Monday, August 20, 2012

Recognize Your Mysterious Illness

Are you one of those millions of people that encounters mysterious illness? Do you experience  physical fatigue? or lack of energy? Feeling bad all day for almost a couple of days, weeks, or  month? Do you have slight fever, sore throat, muscle aches, or swollen lymph nodes?  After all  the diagnostic procedure you've gone thru in the hospital, did they found out what is really your illness?

Many illness remains a mystery that the hospital cannot detect through any  laboratory tests,  x-rays and other medical equipments. These symptoms  frustrate many patients, physicians and even researchers because they cannot determine the cause and symptoms the patient wanted to  find out. Some symptoms that  are related in these illness are Thyroid Disorders, Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus or Cancer.   Doubts that you have flu, mononucleosis or sort of infectious illness may also be possible.The doctor has to determine what is really  the cause of those physical disturbances to give you the proper prescription and recommendation.

Do you smoke? Do you drink liquors moderately? Do you sleep in  proper time? How's your diet? These are some few question the physician may also  ask to examine your case after  all those  laboratory test that were found negative. You may also hear from your doctor phrases like " Exercise and oxygenate your body...", " Detoxify your system..." Eat more fruits and vegetables..." " Take fiber foods..." Avoid stress..." and so forth. ..The physician may just prescribe a vitamins and ask you to come back to observe your condition  again. It's truly frustrating to leave the hospital with undetermined illness after those laboratory test they made.

There are some illness that are either  physiological  or psychological. Among the few psychological illness  I've heard are Depressions and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Both have also similar symptoms accompanied by sleep disorders, lost of appetite, confusions, and forgetfulness. It is indeed very frustrating and alarming that after those ways and means of dianostic procedures your illness still  remains undetermined.

Find  experts, physicians, psycho therapist who  may recommend coping strategies to live with it. Formulate also your own strategies that can make you feel good and can comfort yourself. Talk to you friends, socialize if you can, live a normal life. Find something that can make you happy and comfortable. Take note your doctor's advise. Beside physiological illness is more threatening than psychological. Some people get well soon after doing recommended advise. Others takes too long to recover.  Usually takes about a  number of months or years.

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