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Type two Diabetes and Stevia - Is This a Fantastic Sweetener for Diabetics to Use?

With a noted Kind two Diabetes - A Nutritious Substitute for Sugar!, Cooking With Stevia: How to Reside the Sweet Lifestyle, Healthily of just zero to five, stevia remains a contender in the fight for diabetic-pleasant sweeteners. Stevia, or stevioside, also known as sweet leaf, is an extract from Stevia rabaudiana, a bush in the aster household connected to daisies and sunflowers. In numerous international locations it is used as a substitute for sugar to sweeten foods. In its native Paraguay the plant has been used for centuries to sweeten drinks. The Japanese cultivate stevia crops and use the extract for about forty per cent of their foods sweetening, like such foods as pickles and various drinks. It is also cultivated and employed in Brazil, China, Taiwan, Korea and Israel.

In the United States and Europe it is banned as a foodstuff additive, however it is regarded as safe and sound as a dietary supplement.

In the US it can be obtained in any overall health food shop. It is offered as a sweetener in liquid extracts, as very well as in packets under unique brand name names. Stevia is a great way to sweeten up your meals without having upsetting your blood sugar. As well as sweetening up your foodstuff and beverages, it basically has the skill to reduce blood sugar by acting specifically on the beta cells of your pancreas to help you release insulin.

A number of research have been undertaken and revealed on the effects of stevia. In 2000 the journal Metabolic process printed an write-up from Aarhus College in Denmark. Stevioside was revealed to stimulate secretion of insulin from the pancreas of mice.

The journal Phytomedicine in 2002 revealed yet another report from Aarhus University Hospital, demonstrating a blood sugar-decreasing result in rats right after consuming stevia, and the following 12 months Metabolic rate revealed a review from the exact same supply displaying improved amounts of insulin in the pancreas of rats presented this sugar replacement.

Once more Metabolic rate published a further post from Aarhus University Hospital. Twelve diabetic sufferers had been granted either stevia or cornstarch with a meal. Immediately after the meal the diabetics who consumed stevia had reduced blood sugar levels than these who had eaten the cornstarch.

The subsequent yr the journal Hormonal and Metabolic Analysis printed the final results of a research carried out at the Country wide Pingtung College of Science and Engineering in Taiwan. Rats fed stevia have been revealed to have improved insulin sensitivity when fed eating plans substantial in sugar.

Scientists at Vikram University, India in comparison stevia with the drug glibenclamide in the therapy of diabetic rats. can be used in most recipes as a sugar substitute. Even though baking with stevia is not suggested for specified applications, as the molecular framework of the product is various than that of sugar, there are tons of various approaches you can cook with stevia. Whether or not you are diabetic, seeking to lose some excess weight, or just would like to reduce some of the excess sugar from your existence, cooking with stevia or baking with stevia are fantastic techniques to stay sweet, with no all the unfavorable facet consequences.

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The Most Common Health Issues and the Natural Home Remedies for Them

It is the habit of modern people that in case they have some health related problem they take a trip to the drugstore. Maybe it would be time for them to try some of the good old natural home remedies. So, what is your problem?


Although this isn't something that you would normally want to try, but cayenne pepper is one of the home remedies that are natural and that could help you in this case. It not only stops the bleeding, but it also relieves the pain.


There are few things that are worse than a toothache. Using home remedies that are natural cannot substitute a trip to the dentist, but while waiting for your appointment you might want to reduce the pain and the swelling. For this purpose you should put a few drops of clove oil on the tooth and the gum and bite on a clove of garlic that has antibacterial effects.

Rashes and allergies

These are usually treated with antihistamines, but you don't necessarily need medication. Try green tea as natural home remedies. This also has antihistamine properties, and to feel the effect you will need about 2-3 cups per day.

Athlete's foot

Actually this is a kind of fungus that can be treated with home remedies that are natural. You need to soak your feet in salty water and then wash them with garlic juice. For the same effect you could also soak them in diluted apple cedar or white vinegar. No matter which one of the natural home remedies you choose, you should repeat it several times, even after you think that the problem is gone.

Sensitive skin and acne

The best home remedies that are natural in this case is to take a look at the lifestyle that you have, and make some changes if you have to. Also you could try washing your face with oatmeal that exfoliates the skin and washes off the impurities.

Ear infections

In case of mild infections there are some natural home remedies that you can use. Put a few drops of white vinegar or garlic oil in your ear and lay on your opposite side. These create an unfriendly environment for the bacteria that causes the infection. You should repeat the use of the home remedies that are natural, until the symptoms are gone. There is almost no health problem that couldn't be treated with one of the natural home remedies. -- Stephanie writes on alternative medicine, alternative health, natural remedies, alternative therapies, ayurveda, massage therapy, acupuncture, hypnosis, yoga, holistic medicine and other alternative treatments.
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Home Remedies for Boils, Natural Remedy

Lifestyle plays a key role in maintaining the health and wellbeing of person. Boils, one among the common skin disorders caused due to staphylococcus can be well cured with proper care and treatment. This infection mainly affects the hair follicles on skin surface. Boils are usually characterized by swelling, pus and inflammations. Treatments for curing boils are suggested according to the actual cause of problem. Milk cream is one among the best recommended herbal remedies for boils. In order to achieve best result, those people suffering from boils are advised to apply a face mask by adding milk cream, turmeric and vinegar as ingredients.

Applying this herbal mixture heals boils naturally without inducing any adverse action on user. At present, milk is included as one among the main ingredients for the preparation of face creams and ointments. This home remedy for boils improves skin texture and delivers glowing skin naturally.

Bitter gourd, one among the common ingredients in food recipes is an effective home remedy for boils. For obtaining optimum result, it is advised to intake a combination of bitter gourd juice and lemon juice in empty stomach. Apart from curing skin disorders, bitter gourd juice is also found to be as an effective cure for treating health disorders like diabetes, coughs and hemorrhoids. As per studies, bitter gourd juice is found to be as a rich source of iron, vitamin A, vitamin B1 and vitamin B2. It improves the immunity power of body cells and minimizes the risk of boils due to staph infections. Similar to bitter gourd, betel leaves is another common home remedy prescribed for treating boils. Those people suffering from boils are advised to apply heated betel leaves on affected skin surface. For attaining fast relief, it is advised to coat betel leaves with a layer of castor oil.

