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5 Natural Ways to Cure Acne That You Think Won't Work

There are many suggestions regarding how to cure your acne naturally, and I mean hundreds of them. Do you think that you can apply all of them? What do you think about their effectiveness? As you've already spotted on, most of them are garbage suggestions and not worth your time to apply. Those hundreds of suggestions are not going to cure your acne overnight, let alone reduce your inflammation. Yes, even though they claim to be natural ways to cure acne. Do you know that the treasure is perhaps laid down in a hidden place, not available for everyone? What if I tell you about how to cure your acne naturally with suggestions that you think won't work? Do you want to accept it? Well, no matter what your decision, here are 5 natural ways to cure acne that you think won't work:
1. Have the right thought
Yes, thinking right can help to clear your acne. I don't know what the impact of this but the more you think negatively toward your acne, the more it will grow uncontrollably in your skin. You may not believe me at first. That's fine. After all, I think you will think that this suggestion won't work in the first place. But anyway, try this. Try to think positively about your acne and see what happens. Don't think of your acne like it's going to ruin your life. Most people will think about their acne like this: "Oh shit! My acne is so bad now. It's going to ruin my life!" Change this typical negative thinking into a more positive one, like this: "Oh, I see acne in my face. Lots of them. But, I also see my beautiful face behind it. Too bad that it's covered with acne. I wonder how my face will look like once I've cleared my acne. It would be great." See the difference? You'll be able to shift your feeling regarding your acne condition, which will help you to relax and calm your mind.
2. Body communication
Think about this. Your body is the only thing that you have in this world that will allow you to experience this world fully. But, it has acne and you want to eliminate it soon. One way to eliminate your acne is to eat the right food. I'm not going to make a list of foods that you should eat or shouldn't eat. That's because for each person, it's different. The only way that will allow you to make sure that you're eating the right foods is to communicate with your body extensively. Yes, it is possible to communicate with your body and make it more aware of the foods that you eat. When you develop enough awareness, you'll know which foods you should eat and which foods you shouldn't eat. This body communication is important because you need to guide your body to eat the right foods in order to prevent it from developing acne.
3. Alkalizing your body
Do you know that acid environment in your body will promote more acne aggravation in your skin? The natural state of your body should be alkali. This is the normal state your body should be in. If you have alkali body, you will not have any problems with your body. No disease can survive in an alkali body environment. That's why you should strive to alkalize your body at any time. It goes about foods again. Yes, foods can affect your body pH level. Acid foods such as citrus fruits, meats, and dairy products will create acid environment within your body. While alkali foods such as green veggies, mangoes, and avocados will help to create alkali body environment. So, you should pick only the foods that will contribute to an alkali body environment to make sure that your acne is kept at bay.
4. Sleep
Can you believe that a mere sleeping can help you to reduce your acne inflammation? If you don't believe me, try to have more sleeps today. Let your body to rest fully. And see what happens. You'll see that your skin is glowing brighter than usual. You'll see that your youthfulness is back to you again after waking up from your sleep, although it's often only temporary. However, you can be sure that your body needs more sleeps in order to cure your acne. And by giving your body more sleeps, you will be able to make it healthier and more beautiful.

When you're living in a humid environment, you will tend to keep your body in a bad condition. Why? That's because lack of oxygen will trigger more acne to emerge in your body. It will clog your pores and make it more difficult for you to cure your acne. This is true if you're living in a humid environment for a long time. It will be difficult for you to reduce your acne level. The only way to go around this is to get as much fresh air as possible every day. Good air circulation is important to keep your body healthy and in a good condition. Also, an abundance of morning sunlight will help your skin to repair its cells and eliminate acne. Often, it will also reduce your inflammation significantly. However, expose your body only to morning sunlight because sunlight at noon contains too much UV that will break your skin instead of repairing it.
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