Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fruit That Could Brought Down Blood High Sugar Count In Minutes

This fruit can also be used as an alternative medicine to lower down your blood sugar count. Just like having a raw pancreas diet as mentioned in my previous blog.  If you have a blood sugar count based on your laboratory test 500 to 600 chili can bring it down to 78 in minutes.

Don't take chili with empty stomach. Always take chili after meal to keep yourself away from stomach ache. When taking chili,  chop 10 pieces of it  till it is very fine. Use spoon to put it in your mouth by placing chopped red chili at the back of your mouth then drink plenty of water, swallowing chopped red chili like swallowing a pill.

The hot sensation of red chili last only for five minutes. Experts says it does no harm to our body. Red chili is abundant in minerals that helps to prevent prostate problem,  hypertension, heart attack and  high blood sugar count. When taking this amazing fruit everything goes back to normal.

Take ten (10) pieces of   red chili daily three times a day and witness the amazing cure.