Turmeric is one among the best prescribed home remedies for treating boils. Amazing health benefits featured in this herbal cure makes it as a perfect cure for treating a wide range of health disorders. You can use turmeric powder directly on affected skin surface. It prevents infections and delivers you healthy skin safely. Presence of antioxidants in turmeric delays aging effect and enhances regeneration of new cells. You can also prepare an effective herbal mixture by including turmeric powder in conjunction with lemon juice or natural oils. Some among the common herbal oils used for the preparation of face mask include olive oil, chamomile oil, lavender oil and coconut oil. Those people suffering from boils are advised to include a good amount of turmeric in their diet food items.

Epsom salt bath is a safe home remedy for treating boils. It removes dead cells and improves the growth of new cells without inducing any side effects on user. Nowadays Epsom salt bath is one among the widely prescribed natural cures by health practitioners. Eliminating bad odor, improving hair volume, reducing swellings and relieving body aches are some main health advantages of having Epsom salt bath. Other safe home remedies recommended for treating boils include margosa leaves, garlic, cumin seeds and apple cider vinegar.

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How To Cure Constipation Problem Through Fruits?

Constipation, a common health disorder found in people of all age groups can be well controlled and cured by proper treatment. Diet schedule play vital role in regulating proper bowel movements. Causes giving rise to constipation problems varies from one person to another. Low fiber in diet, food allergies and lack of enough fluid in diet are some main causes reported for the formation of constipation problems. Drinking plenty of water is one of the best suggested methods to cure constipation naturally through diet.

In order to minimize the risk of health disorders, people are advised to drink at least eight glasses of water per day. Increasing dietary fiber is another tip to cure constipation naturally through diet. Some of the food sources enriched with fiber concentration include oat bran, ground flax seeds and prune juice. For proper digestion, people are advised to chew food thoroughly before swallowing. Also, it is advised to eat nutritive foods at regular intervals of time period.

Senna, else known as cassia marilandica is a natural remedial measure recommended to cure constipation problems. Anthraquinones, a popular laxative enriched in senna leaf extract promotes easier passage of stools and prevents the risk of constipation problems naturally. At present, you can easily get senna leaf products from market in versatile forms like extract, powders and as capsules. Generally, bowel movements occur six to twelve hours after consuming senna leaf extract. If you wish to know the correct dosage level of senna leaf product, never hesitate to seek guidance from a certified health practitioner. As per research, it is found that large doses of anthraquinones may induce health disorders like vomiting and diarrhea on user. If included in proper dosage level in diet, senna leaf products are found to be very beneficial in curing constipation naturally.

Consuming buckthorn or grisset is a way to cure constipation naturally through diet. Leaves, flowers and fruits of buckthorn have been used for decades for improving digestion. As per studies, this natural medicine is found to be as a rich source of compounds like vitamin A, B2, B6 and C. You can also include this constipation remedy for making food recipes like jellies, juices and sauces. Apart from relieving constipation, regular use of buckthorn also helps in providing other health benefits like controlling blood pressure, lowering cholesterol and treating night blindness.

Including aloe vera in diet is a safe and effective way to cure constipation naturally through diet. Anthraquinones present in aloe vera improves bowel movements and reduces the risk of constipation naturally. Other health benefits of including aloe vera juice in diet include controlling diabetes, curing ulcers and strengthening immune system. As per research, sedentary lifestyle is reported as a main cause of health disorders like indigestion and constipation. In order to reduce the risk of health disorders, people are advised to follow a healthy lifestyle by avoiding smoking and drinking alcohol. It is also recommended to limit or avoid the intake of processed and canned foods. Eating banana, whole grains and drinking prune juice are other effective ways to cure constipation naturally through diet.

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Home Remedies For Natural Glow - Get Shin And Complexion Naturally

A naturally glowing skin is really an asset that can make you look healthy and radiant. Unfortunately, everyday our skin is exposed to a variety of harsh chemicals and other pollutants that affect the glow and tone of the skin. Factors like age, increased exposure to the rays of the sun, emotional stress, unhealthy lifestyle, and hormonal imbalances can also reduce the glow of your skin. It may be comforting to know that it is possible to improve the vitality, radiance and texture of the skin with the help of certain home remedies for natural glow of the skin.

There are certain foods that are very effective to increase the glow of your skin. Include fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamins A, C, and E in your diet. Vitamin A improves the signs of aging and boosts the glow of your skin. Vitamin C is essential to produce collagen, a protein that preserves the elasticity of the skin. This vitamin is helpful to reduce wrinkles and improves blood circulation, which in turn increases your skin glow. Vitamin E helps you fight off dry skin, the signs of premature aging and the occurrence of age spots. These vitamins are also antioxidants and shield the skin from harmful radicals.

Essential fatty acids like Omega 3 and Omega 6 are absolutely essential for glowing skin. Try to add to your diet foods that contain adequate amounts of these fatty acids. You should also make sure to eat good sources of sulphur and zinc. Both these minerals are important for a healthy, smooth, and glowing skin. Home remedies for natural glow of skin include drinking at least eight glasses of water everyday and getting adequate sleep. It is also vital to avoid smoking, as it reduces the freshness and glow of your skin and causes premature aging.

Remove the skin and seeds from a papaya and mash it in a bowl. Put the mashed papaya all over your face, neck, and body for twenty minutes, Wash the face and body with water and see the difference. Eggs are good home remedies for natural glow. Take the whites of two eggs, beat them together, and apply it to your face. Allow it to dry for sometime and then rinse the face with water. Mash one banana and mix it with some milk. Apply this mixture over your face and neck and leave it there for twenty minutes. Wash it off with cold water. Another way to get glowing skin is to prepare a blend of cucumber juice and tomato juice and put it on your face. Wash the face after ten minutes.

Facial steaming is beneficial to improve the glow of your facial skin. It boosts blood circulation and clears clogged pores. Try to steam your face at least one time in a week. Exfoliation is also one of the important home remedies for natural glow of skin. In a bowl, add one tablespoon of lemon juice to a quarter cup of sugar to make a paste. After wetting your face with warm water, apply this paste to your face, massage in for a few minutes, and then rinse thoroughly.

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How Can I Have Harder and Stronger Erections Naturally?

Leading a healthy lifestyle with nutritive diet and regular exercises is the best technique suggested for getting harder and stronger erections. Nutritive deficiency, prolonged intake of certain drugs, stress, anxiety, depression, hormonal imbalance and nervous disorders are some among the main causes leading way to weak erections and reproductive problems. Treatments for curing this disorder are mainly suggested by analyzing the right cause of problem. Choosing natural ways for curing erectile dysfunctions helps in reducing the risks of adverse action on users. If planning to choose any dietary supplements from market, it is advised to pick one made out of herbal ingredients for preventing side effects. Now, let's see how to have stronger and harder erections naturally?

Inclusion of zinc supplements in diet is one of the best recommended ways to have stronger and harder erections naturally. Toasted wheat germ, lamb, oysters, water melon seeds, sesame seeds and dried pea nuts are some zinc rich food sources. Intake of zinc rich foods is found to be very effective remedy in improving the fertility of person. Supporting immunity of person, promoting insulin production, reducing body weight, rejuvenating body cells and lowering blood sugar level are other key benefits of using zinc supplements. Drinking almond milk, a well known aphrodisiac for boosting libido is another safe way to have stronger and harder erection naturally. It is a nutritive composition of almond, saffron, cow's milk, ginger and cardamom. Patients suffering from reproductive problems are recommended to intake almond milk before going to bed for attaining best results.

Intake of asparagus root extract is a natural cure prescribed for having stronger and harder erections. Today, you can easily get asparagus root extracts from market in the form of capsules, tea powders and as liquid extracts. It has been used for centuries for the treatment of reproductive disorders. Detoxifying blood cells, increasing libido, promoting metabolic functions of body, preventing the action of free radical mechanism and preventing aging effect are some among the highlighting benefits of having asparagus root extract. Mucuna pruriens, an important ingredient added for the preparation of ayurvedic medicines is another natural cure for preventing weak erection problems. Intake of mucuna pruriens as per the correct dosage level helps in treating depression, curing insomnia problems, strengthening muscles and preventing the risks of nervous disorders.

Practicing kegel exercise is a best recommended way to have stronger and harder erections. It is a type of contraction and relaxation technique to achieve better control over muscle cells. Doing kegel exercises helps in strengthening PC muscle cells, improves blood circulation to genitals and activates energy production in cells. Intake of ashwagandha, a well known aphrodisiac is another natural remedy for having stronger and harder erections. Inclusion of ashwagandha as dietary supplement helps in improving the immune system of body, relieving stress, promoting blood circulation, enhancing thyroid function, improving libido and improving memory focus. Intake of ginseng milk, maca, damiana, avocado, banana, fennel, figs, nutmeg and pine nuts are other ways to have stronger and harder erections naturally.

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All Natural Cures For Acid Reflux And Heartburn

Heartburn is the most common digestive disorder experienced by everybody due to a number of reasons. Seven out of ten suffer from this disorder of varying degrees a small fraction turning out to be chronic sufferers. Any digestive disorder is primarily indicated through heartburn followed by a string of other symptoms. Most of the heartburns subside naturally without any treatment and many can be cured through simple home remedies.

The chronic sufferers have to pay regular visits to doctor's clinic, and their life becomes dependent on antacids. Heartburn caused from acid reflux creates maximum trouble to the sufferer, and it is tough to combat the symptoms. Heartburn No More, the e-book provides the best natural cures for acid reflux and heartburn without resorting to painkillers or antacids. This 5 step natural cure provides a holistic approach of treating heartburn and other digestive disorders.

The reputed medical researcher, health consultant and nutritionist, Jeff Martin created this unique program after 11 years of research and clinical trials. Himself being a longtime sufferer from heartburns, he was successful to get permanent relief from this problem following natural cures of acid reflux and heartburn, mentioned in this program.

Heartburn No More helps you to get rid of this problem just within two months or less through simple natural cures. It reduces flatulence and burping and reduces the chances of esophageal cancer. You will not feel any burning sensation in the throat or any cheat pain after taking food. It normalizes the functions of esophageal sphincter muscles and the peristaltic movement of the esophagus. It promotes the health of the intestine enhancing your overall digestive system. You will not feel any breathing problem caused due to acid reflux and can enjoy a sound sleep. The preventive measures mentioned in this e-book are also beneficial for those who suffer from occasional heartburns.

These simple natural cures for acid reflux and heartburn will save your medical expenses gifting you a better quality of life. Heartburn No More costs only $39.97 and comes with a number of free e-books and bonuses. You will find fifty recipes ideal for sufferers of acid reflux, free counseling with Jeff Martin for three months, guide to self treatment, a doctor's interview regarding healing power of water, the perfect guide to manage irritable bowel syndrome and free up gradation of the program.

All these unique properties of Heart Burn No More have made it widely popular as one of the best natural cures for acid reflux and heartburns that not only treats the symptoms, but also its causes.

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Ultimate herbal cure for emphysema is discovered

If you are a patient suffering from emphysema then you will be thrilled to note that your ultimate cure is explored. This is a powerful herbal cure known popularly worldwide as Hysmeton. It was discovered by grand company known as Gordon's Herbal Research Centre (GHRC) after eight years of not only in-depth research but also an efficient development work. This is truly a novel natural cure for emphysema.

Hysmeton is considered as the most powerful natural cure for emphysema. It is one of the best emphysema products because its innovation is purely based on scientific research and it effectively does not require any prescription to be purchased by elite patients. The powerful natural formula of this product is backed by infinite clinical research studies as well as trials that were carried out for a period of eight years.

The emphysema patients that used hysmeton find that this product has an incredible effect with 92% success of treating the disease. Moreover, patients that were highly cured from emphysema were reported to show nil side effects.

In case, this product does not work effectively for few patients' who have certainly relates to wrong diagnosis of emphysema can recover their full money back with a one month guarantee that is provided with this unique herbal product. Specialized herbalists have indicated that this natural cure for emphysema is made in pill form in order to be easily swallowed with water by patients.

The normal dose of this herbal drug is once a day but at a fixed time either after breakfast, lunch or dinner. If patient misses the dose then he or she can take it after his or her next meal and they can go back to their old routine following day. However, regular skipping or delaying consumption of this pill should be avoided by patients.

Considering respective efficacy of each herbal extracts, hysmeton was formulated. Moreover, the essential herbs were combined together in specific quantum of 43.47 mg each. These include following novel herbal ingredients, nutmeg, Spanish chamomile, egg shell calcium, coral calcium, Indian rennet, cowhage, wattle bark, cloves, African rue, elephant creeper and cinnabar.

