Sunday, August 26, 2012

Short Breath Due To Panic Attack? Here's A Piece Of Advise

Why hyperventilation is a mysterious illness? Because after so many diagnostic procedures and medical examination had been made you still remain hanging in the air. Your physician can hardly determine what is really happening to you. What are those symptoms all about. Are you suffering from a serious illness?These are the biggest question marks your physician may have in mind. If found negative in all your laboratory test, rejoice! It only shows that you are physically fit and have nothing to worry about because you do not have any serious illness based on your laboratory test and diagnostic procedures.. You just have to learn how to live with it.

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 All of us knows that it is not easy to do that but that is the only an option you have to face. Avoid stress and anxieties because this triggers hyperventilation. You may experience again labored breathing, palpitations, numbness or tinglings in hands or feet. this is due to psychological condition called panic attack.Get rid of fears that you have a serious illness. There's no life threatening illness you have to worry.  Move on and make all effort to bring back your normal life. If another episode of hyperventilation comes back learn how to handle it. most importantly, stay calm. Avoid fear. Avoid any activity that tends you to breathe faster or deeper than normal. It causes excessive expulsion of circulating carbon dioxide. It may result to panic attack - Free online encyclopedia.Wikipedia. You may like to check: