Thursday, November 8, 2012

How to Stop Varicose Veins from Growing and Increasing

Varicose veins are those greenish blue enlarged veins that usually appear in the
legs of people. These commonly occur in women but they can also be seen in men.
There are many ways how to help varicose veins sufferers. Knowing how to help
varicose veins discomfort is essential for the prevention of more varicosities
from forming. Ultimately, prevention is the clear way of having no varicose pain
but when there are occurrences of the greenish blue veins, then one can start
with self care or self treatment.

Self Treatment Or Self Care

Some ways how to help varicose veins disappear or lessen are to perform some
self treatments that can be done daily at home or becoming more aware of how to
take care of yourself. Self care means that you need to be aware of what causes
varicose veins to appear. The fact that they commonly appear in our legs show
that it is constant pressure in the legs that promote the occurrences of these
unsightly veins. Pressure in the form of prolonged standing and walking can
cause them.

They also tend to appear when the individual constantly wears tight clothing
that interferes with the regular blood flow of the body or the legs. Ways how to
help varicose veins from disappearing are to wear comfortable clothing and to
reduce standing and walking too much. Sitting for too long can also add to the
pressure in the legs and increase the risk of the appearance of a varicose vein
or two.

A form of self treatment and how to help varicose veins sufferers is to elevate
the legs any time you can, especially after a long period of non activity like
standing or sitting. Not only does an extended period of elevation of the legs
help with prevention of a varicose vein occurrence but it can also help with
easing the discomfort of present varicosities. The application of warm
compresses on the areas of varicosities can also alleviate the discomfort. The
warmth can help to reduce pooling of blood in certain disfigured veins. A
combination of ways how to help varicose veins pain disappear can be to elevate
the legs and apply warm compresses directly on the gnarled veins.

These are common ways of how to help varicose veins pain disappear or lessen.
These methods of how to help varicose veins sufferers' pain are effective and
easy to do at home.

Source: Thomas Sondheim, Articlealley