Hysmeton was concluded to the most wonderful natural cure for emphysema. It is being successfully utilized by thousand of patients suffering from emphysema. The most severe patients of emphysema can take this herbal drug for not than 90 days. And for normal severity patients its consumption should be only for two months. It is guaranteed by company that obvious effects of this herbal pill will be indicated in patients suffering from emphysema within 30 days.

This potent natural cure for emphysema was discovered to optimally cure patients suffering from emphysema. These patients are provided with safest botanical plants and seed that are collected from all over the world by research scientists. This powerful discovery has helped innumerable individuals that suffer from emphysema. This innovative herbal product was explored after conduction of several in vivo and in vitro studies. Furthermore, the comprehensive studies revealed that this natural product for emphysema does not contain any toxicity. -- Gordon`s Herbal Research Center is the author of this article on Emphysema Treatments. Find more information on Natural Product For Emphysema here. Source:

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Natural Crows Feet Cures - Incredible Techniques To Get Rid Of Crows Feet

"Crows feet" are nothing but the wrinkles which appear at the corners of the eyes. While a lot of people feel that these wrinkles appear as a person ages, today, even individuals in their twenties suffer from this problem. The appearance of crows feet can make an individual look older and spoil the overall beauty. Hence it is crucial to opt for the best crows feet treatment before it becomes too late to be repaired.

An effective crows feet treatment is to safeguard your eyes from the Sun at all times. Ensure you use a good quality sunscreen lotion every time you step out. The harmful heat waves of the sun can absorb the moisture in the skin layers and leave it dried out. The lack of moisture in the skin can lead to the formation of fine lines. Since the skin near the eyes is very vulnerable, crows feet start to develop soon. Using good quality sun glasses that cover up the eyes well is also a good idea.

Smoking is one of the main causes for premature aging and wrinkle formation. The levels of nicotine are very high in those who are addicted to cigarette smoking. The free radicals in your body increase in number and wreck havoc over the skin cells and prevent the formation of the new skin cells. The damaged skin cells cause the appearance of fine lines. So if you have decided to go along a natural crows feet treatment plan, you have to give up on your addiction to minimize the nicotine content in your body and facilitate the production of healthy cells.

Regular exfoliation of the dead skin cells is also an integral part of any crows feet treatment. The accumulation of the dead cells makes the skin appear dull and even prevents the development of new ones. While selecting a exfoliation scrub, be sure to choose a mild one. Apply the scrub over the face and massage the skin is soft strokes. This aids to remove all the dead skin cells that have accumulated on the skin. The elimination of dead cells encourages the growth of new skin cells which impart a healthy and youthful look to the skin.

Using a good anti wrinkle cream also forms a part of the crows feet treatment. Today many of the leading skin care brands offer skin creams that claim to be the best in removing wrinkles and crows feet. In reality, the most effectual ones are the skin creams which have all-natural components such as Phytessence Wakame, Cynegy TK and grape seed oil which are rich in antioxidants. These substances nullify the free radicals which are the leading cause for the appearance of wrinkles and crows feet. Antioxidant serums, abundant with beta-carotene and Vitamins C, E and A, are also extremely effective in removing crows feet.

There is no lack of cosmetic clinics which offer various procedures to remove wrinkles and fine lines. A large number of people also don't mind spending many hundreds dollars on Botox injections as well. Though these cosmetic types of treatments and injections give immediate results, they are not recommended as they could cause many side effects and offer only temporary relief. -- To get more in-depth information about crows feet as well as the absolute best ways to get rid of wrinkles, Check Out Our Website, right away. Source:

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How to Treat Hypothyroidism or Thyroid Naturally

In this article we will talk about how to treat hypothyroidism naturally induced by failure of thyroid. Hypothyroidism is a problem where thyroid gland creates insufficient thyroid hormone for the body need. It could be induced by many factors and create symptoms, often suffered by females. We can apply alternative treatment for hypothyroidism other than medicine.
Usually feel tired when wake up on morning, gain weight, constantly feel cold, particularly on hands and feet are common sign of hypothyroidism. However, in order to confirm that an individual has hypothyroidism is to carry out thyroid gland blood examinations. It is believed that thyroid does not function normally is the reason for hypothyroidism. Therefore how to treat thyroid naturally is to understand those symptoms and reasons first.
Some normal symptoms of hypothyroidism are:
Stress, depression, and Anxiety easily
Pain for the whole body, sometimes associated with headache.
Constantly feel exhausted when doing tasks.
Sleepless or insomnia.
Difficult bowel movements or constipation
Lose hair and some are experiencing dry hair.
Decrease concentration and memory.
Gain body weight.
Swelling in the legs.
Cholesterol increase.
Not immune to cold weather.
For the severe symptoms it can be detected by several signs in the body, including: body temperature dropped significantly and slow heartbeat. For many cases, this could lead to death. For such kind of condition, take necessary medical treatment as soon as possible. Initial treatment for this problem is to provide thyroid hormone injection.
Early medical diagnosis and treatment of hypothyroidism is important. Because it will help prevent mental retardation. Clinically some physicians utilize the techniques of calculating Thyroid Stimulating Hormone to identify hypothyroidism.
Some tips to treat hypothyroidism naturally are:
Using iodine to treating hypothyroidism
Iodine is definitely extremely efficient to treat hypothyroidism, however it should be taken in natural form. Food that is iodine rich are carrots, lettuce, onion, garlic, rice, pineapple, strawberries, fish and tomatoes.
Sunlight treatment for hypothyroidism
Sunshine therapy is thought to cure hypothyroidism naturally. The treatment is called Helio therapy sun. The term is utilized to explain the relevance of the sunlight for life, specifically for therapeutic healing. Sunshine has the exact same result as workout, such as reducing blood pressure, helping heart beat in normal condition, boost immunity, and improve the amount of blood the heart pumped. Heliotherapy can also raise sex hormones, muscle toughness, immune to infection, the quantity of oxygen in the blood, boost adrenaline, improving stress levels, improve power and endurance. Additionally, this treatment is extremely efficient for healing hypothyroidism. You may do this therapy in your house for 20 minutes, two times a day.
Yoga Exercises
Yoga workout emphasizes on exercising muscle tone, relaxation, meditation and breathing exercise. Exercising Yoga will certainly supply the advantages that enhance balance, strength, and flexibility. As we understand, the thyroid is located in neck. Specific yoga exercise positions is believed to improve blood circulation to the neck. Do this workout at a minimum 60 minutes each day.
Usage of seaweed for hypothyroidism illness
Kelp is a kind of seaweed that is helpful for thyroid gland because it contains a lot of iodine that is necessary for thyroid gland. Another food that proves to treat hypothyroidism is dulse. This vegetable has a great deal of proteins and it is an organic source of iodine. Dulse helps thyroid gland by supplying organic iodine.
Using Ginger
Ginger is shown to assist you to deal with hypothyroidism and other throat illness. Ginger assists in warming the throat and help thyroid gland become much better. Ginger could also help ease tiredness and muscle pain. You can eat ginger every day to obtain optimal outcomes.
Eat foods contain calcium
Based on a recent research, the consumption of food that is insufficient for calcium may raise a female threat of thyroid gland illness. Raise the consumption of calcium can easily minimize hypothyroidism. Some foods are suggested for enhancing the quantity of calcium are: beans, sardines, and milk.
Prevent hypothyroidism
To avoid hypothyroidism there are a couple of things you could do, such as: stop smoking, don't use toothpaste which has fluoride, prevent too much anxiety, and stay away from high cholesterol foods (excessive cholesterol will likewise create skin illness such as acne). An additional way is to eat salt which contains iodine.
Hypothyroidism can be treated naturally. Medication may not be able to treat this disease. Some medicines can easily induce side-effects that you hardly ever know.
If you are still worried about how to treat hypothyroidism or thyroid naturally, we recommend you to follow a proven program that is developed by a health researcher and functional medicine practitioner who already helped many hypothyroidism patients all over the world. You can visit the link to get more detail.

