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Simple things to do during heat wave

Simple things to do during heat wave

Author: Mark Hugge

There are other minor effects on this heat wave but we must focus on the major destruction that this phenomenon taking us.

There are lots of things or actions we could do during heat wave. If it happens, better be safe.One of the important thing is to keep calm. Being calm will keep you active and take decisions wisely. This will not create anymore problem unlike you will try to do some strenuous activity. Another thing you could do is stay indoor most of the time. This at least will not directly heat your body with some hazards and heat caused by heat wave. Keeping your body cool at the times is a good way.

Drinking plenty of water is a very good way. This cools your body and refresh your mind. Water is the best liquid to take during this heat wave scenario. Try not to drink alcoholic liquids or caffeinated liquids. These can contribute to the heat on your body, which in turns can add to the dizziness you may feel. Try also to avoid food or meals creating or increasing your metabolic heat. Light clothing also helps during this heat wave.

During this heat wave, never leave your children unattended or don't leave them outside. Animals or pets also needs to be taken cared off. They should be at least on a shady or not directly on the suns heat.

Don't panic otherwise others will just panic like you. Try to bring the person under heat stroke into some cool place. Keep the body cool by rubbing or wrapping some wet sheets or clothing. Check breathing and pulse for some problems during the period of attack. Keep the person cool and lying until the emergency team arrives.

Heat exhaustion is another thing that can happen to a person during heat wave. When this happens let the person lie down and cool it by rubbing or wrapping with a wet sheet or clothing. Call for medical officers while giving the first aid. Fan the person experiencing heat exhaustion. Give enough water to sip or drink for the person to relieve for the body heat. Don't drink water in an instant, keep it on a normal instance. It is better also to loosen the clothing he or she wears.

Heat cramps usually happens also during excessive heat. As above, take the person to a cooler place. Make the person relax by giving him a half glass of water every 15 minutes. Stretch lightly the affected area or muscles. Massage lightly to relieve pain.

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