Saturday, November 24, 2012

Top Tips To Get Lighter Skin

Are you frustrated with your skin color and looking for some best remedy to lighten it? It is not always necessary to lighten your skin color only with expensive salon treatment or expensive drugs.

There are certain home remedies that can get you the best result you are looking for. But remember, for getting a healthy and fair complexion, cleaning, toning and moisturising is very important part that should be followed as everyday skin care regiment. Here are some tips for lighter skin, which you need to follow in perfect order to see a difference in skin color within days.Personal Care - Lightening Cream

Over many centuries there are certain ingredients that are used for lightening your skin color that are always available in your refrigerator. But the first thing to follow is spending as less time possible in direct sunlight. Among different beauty secret ingredient, lemon has been used as one of the best ingredient to lighten skin color. Lemon contains citric acid that lifts the skin lightens process fast. Lemon juice is also considered as a natural antioxidant.

•    Other natural bleach that improves complexion next to lemon juice is honey, turmeric and cucumber juice. Only ½ to 1 teaspoon is enough for single application. Mixture of lemon juice and honey also makes a good mixture. Apply it in your face and after 15 minutes thoroughly wash it with cold water. This is a natural bleach and good for dry skin.

•    You can apply gram flour and turmeric paste in your face and neck part. This same paste can also be applied in your arms and legs too. After it dries up, scrub it out gently. With regular use it reduces the body hair growth and also lightens your skin.

•    Yogurt is natural bleach that can make your skin very soft and fair.

•    Another thing to apply is almond oil and honey mixture which you can apply daily at night and wash it with cold water after few minutes. Do this on a regular basis to get an extra glow in your skin.

•    Make a paste of lemon juice, sugar and sunflower oil. Applying this on your hand on regular basis, removes the tan color giving you a fairer complexion.

•    Eating right food and including lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily meal shows the good result in a very less period of time. 10 glasses of water and fruits like apple, pears and peaches helps removing dark circle from your skin.

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