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Acne Natural Cure - Natural is ALWAYS the Perfect Antidote

Looking for the right cure for your outbreak of pimples is not really that difficult. The key here is finding one that works for YOUR type of acne outbreak and is a natural method. Do not get overly frustrated or worked up about it. You can have clear and healthy skin, it will just take a little trial and error, and patience. Know about some treatments that have been beneficial as an acne natural cure for stubborn skin problems that you can use at home.
There are various types of treatments for blemishes and using them isn't all that hard. One treatment for blackheads is a wash of lime and milk. All you have to do is bring the milk to a gentle boil, and then add the juice from one lime, and you can wash your face. Let it cool a little, and if it feels too hot don't use it. Another kind of acne natural cure is to use an astringent for a deep cleaning of your pores. Go buy a leafy mango, boil it in some water, and then rub it after it cools, on your face. If your case of acne isn't too severe you can also leave the mango to soak overnight. It's an acne natural cure that will clean out your pores pretty thoroughly.
Something that you probably eat everyday is good for your skin as well. A raw potato is an ideal acne natural cure - especially for whiteheads and blackheads. The vitamin C gives your skin a healthy glow, and its alkaline gets rid of bacteria on your face. The potato has an acid in it too that scrubs away dead or dying skin cells on your face, which works as an acne natural cure. Don't forget that you can use the papaya fruit on your face, but it needs to be raw. An acne natural cure with these types of applications will help your skin stay healthy by stopping infection from spreading.
Take note that any acne remedy might leave your skin a little parched for moisture at times during treatment. A good way to re-hydrate your skin after using an acne natural cure is to use almond oil. Get yourself a bag of almonds, and then grind them up with water, using approximately 4-5 good sized almond nuts. Spread the paste on your face, and don't scrub. It will smoothen the face and add some moisture too. Buttermilk is another way to treat skin for dryness, and so are curds. If you've tried every over the counter medication for it and it's just not working, than you might want to use an acne natural cure. You can find a treatment solution in an acne natural cure, but take your time, and find out what works for you.
Our acne guides [] provides readers with quick, relevant and free skin care resources [] that they can use almost immediately.

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Webelinx launches ''How to Eat and Stay Fit'' free Android app

We here at Androinica form an all-men editorial team and, even though we struggle to keep the content as wide and diversified as possible, it sometimes happens that we forget about our better halves and we get caught in our ‘’masculinity.”...M O R E


Webelinx launches ''How to Eat and Stay Fit'' free Android app

Homeopathy - Lose weight to gain health

It is a common saying that a healthy mind stays in a healthy body. One of the major health epidemics grasping the world is obesity. Once a person catches this disease, he becomes vulnerable to other health problems like high and low blood pressure, diabetes and cardiac diseases. Due to our changing lifestyle and changing eating habits, we ourselves are responsible for inviting these diseases. Some people are already suffering from obesity while others are on the verge of it. So everybody is turning out to be a health freak.

Initially when a person feels an increase in weight, he plans to change his life style and include some healthy routines such as exercising, yoga and walking. But as time goes by, he finds it very difficult to stick to the routine because of the shortage of time. In some cases, he also gets demotivated when he sees no noticeable results.

After trying each and every way to achieve a perfect body, we get to hear about the different medications and diet supplements available in the market for getting rid of the extra pounds. However searching for a perfect plan which will be easy and quick without any adverse effects on health is a cumbersome job. One of the recommended plans is the HCG diet recipes book. These include books which give a healthy diet plan to recover a good body shape and retain it. HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin which is a hormone that is produced in the human body itself. It is produced in the body of a pregnant lady and is responsible to provide the needed energy to body. It has varying functions and is currently used to treat a range of conditions. Some experiments based upon treating obese people with low-dose HCG resulted in loss of fat. It is a homeopathic way to lose extra body fat thus it is less prone to any side effects.

The HCG diet recipes book is easy to read and understand. It contains detailed information about the two phases of the HCG diet plan. These are namely first maintenance phase and second maintenance phase of HCG diet. It gives a complete plan from start to finish on the HCG weight loss protocol. These guides contain tasty and time saving tips and sample menus for foods and drinks. Some small pocket books are also available which contain a summary of the whole HCG diet plan if you want to stick to it every time as these are designed for your convenience only. Other detailed recipe books are also available which give you detailed recepies of beverages, fruits, salad dressings, seasoning mixes, salads, soups and vegetables according to phases of the diet protocol. These will help you to keep yourself motivated and adhere to the diet plan while treating your body as well as your taste buds.

While following the strict diet plan for a long time, your body will lose weight but you also lose a lot of other vital sources of energy for body. At this stage, you reach the second maintenance phase. There are separate books for this particular phase which will allow you to eat several other foods also keeping in mind that you recover from your loss and don't regain weight back. These books also contain certain motivational quote to inspire you to continue with your diet plan with high spirits. -- HCG diet recipes book help with every aspect of the HCG Diet schedule. These books highly informative and specifically detailed for every phase of the HCG Diet for boost your metabolism & energy. Source:

Are Dark Spots, Age Spots And Freckles Giving Your Age Away?

