Friday, August 24, 2012

Catch Your Breath, Don't Panic!

You were on the heights of enjoying to watch a  movie when suddenly, you can't breathe. Looks like there's no  oxygen that  goes inside your lungs no matter how much  you try. Your heart begins to palpitate so fast oftentimes, it is accompanied by chest pain, blurred vision and dizziness. The worse is the feeling of passing out! What is it? Sound threatening!

Don't panic! it will only worsen the situation. It is indeed too hard too stay calm when you happen  to  face  these kind of  incident. Actually, there is nothing to worry about  unless you have serious illness such as heart disease. This alarming symptom are part only of non-life threatening condition called Hyperventilation. It happens due to over breathing. When people are frightened or anxious they tend to draw volume of carbon dioxide.Insufficient blood supply to the brain will result to dizziness or numbness  as a result you  will hyperventilate.

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Here are some few tips to catch your breath:

- Stay calm don't panic.
- Find a paper bag then breathe into it calmly. Caution! do not use plastic bag this will cause suffocation.
- Reduce stimulants
- Choose your friends to talk to.
- Exercise
- Proper diet and sleep
- Avoid physical and mental stress
- Seek assurance that you do not have serious illness. Consult your physician.
- Live normal avoid worrying about you hyperventilation. It's not serious anyway.
- Focus on something else that you enjoy.

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