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How to Prevent Heart Diseases Naturally

Heart disease is considered as the number one cause of death in the United States, but it really does not mean that you have to admit it as your destiny. Even though you lack the control to change some of the risk factors of heart disease such as family history, age or sex etc., you can take some heart disease prevention steps and live a worry free life.
You can prevent heart diseases in your future by adopting a healthy way of life at present. Below are the five tips to prevent heart disease-
1. Exercise daily for 30 minutes: Getting certain regular, exercise can lessen your risk of deadly heart diseases. When you combine some physical activities with a healthy lifestyle, for example preserving a healthy weight, then the payoff will be even better.
2. Avoid smoking and tobacco: Smoking and tobacco are the menace and help in developing a heart complexities. Tobacco contains some chemicals that can harm your blood vessels and heart. It may also result in Atherosclerosis (narrowing of the arteries), which will ultimately cause heart attacks. Similarly, the nicotine in the cigarette smoke makes your heart work tougher by narrowing blood vessels, increase blood pressure, and heart beats speed.
3. Maintaining healthy weight: The extra weight will increase your chances of getting heart problems, high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol. One method to know about your excess weight is to analyze your BMI (body mass index). It considers your height and weight in defining whether you are healthy or overweight. Another way is to determine your healthy weight is weight circumference. Generally, a man is considered overweight if his waist measurement is more than 40 inches and for women it is 35 inches.
4. Eat a healthy diet: Eating a special diet means eating foods that are low in fat, salt and cholesterol and rich in vegetables, fruits, low-fat milk products and whole grains. Off-putting certain kind of fats such as saturated, monounsaturated, polyunsaturated and trans fat is beneficial, as this increases risk of coronary artery disease by increasing the cholesterol levels. On the other hand, the omega3 fatty acid is beneficial in reducing your threat of heart attack, irregular heartbeats and reduced blood pressure.
5. Get regular health checkup: High cholesterol and high blood pressure can harm your blood vessels and heart. However, both do not have any significant symptom with which you can identify that you are suffering from them. Only a regular checkup can acknowledge you about what your numbers are and whether you require some treatment.
The above tips will help you a lot in your heart disease prevention and help you in avoiding heart related problems. However, in case if you have developed some symptoms of heart disease, your doctor will suggest you some heart disease treatments. Heart diseases are silent hence, you will not feel any symptom until it is too late. It is always beneficial to consult the physician regularly to keep track of our health and diseases to live a healthy life.
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What You Can Do When Wrinkles Start to Appear?

When dealing with wrinkles, face-saving natural ingredients with excellent anti-oxidative and moisturizing properties are your best bets. Yes, plant-based anti-aging creams are in vogue, and some of them have proven to be effective.
Along with good skin care products, certain habits that contribute to wrinkling of facial skin must also be taken into consideration. What are these? Staying out under the sun too long without any sunblock on. Collagen breaks down because of this.
For individuals who love outdoor sports like golf, swimming and other activities, overexposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays can cause wrinkles. Sun protection is imperative. Sadly, many people overlook the importance of sun protection.
Habitual frowning, squinting, and making other facial expressions can also lead to wrinkling of the skin. If you're a chain smoker, you're also bound to get wrinkles on face, eyes, mouth, and even on the hands.
Other causes of wrinkles may be stress, heredity, and lack of nutritional deficiencies, particularly foods with antioxidants or anti-inflammatory properties. As people age, skin undergoes changes and in certain cases, they tend to become deep and thick.
The question that crops up is which remedies are most effective in banishing or softening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. While most people will reach out for over-the-counter anti-wrinkle creams and topical "retinoids", others may decide to go for "injectable" filler like "Botox".
Anti-wrinkle creams come in many types and brands, and the first-time buyer may feel overwhelmed by the plethora of choices in the marketplace. Those who go for a topical retinoid, on the other hand, may feel after-effects like a tingling sensation, reddening of the skin, dryness and itching.
A growing number of men & women with wrinkles and other skin imperfections leave it to their dermatologists to recommend the best measure. Skin specialists may recommend "dermabrasion" to address fine wrinkles. Another procedure, "microdermabrasion", which uses micro-crystals of aluminum oxide to polish away the outermost layer of the skin, is a good treatment option for those with small wrinkles.
Another modern method for diminishing wrinkles is to through laser therapy. The outer skin layer is zapped, and in the process new collagen fibers are stimulated. Several treatment sessions are normally required.
In recent years, one treatment option which has become much talked about is Botox. Results vary, depending on the severity of the wrinkles and where they are. Botox works by paralyzing the muscles found on the face. The treatment must be repeated after about six months of improved appearance.
Preventive care is crucial. If you like the thought of being wrinkle-free even if you reach your prime, stick to healthy habits, make it a habit to drink plenty of water everyday, get adequate 
shuteye, eat healthy foods and look for a good all-natural moisturizer.
Nobody can stop the ticking of time and the signs of aging to show. What you can do is stave off the signs of aging. For some people with wrinkles, "face-savers" like a lightweight anti-aging cream that can help hydrate, firm up skin, and reduce fine lines may be a good defense.
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Acupressure for Stress Relief

There have been natural things that were done many thousands of years ago which are still very good for us if we are able to do them properly today. A good example of this is the ancient Chinese art of acupressure. It is very similar to acupuncture, which also was developed by the Chinese in that it is something that can be done at home, without the use of a qualified therapist. If you are able to do acupressure properly, you can overcome a number of different difficulties that you may be dealing with in your life. A classic example of this is dealing with stress successfully.

The basic principle behind acupressure is the fact that the body has an energy that flows through it at any given time. Different cultures have given different names to this energy but almost every culture is in agreement that the body does contain this energy within it. The problem is, many of us have an imbalance on the inside of our bodies and this can block the free flow of that energy, causing a number of different problems for us. Some of these problems may be recognized as physical problems, while others may be mental problems, such as excessive stress.

If you find that you're in a situation where your stress levels are rising considerably, you can use acupressure in order to drop those stress levels quickly. The way that this is done is by using two particular pressure points that are found on the head. The first of these pressure points is a slightly soft spot that is found directly above the nose, right between the eyes. The other one is found on the crown of the head and it is also a soft area which can be felt with the fingertips. Whenever these two acupressure points are stimulated through light pressure, it can release energy which will help to remove the stress that you are feeling.

The real key to doing this type of acupressure properly is finding the right points and having the right amount of pressure. It is not necessary for you to press very hard in order for this to work. As a matter of fact, a light touch is all that is generally necessary in order to see a difference. Practice it for yourself regularly, it can help to reduce your stress naturally.

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How to Do a Hydrogen Peroxide Acne Treatment

How to Do a Hydrogen Peroxide Acne Treatment

Author: Nazima Golamaully

Hydrogen peroxide is a simple but commonly overlooked acne treatment. You may think it’s practical to spend much money on acne treatments, but you can purchase a 2.5 percent hydrogen peroxide bottle for just a couple of dollars. This hydrogen peroxide acne treatment can be as effective as those other expensive treatments. And you could save money instead for other important uses.

When preparing the hydrogen peroxide acne treatment, you wash your face first with some gentle soap. This will effectively remove any dirt, oils and makeup that stick on your face. Hydrogen peroxide will treat acne, but it must not be substituted with your usual facial cleanser. It can be irritating and may cause your skin to be dry, hence the gentle soap. If paired with a harsh soap, the dryness can get severe and may persist.

You can apply the treatment in one of two different ways. Your first option is a swab that is dipped into the hydrogen peroxide. Simply swab any area where acne is always found. Doing this will help you keep such areas under control. Another thing you can try is the cotton ball. Saturate it with hydrogen peroxide and administer it all over your face. Do this not only to treat those current outbreaks but also to prevent new ones from manifesting. But remember that this option is only recommended if the acne outbreak is already widespread. Because of its drying effects there is absolutely no need to apply to those unaffected parts of the skin. And no matter how you apply, always keep it away from your eyes. The skin surrounding your eyes is usually sensitive; upon contact extreme irritation can occur. You also have to use caution when applying around the hairline or even in the eyebrows as the chemicals can cause your hair to change in color.

Note that acne cannot endure upon contact with the peroxide, but so does the surrounding skin. The effects visible are the drying of these parts. It is important that after application of the hydrogen peroxide acne treatment, you should apply an oil-free moisturizer on the skin as it will counter the extensive drying effects of the treatment. And not only will your skin be acne-free, it will also look healthy and radiant all the time.

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Easy List of Foods For the Diabetic

Easy List of Foods For the Diabetic

Author: MaxBuddenbrock

The most difficult part of managing diabetes for most people is the radical change they must make in what they eat. The very thought of giving up many of the foods that, in their own minds, make life meaningful is distasteful (pun intended). Often those who most need to make these changes rebel and refuse to accept that this is not an option, and it will be true the rest of their lives.

On the other hand, people with diabetes who handle the disease most successfully not only see their doctors regularly but also follow his advice. They monitor their blood sugar and make the necessary changes in their eating habits.

The key is first of all to take control of what you eat, and to develop your own diabetic diet plan. Don't count on your spouse or anyone else to do this. If you're to survive your diabetes, you must do it yourself. You must study and learn what a carbohydrate is and what it can do to you. Get some diabetic recipes cookbooks, or find recipes online. Here is a list of foods for the diabetic to eat:

Vegetables. These are the good guys. They have the nutritious elements the body requires and that make people healthier. Try to get four or five servings a day, but avoid the starchy ones.

Fruit. These can be your friends if you choose them wisely. Fruits, like vegetables, are packed with many of the nutrients your body needs. They're low in fat and high in fiber. They tend to have a lot of sugar, so you can't just load up on fruits as you can on vegetables.

Beans. These are excellent sources of fiber. For this reason, they make you feel full longer. They slow digestion and keep blood sugar from spiking after a meal.

Cereal. This is good if it's whole-grain. They provide important fiber. Whichever one you choose, it should provide at least 5 grams of fiber.

Fish. This is an excellent source of protein and a good substitute for the meats that have more fat. Some fish also provide omega-3 fatty acids. Three servings a week is a good guideline.

Poultry breast. Lean and low in calories.

Nuts. Even the fats are helpful in controlling blood sugar.

Olive oil. Keeps blood sugar steady by reducing insulin resistance. Get rid of the butter!

Yogurt. Nonfat plain yogurt is best. Add your own fruit and nuts.

Cinnamon. Yes, cinnamon! Take it as a spice on foods or in capsules
While it's true that the most difficult part of managing diabetes is the changes that must be made in what is eaten, with a little bit of practice, a diabetic's diet will often be healthier than the average American.

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Scar Removal - Try Home Remedies for Scars

Scar Removal - Try Home Remedies for Scars

Author: Tom alter

This Article provides Information on most of the Home Remedies for Scars which are especially recommended by users. First we will discuss about Scars.
A scar is the pinkish or brown patch of skin that grows in the place where you once had a wound or sore. They are areas of fibrous tissue that replace normal skin tissue after destruction of some of the dermis. A scar is thus the skin's natural way of repairing itself from injury. Most people have scars.

The word scar is derived from the Greek word eschara, meaning fireplace.

Every skin injury or wound heals with a scar. The appearance of a scar however depends on the type and extent of the wound, as well as how an individual's body heals.

Scar tissue is not similar to the tissue that it replaces and is usually of inferior quality. There is no hair growth on the scar tissue, and the skin there becomes less resistant to ultraviolet radiation.

How scarring occurs?
Scarring occur when the deep dermis layer of skin is damaged. The deeper the damage, the worse the scar.

Many skin scars are pale and leave a trace of the original injury that caused them. The time that a scar takes to form may range from a few days to, in some serious and rare cases, several years. Various treatments can speed up the process in serious cases.

To repair the damage, the body has to lay down new collagen tissues As the body cannot re-build the tissue exactly as it was, the scar tissue will have a different texture and quality than the surrounding normal tissue. An injury does not become a scar until the wound has completely healed.

Factors affecting scar formation -
Many factors affect the severity of scar formation, such as -

1) The size and depth of the wound.

2) Location of the injury on the body.

3) The blood supply to the area.

4) Age of the person

5) The thickness, type and colour of the person's skin.

6) The direction of the scar.

Once a scar forms, it is permanent. However, it may be made less visible or displaced surgically.

Can scars be completely removed?
There is no way to remove scars completely. However, a skilled surgeon can definitely improve the appearance of the scar by disguising it, relocating it, or minimizing its prominence.

Skin colour and type, age, and the size of the scar, are important factors that go on to decide the outcome of a surgery to remove a scar.

Different types of scars respond to different plastic surgery techniques. Timing of the surgery is another important factor. The younger the scar, the more satisfactory is the result of the surgery. Therefore, if you want to have your scar removed, do not wait, until as advised by the doctor.

Types of scars -
1. Keloid scars:

Keloids are itchy clusters of scar tissue that grow beyond the edges of the wound or incision. They occur when the body continues to produce the tough, fibrous protein known as collagen after a wound has healed. They are more common in dark-skinned people.
Keloids are treated by injecting a steroid medication directly into the scar tissue to reduce redness and itching. However, the disheartening fact is that keloids have a tendency to recur, sometimes even larger than before, thus requiring repeated procedures.

2. Hypertrophic scars:

These scars, unlike keloids, remain within the limits of the original wound. They often improve on their own, though it may take a year or more. They may also require steroid applications or in some cases may have to be improved surgically.

3. Contractures:

Burns or other injuries that result in the loss of a large area of skin may form a scar that pulls the edges of the skin together, a process called contraction.
Improving a contracture usually involves cutting out the scar and replacing it with a skin graft or a flap. In some cases, a procedure known as Z-plasty may be used.

4. Facial scars:

Mostly, facial scars are cut out and closed with tiny stitches, leaving a less noticeable scar. Some facial scars can be softened using a technique called dermabrasion, that leaves a smoother surface to the skin, but does not completely erase the scar.

Scar treatment procedures -
No scar can be completely removed. They will always leave behind a trace, but a number of procedures can improve their appearance.

Surgery -

Surgery will never completely remove a scar but can be used to alter its location or shape to make it less noticeable. Surgery is at times necessary to remove a scar on skin near a joint where it restricts movement, but it will leave another scar.

Laser surgery & resurfacing -

The use of laser on scars is still on an experimental phase, as the safety or effectiveness has not yet been proven.

Steroid injections -

A course of steroid injections into the scar may help flatten and soften the appearance of keloid or hypertrophic scars.

Z-Plasty -

Z-plasty is a surgical technique used to relocate a scar so that it more closely matches to the natural creases of the skin, where it will be less noticeable. In this procedure, the old scar is removed and new incisions are made on each side, creating small triangular flaps of skin.

Skin grafting -

Grafting involves the transfer of skin from a healthy part of the body to cover the injured area. All grafts leave some scarring at the donor and recipient sites.

Make sure that your expectations from any surgery are realistic. You cannot expect that old scars will completely disappear; however, they will always turn flatter, paler and softer.

Home Remedies for Scars:
* A mixture of sandalwood paste and black gram paste helps reduce the intensity of scars if started early. This is effective Home Remedy for Scars:

* Rubbing your skin with ice cubes helps to tighten the skin.

* You can use cucumber and lemon juice on your scars. This is another good Home Remedy for Scars

* Vitamin E oil when applied on the scarred skin may do wonders for your skin.

* To prevent deepening of the scars, apply aloe vera gel, cod liver oil or vitamin E oil.

* Applying cocoa butter is also a good remedy in getting rid of the scars. This is also effective Home Remedy for Scars

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He has an exclusive website on Home Remedies for various diseases. You can also contribute to the Home remedies by visiting the website.

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Here's A Simple Technique To Get Rid Of Red Chili Hot Sensation So You Can Start Your Theraphy Now!

One of the most amazing fruit that gives  surprising healing results is the  red chili otherwise known in the Philippines as " Siling Labuyo ".  It has a very hot sensation which make many people dislike and threatened to eat it for therapeutic  purpose because of the  hot sensation brought about by eating or taking  red chili for therapy where in fact, taking this  has no negative effects in our body. Many believed that red chili gives amazing results to prevent and cure Diabetes, Hypertensyon, Cancer, Heart Desease, and so many more... Please explore around the site for more informations.

Cold water is the most effective extinguisher of red chili hot sensation. You are not advice to chew the red chili for therapeutic purpose for any disease. If you are threatened by the hot sensation of red chili then,  follow this simple  instruction. As mentioned, you do not need to chew the red chili. You can apply like  taking a medicine or a vitamin tablet.

Pick 10 pcs to 20 pcs of freshly harvested red chili. Chop  the red chili into very  small pieces. The smaller the better. Spoon it on the tip of your tongue  Drink and Push it with cold water. If you cannot stand the hot sensation put a cold water inside  your mouth. Let it stay for at least a minute. Repeat it  if  still needed.

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Breast Massage for Greater Breast Health and Cancer Prevention by Moving the Lymph