As time wears on, we grow susceptible to the onslaught of time and this first tells on our skin. Even in the prime of our youth-our 20s-we see the first signs of aging in fine lines, brown spots and dark circles. Since these changes take years to develop, we don't notice them until we are a good 10 or more years older when it's absolutely imperative that you take steps to remedy your problems.
So, what are these problems that make you look less than beautiful? They are:
Hyper pigmentation or dark spots
Age spots
Don't wait until you look so old that it becomes too late to do anything to reverse your looks. Take action today. But how?
You first need to understand each of the problems that could affect you and then find scientific solutions to them. If you think that's too much of an uphill task to do, don't take the trouble. Just read on as we present the four major skin aging problems all women face and their best solutions.
Here we go!!
Hyper pigmentation: Also called dark spots, these skin blemishes are signs that we are aging. The pigment of our skin is called melanin, and when melanin is overproduced, dark spots surface. Other causes of hyper pigmentation are exposure to the sun; foods containing psolarens; post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation which you might get if you're prone to acne or eczema or inflamed skin. Hormones during pregnancy can also cause a disorder called melasma which results in dark spots on the nose, cheeks and forehead.
Age spots: As people age, their faces, arms and hands reveal dark spots, often called sun spots or liver spots. These are signs that the skin is damaged. You will also find that the skin bears wrinkles and is rough to touch-all after-effects of severe sun damage. These spots are usually brown or black and will generally be seen in those parts of the face that are most exposed to the sun.
Freckles: These are flat, brown and round tiny spots that may appear on the face, arms and shoulders of fair skinned people due to overexposure to the sun. They are caused due to an increase in the production of melanin.
Whether your problem is hyper pigmentation, age spots or freckles or all three, you can be blemish-free if you use face brightening cream on your dark spots or skin lightening cream on your age spots and freckles. When you go to the shops looking for a good cosmetic to solve your problems, check that it contains these ingredients that are scientifically proven and engineered to give you results way beyond your expectations:
Net-DG Licorice Root: This is a natural substance extracted from the licorice root. Its anti-inflammatory properties help people with sensitive skin and can ease any UV damage. It is available in powder form and dissolved in ethanol and water and used to reduce skin itching almost instantaneously.
BV-OSC: This skin whitening ingredient is rich in Vitamin C and therefore is very beneficial to the skin. It can protect you from the harmful UV rays of the sun, giving you a less tanned complexion than otherwise. It also gets rid of the dark spots under the eyes and any face blemishes. It also protects the skin's natural store of collagen and helps in treating acne.
Bio White Mulberry Grape Juice: Made from the plant extracts of Mulberry, Grape, Saxifraga and Scutellaria root, this ingredient can lighten the skin without leaving behind any of the side-effects of bleaching. It makes the skin glow and is absolutely safe to use.
Belides Daisy Flower: This is instrumental in skin whitening, by using extracts from daisies. It therefore prevents the normal process of forming melanin. The Belides Daisy Flower helps get rid of dark spots, freckles and is a skin lightener.
Alpha Arbutin: Yet another skin lightener, this ingredient minimizes the strong heat of the sun and its overexposure, and lightens dark spots by serving as bleach. It is derived from cranberry, mulberry or blueberry leaves and shrubs and has melanin-restricting properties. It is a good skin lightening agent and is safe to use.
Other helpful ingredients include Niacinimides, renowned for lightening the skin, due to its rich content in Vitamin B. It is also known to lighten the skin and fades age spots, hyper pigmentation and sun-affected skin. For best results, it should be used topically as an ingredient in a cream or gel.
+Dr. Farid Mostamand is the founder of Focus Medical Spa and author of Ageless Skin obsession. Check out our sites and learn more about other skin care articles for dark spots on the face and skin whitening cream

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Nutrisystem 2013 Reviews

Nutrisystem is a weight management system that has been around for decades now. The concept behind Nutrisystem is to provide a weight management meal plan which combines the convenience of having healthy meals delivered straight to the dieter's doorstep. Healthy meals are chosen by the dieter according to his customised meal plan and his preference. And while Nutrisystem is for men and women, Nutrisystem for men proves to be the most popular product since men on the go are mostly too busy to prepare their own healthy meals.
The features of the Nutrisystem for men product:
  • Foods are prepared and delivered to your doorstep
  • Foods are guaranteed to be flavorful and fresh all the time
  • Members may avail of an auto delivery discount
  • Members get unlimited access to the Nutrisystem site for support
  • Foods are delivered for free
  • Orders may be processed upon priority
  • Members may also call their counsellors via phone
  • Meals are inspired by chef creations
  • Members may customise their meals based on their preferences
  • Meals arrive frozen and will take a few minutes to thaw through the microwave.
  • There are instructions to tell customers what to do as well as the nutritional information for the meal.
  • Men are allowed to eat up to 1,500 calories
Pros and cons of using Nutrisystem
1). Dieters will never have to shop, cook, and prepare meals on their own which often leads to higher caloric meals than what is healthy for them. Since meals are portioned and are tailor made to suit a woman or a man's calorie needs, there are less mistakes in eating the wrong types of food and portion sizes are correct for a healthy diet.
2). Members may choose from a wide variety of meals and desserts. Dieters will never run out of delicious and nutritious foods to eat. All meals are delivered frozen to retain their freshness and flavour. It is also easy to reheat since you just have to place it in a microwave oven and wait.
3). Meals may be customized up to months in advance; you may even manage your meals and your deliveries form the members' exclusive site.
4). Members also get access to helpful information like the right kind of food to eat in between eating the Nutrisystem meal deliveries as well as exercise tips and tricks to lose weight.
Although the Nutrisystem weight management system is convenient for members, there is no assurance that dieters will be able to lose weight just by following these meal options. The members are left unsupervised most of the time with their diet in between the scheduled Nutrisystem meals. Most who tried this dieting system were able to take the required maximum calories that were instructed for them but were quick to return to their old heating habits.
The Nutrisystem diet system is ideal for focused and determined dieters and is not applicable for novice dieters at all. Beginners must be guided by a nutritionist and an exercise trainer to help him take advantage of Nutrisystem and the benefits of losing weight through calorie control. However, everyone who is willing to put in hard work and truly wants to begin eating healthier can benefit and see results fast from the Nutrisystem diet system.
For more comprehensive diet reviews from real customers and information on Nutrisystem visit:

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Monday, March 4, 2013

Allergies Again?

