Thursday, November 15, 2012

Top 4 Android Apps for Weight-Conscious People

In this fast-paced world, staying fit is something that always commands great importance. Every individual dwelling in the urban society doesn’t mind spending a bit more…if it really helps them in shedding a few extra pounds of weight. While most exercising equipments are quite costly and sometimes need to be used in the presence of professional fitness trainers, there are some mobile apps (read smartphone apps) that have been created to help you lose weight and gain that slimmer physique. And, at this point if you own an Android phone – everything becomes easier. There are a number of Android apps which are specifically developed to help people lose a few pounds and stay healthier. In this article I will be talking about 4 useful Android applications that weight-conscious people cannot ignore.
First up we have Diet2Go app…a widely popular and successful dieting tool for all Android users. I believe that Diet2Go is more than an app - it’s basically something that guides the thoughts and weight loss attempts of a user, and features sets of constantly growing dietary plans for different lifestyles and preferences. Moreover, Diet2Go conveniently delivers weight loss estimates which are strictly based on physical characteristics.
Closely following Diet2Go, we have WWPoints Diary app, a very powerful application featuring food database tracker and widget for those Android users who are determined to lose some weight and stay fit. WWPoints Diary provides you with a daily allowance calculator, together with online and offline access to the food database which you may be using. Though a very popular app, especially among American smartphone users…WWPoints Diary isn’t very expensive and can be easily downloaded without burning a hole in your pocket.
If you’re the owner of an Android device and wish to lead a healthy lifestyle, Personal Dietitian is one app that will surely catch your attention. Most software technicians engaged in the field of Android application development believe that this is must-have for any Android user who’s looking to reduce a few kilos of weight. The app helps you follow improved eating habits with the help of diet plans and weight trackers. Moreover, this app also provides different nutrition facts and so forth.
Finally, coming fourth on the list, we have the very popular Weight Control application. Basically, the application uses the power of self-hypnosis to control or reduce your weight. This app manages to boost your unconscious determination and enables you to restore that lost confidence about your health and fitness. And, therefore you’re able to work harder for losing those unwanted kilos of weight. Talking about the self-hypnotizing power of this app, it features a stunning user interface, great animation designs, background brainwave settings, and even some useful tips for quieting the mind. All these enable your subconscious to end the struggles with weight loss and flaunt a healthier physique in a short period of time.
So, these were some Android apps that cannot be ignored if you want to shed a few extra kilos. In case you want to know more about such other applications, you can always use the Internet facility!

Source: Articlealley, Ashley Forrester