scars and desires a natural, non-surgical way of reducing or eliminating them, this article was written for you.  It's not necessary to attempt costly or risky techniques, when Mother Nature has already made most healing ingredients naturally available in the foods we eat, it simply our choice whether or not to consume them, or fall victim to the fast food mentality. NOTE: While what will mentioned in this article has been proven over time, it's always recommended you check with your doctor or healthcare professional, before starting any new health or fitness regimen. Our bodies are marvelous creations, and unless there are other underlying conditions, many times, given the proper nutrition, and just a bit of patience, it's amazing the healing that can take place with nutritious food, fresh air and proper exercise. CAUTION:  Just as there are foods that can speed the repair of acne scars, there are also foods high in fat that can slow the body's natural healing process, they include... Commercially produced snack food, such as chips, fried chicken (especially fast food chicken) French fries and hamburgers that art well-drained of fat. FACT: Laboratory tests have proven that rodents fed a high-fat diet, were slower to heal from an induced puncture wound, then rodents on a controlled diet. While eating properly, getting enough rest and good nutrition, may not come easily in our fast-paced world, it is possible to live healthy with just a little bit of effort.  For instance, instead of fried chicken, try baked chicken; instead of fatty hamburgers, substitute lean beef, turkey burgers, or other protein rich foods like tofu.  If you're thinking of treating yourself to a serving of French fries, try a baked potato instead, if you're hungry and desire a snack, instead of a candy bar, try a carrot stick. The old expression "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" is very true, substituting fruits like apples, grapes, yogurt in place of a piece of pie, slice of cake, or a high calorie doughnut, can enhance your overall well-being, and aid in the healing process of acne scars It's a proven fact that vitamins A, E, carotenes, and zinc, have been shown beneficial in the healing process.  And while it's certainly permissible to take a multivitamin daily, these of ingredients are already available in Mother Nature's bounty. Carrots, spinach, sweet potatoes, and a succulent tomato are rich in vitamin A. Vitamin A, E can be found in sunflower oil (which can be used in cooking) sunflower seeds, and assortment of other nuts and shrimp. Beta-carotene and seem to abound in nature, present in mustard greens, cabbage, oranges, carrots, apricots, mangoes, red and yellow peppers, collards, bok choi and other dark green and dark yellow fruits and vegetables. While many people may not often think about the importance of zinc, it is crucial to the healing process, thusly Mother Nature has made it readily available in oysters, quality steak, green peas, yogurt, oysters and crabmeat. While no one wishes to have acne scars, if you or someone you love does have them, let them know that eating healthy, can (over time) help you.  Once again have clear and healthy skin. -- Source: Removing Acne Scars by Eating a Good Meal Source: