Friday, March 8, 2013

Homeopathy - Lose weight to gain health

It is a common saying that a healthy mind stays in a healthy body. One of the major health epidemics grasping the world is obesity. Once a person catches this disease, he becomes vulnerable to other health problems like high and low blood pressure, diabetes and cardiac diseases. Due to our changing lifestyle and changing eating habits, we ourselves are responsible for inviting these diseases. Some people are already suffering from obesity while others are on the verge of it. So everybody is turning out to be a health freak.

Initially when a person feels an increase in weight, he plans to change his life style and include some healthy routines such as exercising, yoga and walking. But as time goes by, he finds it very difficult to stick to the routine because of the shortage of time. In some cases, he also gets demotivated when he sees no noticeable results.

After trying each and every way to achieve a perfect body, we get to hear about the different medications and diet supplements available in the market for getting rid of the extra pounds. However searching for a perfect plan which will be easy and quick without any adverse effects on health is a cumbersome job. One of the recommended plans is the HCG diet recipes book. These include books which give a healthy diet plan to recover a good body shape and retain it. HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin which is a hormone that is produced in the human body itself. It is produced in the body of a pregnant lady and is responsible to provide the needed energy to body. It has varying functions and is currently used to treat a range of conditions. Some experiments based upon treating obese people with low-dose HCG resulted in loss of fat. It is a homeopathic way to lose extra body fat thus it is less prone to any side effects.

The HCG diet recipes book is easy to read and understand. It contains detailed information about the two phases of the HCG diet plan. These are namely first maintenance phase and second maintenance phase of HCG diet. It gives a complete plan from start to finish on the HCG weight loss protocol. These guides contain tasty and time saving tips and sample menus for foods and drinks. Some small pocket books are also available which contain a summary of the whole HCG diet plan if you want to stick to it every time as these are designed for your convenience only. Other detailed recipe books are also available which give you detailed recepies of beverages, fruits, salad dressings, seasoning mixes, salads, soups and vegetables according to phases of the diet protocol. These will help you to keep yourself motivated and adhere to the diet plan while treating your body as well as your taste buds.

While following the strict diet plan for a long time, your body will lose weight but you also lose a lot of other vital sources of energy for body. At this stage, you reach the second maintenance phase. There are separate books for this particular phase which will allow you to eat several other foods also keeping in mind that you recover from your loss and don't regain weight back. These books also contain certain motivational quote to inspire you to continue with your diet plan with high spirits. -- HCG diet recipes book help with every aspect of the HCG Diet schedule. These books highly informative and specifically detailed for every phase of the HCG Diet for boost your metabolism & energy. Source: