Saturday, August 18, 2012

When All options To Combat Hyperacidity Fails. Try This...!

One of the most disturbing feeling you'll never forget is when you start to feel a burning pain in the abdomen or in the chest. Then a few more hours later, you'll sense an upset stomach or indigestion. Later on you will experience an abdominal fullness that will result in loosing your appetite. Since you will always feel that your stomach is  full all the time without eating anything and you don't feel hungry most of the time, your tendency is to begin to skip your meal. Until one day you will notice that the stomach pain and disturbance you are experiencing is getting worse. The pain alleviate and the  intense is getting more and more each day. Check it out! These are some few symptoms of Stomach Acidity or Hyperacidity. Don't make any delays. Consult your doctor right away.

I came to experience also this stomach acidity which I mention here above.  At first, every time I feel mild burning sensation and stomach pains I just  went to a drugstore and buy an over the counter  medicine to  give me a temporary relief. I did this for almost a year or more which later on  it does'nt work anymore.I went to a doctor and he prescribed the Proton Pump Inhibitor. I was told to take it three times a day for one week and come back to him after the prescribe medicine intake duration.

A week later, I went back to my doctor and told him that I do  not  feel any  improvement after a week of taking those medicine that  he prescribed to me. After the conversation and some few diagnostic procedure I was asked and referred to  endoscopy room. I can't stay there anymore for an hour to undergo endoscopy. I had terrible stomach pain and can not walk straight anymore. I decided to just go home and have some rest to find relief.

At home, while lying and about to close my eyes to find sleep I remember the Natural Healing Book I once read. It was mentioned about the amazing healing power of lemon or the same with  kalamansi in the Philippines.

Lemon has full of vitamins and minerals enought to cleanse the whole systems of our body. It is the tough exterminator of acids in our body. Its curative  medicinal properties  is best for stomach acidity or  hyperacidity, dyspepsia, hurtburn, and  indigestion.

Although lemon seems contrary to acidity as most people says, I sliced the lemon into two and zip the juice and  took another three more lemon on that day.  I did this every six hour or three times a day. I was  only taking soft diet that day then in the evening, upon retiring I place a cold compress on my stomach  for at least 15minutes. When I woke the next day I was surprised! I felt surprising improvements. I can already stand straight and the pain in my  stomach was just tolerable.When all options fails, go herbal remedy.

Today I don't buy anymore or take over the counter antacid. Every time I felt disturbing in my stomach due to my hyper acidity. I just take two lemon or kalamansi. Slice them then zip the juice. I feel good at once doing this rather than taking an antacid.