Tuesday, October 30, 2012

How to Do a Hydrogen Peroxide Acne Treatment

How to Do a Hydrogen Peroxide Acne Treatment

Author: Nazima Golamaully

Hydrogen peroxide is a simple but commonly overlooked acne treatment. You may think it’s practical to spend much money on acne treatments, but you can purchase a 2.5 percent hydrogen peroxide bottle for just a couple of dollars. This hydrogen peroxide acne treatment can be as effective as those other expensive treatments. And you could save money instead for other important uses.

When preparing the hydrogen peroxide acne treatment, you wash your face first with some gentle soap. This will effectively remove any dirt, oils and makeup that stick on your face. Hydrogen peroxide will treat acne, but it must not be substituted with your usual facial cleanser. It can be irritating and may cause your skin to be dry, hence the gentle soap. If paired with a harsh soap, the dryness can get severe and may persist.

You can apply the treatment in one of two different ways. Your first option is a swab that is dipped into the hydrogen peroxide. Simply swab any area where acne is always found. Doing this will help you keep such areas under control. Another thing you can try is the cotton ball. Saturate it with hydrogen peroxide and administer it all over your face. Do this not only to treat those current outbreaks but also to prevent new ones from manifesting. But remember that this option is only recommended if the acne outbreak is already widespread. Because of its drying effects there is absolutely no need to apply to those unaffected parts of the skin. And no matter how you apply, always keep it away from your eyes. The skin surrounding your eyes is usually sensitive; upon contact extreme irritation can occur. You also have to use caution when applying around the hairline or even in the eyebrows as the chemicals can cause your hair to change in color.

Note that acne cannot endure upon contact with the peroxide, but so does the surrounding skin. The effects visible are the drying of these parts. It is important that after application of the hydrogen peroxide acne treatment, you should apply an oil-free moisturizer on the skin as it will counter the extensive drying effects of the treatment. And not only will your skin be acne-free, it will also look healthy and radiant all the time.

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