It's spring time! It's Allergy Time... again! The effects of allergies can be found in spring, summer and fall; however, each season has different sources of pollen. The most common cause of allergies in the spring is pollen from grass, trees and weeds. When pollen is inhaled through the nose of someone who has allergies, the immune system will react as if the pollen is a foreign invader and the immune system will release antibodies to protect the body. When the antibodies attack the allergens, a chemical known as Histamine will trigger the "allergy reactions" that can wreak havoc on our spring enjoyment.
On windy days allergy symptoms are usually elevated due to the breeze carrying pollen through the air. While we may prefer the sun, the rainy days will likely bring relief. The rain can cause a drop in pollen by washing away the allergens in the air.
Symptoms of allergies include dark circles under the eyes, sneezing, coughing, itchy nose and eyes, watery eyes and runny nose. Keep in mind, the airborne allergens can also trigger a more serious condition, asthma. An asthma attack can result in the narrowing of the airway, making breathing difficult and increasing coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath.
Frequently a person can use preventive measures to minimize the effects of allergies. Unfortunately, many of us wait until we are "suffering" from severe symptoms before we take action... making it more difficult to treat and control.
While you cannot control mother nature, you can take steps to minimize your exposure to pollen.
- Keep windows closed and limit being outside when pollen is at its peak during the day.
- Keep car windows closed and use air conditioner (to avoid circulating pollen through vents)
- Take advantage of pollen reports for your area.
- Do not dry clothing or sheets outside. (pollen can collect in clothing)
- Shower at night to remove any pollen/spores from skin and hair.
- Clean heating ducts before turning on heat for the first time (allergens can be trapped in vents over the summer)
- Don't mow the grass or rake leaves if you have allergy symptoms.
Take an offensive approach against allergies by checking both herbal supplements as well as over the counter and prescription allergy preventives. Discuss with your doctor the choices best for you and your medical conditions and needs.
These are just a few suggestions to help you prepare for the fall allergy season.
Good Luck and Happy Breathing!
Kim is a part of the "team" at Top of the World Distributors, a major supplier of health and wellness products since 1997. Manufactured in the U.S.A. their premium line of nutritional supplements contains only the highest quality ingredients. To further assist with questions or concerns, Top of the World Distributors has a full staff of nurses and health care consultants available by phone at 1-800-325-4366 or their website

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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Day 2 of My Juice Fast

Weight: 217
I went to bed a little sketchy about this whole thing. I wondered what the heck I was doing. I cooked dinner for the family, and the steaks smelled pretty good. I am grateful for my always-negative wife who seemed happy to tell me they weren't very good, however.
Nonetheless, the smell did kind act like a trigger that made me yearn for red meat... momentarily. I'm not a guy who quits things quite so easily.
Several trips to the restroom to urinate seemed to break up the night. I did feel like I slept a bit better than usual once again. Some nights, when I return from the restroom, I sit up for hours trying to fall back to sleep. This night, I hit the pillow and went right out.
Checking my weight brought a bit of a surprise. I had dropped 7 lbs. I didn't really feel lighter, and things didn't look drastically different in the mirror, but when I put on the same pants I had worn yesterday, I noticed they were noticeably looser. Yesterday, I actually had to leave the top button unfastened. Today I would need a belt if I were to have worn them.
This brought my spirits up, and now I am more determined than ever to see this thing through. What can I accomplish with this test? I'm looking forward to finding out.
Since I had left my Juicer at work, I kept it simple and put tomatoes and spinach into a Margaritaville Blender for my morning meal. Let's get this day started!
I am somewhat surprised at the good overall mental attitude I feel today. I thought I would be experiencing some of the emotions I saw people in the Netflix video experience. Feeling hungry, deprived, etc. I'm experiencing NONE of that. I feel energetic and charged for the day.
I have studied up a little bit on some Juicing Recipes, and am excited to experiment with them.
My favorite drink this far is:
1. ½ stock of celery (I like the center pieces, they are sweeter)
2. 2 tomatoes
3. 1 Gigantic Jalapeno
4. 2 small zucchini Squash
5. 1 small banana squash
6. ½ lime
When I am done with this diet, I will add a splash of Vodka to it, and REALLY enjoy!
My wife took a sip of my new concoction, and immediately spit it back into my cup- so I should add one mouthful of wife-spit to my recipe. It was so delicious, I made another one. The second one was just as good, so I will leave wife-spit off the recipe, or perhaps make it optional. My point is; this recipe is pretty spicy-but GOOD.
I actually had the energy to do two INSANITY classes today. I feel REALLY energetic 90% of the time, and then crash and burn the other 10% until I get the energy to mix me up a batch of veggie goodness.
Since I had plowed through both stashes of veggies (Work and home), I stopped at the grocery store on the way home to restock. I have a much better idea what I am looking for now, and I'm pretty happy with my haul.
Tonight's meal was all fruit. Cantaloupe, strawberries, and green apple. It was DELICIOUS. It was so good, my wife kept stealing swigs out of my glass. This despite the fact that I cooked her and the kids some pretty awesome chicken. The smell of the chicken is overwhelming, so I'm calling it an early night. I'm sore as hell, and hope I have what it takes to get everything done tomorrow. I have some pretty important business meetings, and of course... gotta train. Seacrest Out!
Weight: 212
You can read more about Mike Stidham on his BLOG at

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Juice Fasting - Is It for Me?

