Saturday, August 18, 2012

What Are The Essentials of Stretching and Walking ?

When we were  kids we used to  play around together with our playmates or friends. Most of the time we run, jump, and climb  inexhaustible in all  physical activities. As we grow up as teens we are very active and untiring in all sports that we enjoy  like  swimming, biking, playing basketball, volleyball or even football. You enjoy doing them and you don't feel tired.

As we  become older our physical activity began to decline. We easily get tired and becomes lazy. We just spend most of our time in watching tv, browsing in a computer or you just sit down for more hours reading books or newspapers. Gone were the days when we were so physically active unmindful of time we spend doing  them.

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 Health problems  may arise latter on. Lack of exercise may trigger the on set of diabetes, hypertension, heart desease and other complications in our vital organs. Why? Simply because of poor blood circulation. Aside from proper diet and sleep as most doctors advice, we need exercise to pump oxygen and blood for proper circulation and distribution in  our body most importantly, to our vital organs. Inadequate supply of blood and oxygen will result to so many health complications and deterioration of  our vital organs.

At age 40's, 50's or above we just need a few minutes stretching and walking. Try to walk around  in malls or perhaps in  nearby parks. If you live in a subdivision, this is the best place to take a walk around  because you don't need to go somewhere far from your house.