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How to Prevent Influenza in Autumn

How to Prevent Influenza in Autumn

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In autumn, the influenza is very popular and people will have some symptoms such as cough, sneezing and rustiness, which affects the normal work and life. So, people are required to do advanced preventive measures. Here I summarize several tips for people to prevent the influenza in autumn.

First of all, we should know the reasons of long-term cold. The influenza viruses are easily infected. The viruses are mainly hiding in the nose and throat. When the infected people speak, cough or sneeze, the viruses will float in the air with the saliva droplets and attach on items. If healthy people inhale the polluted air or expose to the items, it is possible for them to get diseases. When people suffer from cold and have weak immunity, they are more prone to get cold. The influenza viruses are diversified and these viruses have no cross immunity, so they are easy to make people sick again and again. Therefore, some people often get cold and recover for quite a long time. We should pay attention to the following tips in daily life:

1. Drink plenty of water. Large number of water can take away the viruses from the body and prevent dehydration, which is a complication of influenza.

2. Take in vitamin C and vitamin E. The appropriate oral intake of vitamin C could reduce the cold symptoms. Vitamin E plays an important role in the human immune system, and it is widely found in animal fats and plant oil.

3. Wash hands frequently. Some viruses can survive for three hours in the places patients touch. Therefore, washing hands frequently could help people be away from cold. In addition, do not develop the bad habits of rubbing noses, because it is easy to take the viruses on hands to the easy-infectious part.

4. Sterilize kitchen ware regularly. The sponges and wipes in kitchen contain large quantity of bacteria. If there is a patient at home, it is better to use disinfectant to scrub the items they touch such as taps, door handles and refrigerator handles.

5. Do not stay in closed space for too long time. The poor ventilated areas are likely to breed influenza virus. Offices are the easy infectious places, so if people could not avoid them, they can use light salt water to keep nose moist.

6. Keep one meter distance with patients. The saliva containing virus can be splashed out one meter in the process of cough and sneezing. So, if you find someone decide to sneeze or cough, you should be one meter away from him. In elevators or buses, you can turn away immediately, because eyes and noses are most possible to be infected.

7. Ensure enough sleep. U.S. researchers have conducted a trial which allows volunteers to sleep late at night, and their immunities decrease 30% in the next day. After they have eight hours’ sleep, their immunities recover to the original level.

8. Insist in doing aerobic exercise. People are suggested to do aerobic exercise for 30 to 45 minutes every day such as walking, cycling and dancing. These exercises can greatly enhance the body’s ability to resist cold and avoid the risk of respiratory diseases.

Of course, people could also accept influenza vaccination in time. All the above methods are quite effective in preventing people from getting cold.

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