Beginning Weight: 224
DAY 1: I am super excited at the prospect of cleansing all the gunk out of my body. I have been feeling a bit lethargic for quite some time. I have been doing Insanity (The workout program) for two weeks, and it seems as though I am just spinning my wheels.
I did the 60 Day Insanity Challenge last year. While I made it all the way through, and felt a tremendous sense of accomplishment, I didn't follow the diet, and didn't really see the remarkable physical transformation I had hoped for. Friends commented that I had lost weight, and I had... 22 lbs, but I didn't see the lean, mean fighting machine in the mirror I had hoped for.
I'm 45 years old, so I have no delusions of ever looking like a 21 year old. I do, however teach fitness classes, and feel it is hypocritical if I don't get my fitness levels to a better plane. Plus, my wife has made a few comments about my weight. I think I owe it to her to try to look my best. She is way out of my league when I am at my best, so I should try my best to make it not look like she is on a date with her Dad when we go into public.
Having said all that, I have decided to undertake this challenge to drink my diet for 8 days.
My understanding of the rationale behind the 8 days is that your body will live off the food still in your intestines for the first 3 days, then the junk that had been left in your liver for 2 days. Ultimately, you end up really FASTING your body for only 3. I am intrigued by this notion, but wonder how much of it is somebody trying to come up with the next FAD diet, to sell a bunch of books.
I came upon this diet by watching a documentary on Netflix, 'Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead'. In the documentary, the lead character spent 60 days on a food-free diet. He traveled across the US and challenged others to join him. He spoke with people about their diets. He interviewed people with major health problems who were unwilling to sacrifice their hamburgers to spend a few extra years with their children.
I was moved by this. I get the argument that you want to live happy. I just don't see how that happiness HAS to be derived from a juicy steak and greasy french fries. I came to the conclusion that, I love food as much as the next guy- but I love my children more. I want to see them graduate college, and maybe attend their weddings. (That is IF my daughter finds a better boyfriend. If not, I would just as soon kick the bucket early lol).
I'm the type of guy that loves a challenge, and thought... I can do that. It doesn't sound fun, but I can do it. It looks as though it could be life changing. So I thought... Why Not? Now this guy was obese. 60 days was probably the amount of time HE needed to have a life-changing experience. As I researched the diet, I stumbled upon the 11-Day version of it. This sounded about right for me.
I spent the better part of yesterday researching the subject. I probably read every website known to man about the subject. For this being science, there sure are a lot of opinions out there. Therefore, I decided I would take the task upon myself to document my experience, and hopefully others could glean something from it. So it begins.
My wife and I set out to purchase the right juicer. There are a ton of them on the market, so a great deal of research went into finding the right one. On a few different websites, I read that the best juicer on the market was a Champion Juicer. It was a tad expensive at just under $300.00, but was built like a tank.
I decided on the commercial version, and paid about $30.00 extra over the 'home' version. I couldn't find anyone that carried them, so I went on their website and ordered it.
But, I wanted to start my diet NOW. I rationalized that I am at work 12 hours a day, so I will need two. I will purchase an economy version for work, and one use the deluxe one at home. Walmart, here I come.
Jack Lalane's Power Juicer wasn't exactly a bargain at $100.00, but it looked sturdy enough to last a little while. As with anything, you get what you pay for. With all the working parts, and blades that will dull with wear, I imagine the cheap juicers are for people who are looking for an inexpensive wedding gift.
I actually started the diet last night, although I am not counting it as one of the 8 days. I was excited to have purchased my juicer, and wanted to give it a try, so I drank my dinner. I went to the produce department and loaded up on fruits and vegetables. I got a little bit of everything. I couldn't even tell you what was in my concoction, but it wasn't the tasty steaks I had in the refrigerator waiting to be cooked. It wasn't exactly horrible either. I guess you could say it tasted like I expected. My wife asked me if it tasted good. I told her it tasted good for you. I have learned there are actual recipes for juicers, to make delicious drinks. I thought that sounded kind of foo-foo at first, but I LOVE cooking, and later decided I could perhaps replace my favorite hobby (Cooking for my family) with becoming a mad scientist with my drink mixes.
This first mixture was not going to win any contests. I just threw things in my new juicer, and reveled at the juice coming out of one end, and the rest of the stuff coming out the other. I couldn't help but draw the comparison between that process, and what our bodies do with all the gunk we put in it.
I drank my mixture down, and off the bed I went. I felt surprisingly drowsy, and nodded off to sleep. Typically, it takes me hours to go down, but tonight, I slipped into a deep sleep. I don't know if it had anything to do with what my body was digesting, or if it was psychosomatic. I just knew that I went to sleep. I woke up a few hours later as I typically do throughout the night, but couldn't help but wonder if this were a sign that one day I could wean myself off the sleeping pills I normally take for sleep.
I had a busy day to follow, so I popped a pill and watched some TV until I was able to drift off again.
Several trips to the bathroom followed through the night. I always urinate a lot, but usually that is because I drink 2-3 beers before bed. The juice had the same effect, so chalk one up for the argument that it is just easier to drink beer than eat / drink healthy in terms of my body's response.
Today, I find myself CONSTANTLY thinking about my diet, and have a hard time focusing on the task at hand. I typically don't eat breakfast, so hunger pangs in the morning are unusual. I do feel them today.
I drank a good-sized portion of veggies in a cup this morning, and noted how expensive this little experiment was going to be. I had purchased around $35.00 of produce yesterday, and my first two meals had made a fairly good dent in my supply.
I have read that preserving your juice, and drinking it later, diminishes the benefits of this diet, so I have decided I would not bottle up juice for the day.
I brought my juicer to work, and went to the grocery store for supplies to be kept here. Immediately, I started thinking about mixtures that might taste good. I have been very surprised at how differently these vegetables taste in juice form, over their natural state. I normally don't care much for cucumbers, but really like them in juice form.
I browsed a few recipes, and picked up what I thought might taste good together.
Typically, I don't eat until 1:00 or so, but it is only 10:30, and I feel the need to mix up another meal. (NOTE: Not eating until so late in the day is a horrible practice, and one I am hoping to change through this experiment.)
My second meal of the day was a bit tastier. I'm kind of getting a hang for what I like and do not like. Immediately after the meal, I experienced a noticeable euphoric sensation. It's an interesting phenomenon that I haven't experienced before. I feel good enough that I'm inclined to tackle INSANITY head-on a bit earlier than normal.
INSANITY was really hard today. Partly because I am sore as hell from yesterday, and partly because this is a particularly hard segment of the program. I felt myself fatiguing at about the same point I usually do. I experienced the same muscle failure at about the same time on the class. I didn't expect miracles, and certainly didn't experience any. Back to work.
Peaks and valleys is the best way to describe the day. I would hit highs, then crash and burn. I hope this is just a result of my body adjusting. I need to keep my energy up. Teaching fitness classes is all about energy.
When I taught my Muay Thai class tonight, I got really winded. I had difficulty talking to the class after demonstrating some pretty basic stuff. Not diggin' it! I started experiencing some stomach cramps as well. I'm not sure if this is because of the liquid diet, or the fact that I put a gigantic jalapeno in my last tomato juice concoction. I spose time will tell.
Upon my return home, I realized I had forgotten an important piece of my juicer, so it's off to bed without supper... night all!
I conducted this experiment as an instructor at Ultimate Combat Training Center

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