Sunday, March 3, 2013

Day 2 of My Juice Fast

Weight: 217
I went to bed a little sketchy about this whole thing. I wondered what the heck I was doing. I cooked dinner for the family, and the steaks smelled pretty good. I am grateful for my always-negative wife who seemed happy to tell me they weren't very good, however.
Nonetheless, the smell did kind act like a trigger that made me yearn for red meat... momentarily. I'm not a guy who quits things quite so easily.
Several trips to the restroom to urinate seemed to break up the night. I did feel like I slept a bit better than usual once again. Some nights, when I return from the restroom, I sit up for hours trying to fall back to sleep. This night, I hit the pillow and went right out.
Checking my weight brought a bit of a surprise. I had dropped 7 lbs. I didn't really feel lighter, and things didn't look drastically different in the mirror, but when I put on the same pants I had worn yesterday, I noticed they were noticeably looser. Yesterday, I actually had to leave the top button unfastened. Today I would need a belt if I were to have worn them.
This brought my spirits up, and now I am more determined than ever to see this thing through. What can I accomplish with this test? I'm looking forward to finding out.
Since I had left my Juicer at work, I kept it simple and put tomatoes and spinach into a Margaritaville Blender for my morning meal. Let's get this day started!
I am somewhat surprised at the good overall mental attitude I feel today. I thought I would be experiencing some of the emotions I saw people in the Netflix video experience. Feeling hungry, deprived, etc. I'm experiencing NONE of that. I feel energetic and charged for the day.
I have studied up a little bit on some Juicing Recipes, and am excited to experiment with them.
My favorite drink this far is:
1. ½ stock of celery (I like the center pieces, they are sweeter)
2. 2 tomatoes
3. 1 Gigantic Jalapeno
4. 2 small zucchini Squash
5. 1 small banana squash
6. ½ lime
When I am done with this diet, I will add a splash of Vodka to it, and REALLY enjoy!
My wife took a sip of my new concoction, and immediately spit it back into my cup- so I should add one mouthful of wife-spit to my recipe. It was so delicious, I made another one. The second one was just as good, so I will leave wife-spit off the recipe, or perhaps make it optional. My point is; this recipe is pretty spicy-but GOOD.
I actually had the energy to do two INSANITY classes today. I feel REALLY energetic 90% of the time, and then crash and burn the other 10% until I get the energy to mix me up a batch of veggie goodness.
Since I had plowed through both stashes of veggies (Work and home), I stopped at the grocery store on the way home to restock. I have a much better idea what I am looking for now, and I'm pretty happy with my haul.
Tonight's meal was all fruit. Cantaloupe, strawberries, and green apple. It was DELICIOUS. It was so good, my wife kept stealing swigs out of my glass. This despite the fact that I cooked her and the kids some pretty awesome chicken. The smell of the chicken is overwhelming, so I'm calling it an early night. I'm sore as hell, and hope I have what it takes to get everything done tomorrow. I have some pretty important business meetings, and of course... gotta train. Seacrest Out!
Weight: 212
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