Monday, October 29, 2012

Here's A Simple Technique To Get Rid Of Red Chili Hot Sensation So You Can Start Your Theraphy Now!

One of the most amazing fruit that gives  surprising healing results is the  red chili otherwise known in the Philippines as " Siling Labuyo ".  It has a very hot sensation which make many people dislike and threatened to eat it for therapeutic  purpose because of the  hot sensation brought about by eating or taking  red chili for therapy where in fact, taking this  has no negative effects in our body. Many believed that red chili gives amazing results to prevent and cure Diabetes, Hypertensyon, Cancer, Heart Desease, and so many more... Please explore around the site for more informations.

Cold water is the most effective extinguisher of red chili hot sensation. You are not advice to chew the red chili for therapeutic purpose for any disease. If you are threatened by the hot sensation of red chili then,  follow this simple  instruction. As mentioned, you do not need to chew the red chili. You can apply like  taking a medicine or a vitamin tablet.

Pick 10 pcs to 20 pcs of freshly harvested red chili. Chop  the red chili into very  small pieces. The smaller the better. Spoon it on the tip of your tongue  Drink and Push it with cold water. If you cannot stand the hot sensation put a cold water inside  your mouth. Let it stay for at least a minute. Repeat it  if  still needed.