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What Are The Main Breast Cancer Symptoms and Early Warning Signs?

What Are The Main Breast Cancer Symptoms and Early Warning Signs?

Author: alleyjames

Early detection of breast cancer leads to less damage to the breast tissues, faster curing and less severe treatment so women those who ignore the importance of regular self examination and breast awareness should realize the vital role of early detection and must stay in touch with their breasts on regular basis to notice the disturbing signs and should visit the doctor on right time. Overview of breast cancer symptoms is given here that most of the women notice while performing self examination.
Breast cancer is the result of many things such as genetics factors and heredity is of core importance in the development of breast cancer, although more frequently it occurs in women but men can also get affected of it but the risk is lower for them. There are a lot of surveys and researches which have been conducted to find out the way to prevent breast cancer, but unfortunately there is no definitive way to prevent it successfully however there are certain ways to avoid the fatal effects of this dreadful disease and to avoid letting it get out of hand.

Overview of Breast Cancer Symptoms
There are different breast cancer symptoms as some of them are discussed in detail here
Lump Formation
Lump formation is associated with breast cancer strongly, however not all lumps are cancerous but to ignore them can be dangerous so the benign lumps should not be ignored as well. Lumps are mostly painless and cause spiny sensation as well; however it is not very common but experienced by some women.
Breast Tenderness
Breast tenderness is felt by women at last stage of breast cancer and it is also possible to have pain, but sensation in the breast varies from dull to sharp.
Change in Breast Size
It is also possible for women to experience the changes in breast size that are abnormal and uneven. In some cases the change in size is not due to cancer and is related to the periods, pregnancy and breastfeeding.
Change in the Texture of Breast Skin
Victims with advanced stage of breast cancer are expected to notice a clearly distinct area of breast skin with tiny dents or reddish that resembles an orange peel.
Increased Breast Temperature
If a woman feels that temperature of a specific part of breast is higher comparatively it can be due to breast cancer.
Change in the Position of Nipple
Changes in the position of nipple are easy to observe as they tend to be obvious such as inversion and ulceration of nipple. Discharge from nipple can be easily observed by squeezing the nipples so if any discharge of yellow, green or blood stained fluid is noticed it is abnormal and can be the indication of breast cancer so never overlook such kind of changes because if it is not due to cancer it can be the indication of any other breast abnormality.
Breast Pain
Breast pain can be due to breast cancer and if the pain is persistent that does not go away after medication as well immediate consultation to the doctor is essential. Some women experience cyclic pain before periods due to the hormonal changes, but that pain reduces after the periods begin and slightly moves to the end.
A breast aware woman can notice these changes if she is in habit of performing regular self examination because understanding breast structure is of core importance to locate and distinguishing abnormal changes from the normal ones as breasts are prone to develop the changes over the time.

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