Gentle therapeutic breast massage and lymphatic breast care are ideal for maintaining healthy breasts, reducing pain, swelling and other breast problems. Research shows that Regular massage can help prevent and detect breast cancer. According to Susun S. Weed, author of "Breast Cancer? Breast Health! The Wise Woman Way," breast massage helps to prevent breast cancer by improving the immune system and moving lymph fluids through lymph nodes under the arms.
Research indicates that our lifestyle choices create and support our breast health as they do overall health and wellness. Food and supplements, exercise, eliminating exposure to toxins, eliminating smoking, wearing well fitted non-underwire bras, reducing stress and balancing hormones are a great start. What isn't discussed in prevention and general health is breast massage and maintaining healthy breast lymph.
The lymphatic system is part your immune system.
The lymph (blood plasma and white blood cells) circulates through the body tissues transporting debris and toxins from tissue to the lymph nodes. The lymph nodes then enable the body to rid itself of these toxins.
Since breast tissue is well-supplied with lymphatics but lack sources of external compression (such as muscles or strong overlying fascia) to promote the natural lymphatic drainage found in most other body tissues, fluid has a tendency to accumulate in the breast. The light-touch specific approach of Lymph Drainage Therapy provides an ideal solution to fluid stagnation.
Lymph Drainage Therapy is an appropriate and practical gentle, light-touch, non-invasive breast massage technique that can be used by trained therapist for specific conditions and indications relating to breast care.
Lymphatic Breast Massage can help:
Mentrual Cycles:
Breast pain (mastodynia, mastalgia or mammalgia)
Swollen breasts
Breast Feeding or Pregnancy:
Sore nipples (transient or chronic)
Inflammation or infection: mastedeneitis, mastitis, yeast infection, infected Montgomery gland, etc
Milk stasis: plugged duct, filled duct, plugged nipple pore
Bruise, wound (nipples aereola, breast), fissures, ulceration, hemorrhages
Dermatitis: eczema, psoriasis
Stretch marks
Fibrocycstic Breast/ Non-malignant Lump:
Many nonmalignant lumps may resolve quickly with Lymph Drainage Therapy
Pre/Post Surgical Lymphatic Drainage and Cosmetic Applications
Breast implant problems, post mastectomy, post lumpectomy, post tram flap, post lat flap, post breast reduction
Improvement in local venolymphatic circulation, removal of toxins, tissue reoxygenation, regeneration of skin tissue, skin tonification, and mastoptosis (breast sagging)
Scars (acute and chronic)
Other Applications Related to Breast Health:
Decrease hot flashes
Fibrocystic Breasts
Swollen lymph nodes
Early breast cancer detection
Self care drainage techniques given by your therapist (self massage, dry body brushing, change in type of bra worn)
Thermography has detected metabolic changes within the breast tissue or lymphatic congestion
What to Expect from Breast Massage:
Your Lymphatic Drainage therapist has an accurate knowledge of the specific anatomy, physiology and related hand techniques involved so the practitioner can attune to the precise rhythm, direction, depth and quality of the lymph flow. Heavy pressure will NOT be applied to breast tissue. Deep pressure may not only hurt (the client) but may destroy the few suspensory ligaments (Cooper's ligament) and elastic fibers which prevent sagging (mastoptosis).
Whatever lymph territory the therapist is working on, the lymph will be sent to the group of lymph nodes responsible for draining of that area. In the case of the breast, most of the lymphatics (over 90%) drain to the armpit lymph nodes. Lymphatics will usually always be softly stimulated in the neck, armpits (axillas), abdomen, breast mammary tissue, retromammary space (behind the breast), groin, and ribcage when receiving a breast massage session.
Our therapists respect and honor your trust at all times. Proper draping is always provided for our client's comfort and security during breast massage. In fact, we use a specialized modality of lymphatic drainage massage that does not require physical touch. Instead we use a tool that helps to massage and move lymph fluid in both the superficial and deeper lymphatic system. This allows us to offer a pain free, pressure free, hands free breast massage. Unless there are scars on the breast that require work, with a clients permission, we may work more directly on the breast.
Clients are required to sign a release form given our therapists permission to conduct breast work.
Clients may always stop a massage for any reason at any time during the treatment process and this request will be honored with no questions asked.
Healthy Being Wellness Center and Lymphatic Drainage Therapist, Melissa Gallagher, offer Lymphatic Facial Drainage Massage to our clients in St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Tampa, Largo, Seminole and all three counties in our are: Pinellas, Hillsborough and Pasco.
A session is 60min in length and is $70. Call our office to book your appointment today: 727-502-3464

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Get rid of Wrinkles with Home Remedies

Get rid of Wrinkles with Home Remedies

Author: peterhutch

Growing age is the nightmare that frightens everyone. Usually wrinkles and dull complexion are the topics that worry women greatly. With proper care, healthy diet and planned routine you can shift this problem to next ten years. Firstly, leave tension and try to make yourself happy.

There are several easy ways to make home remedy for wrinkles. Like applying egg whites under your eyes and face to remove wrinkles can help to rejuvenate the skin. Similarly castor oil also has the same functionality as an egg white. You can also make face packs by using yogurt, vitamin E capsules and egg whites. Apply a mixture of all these ingredients and wash it off after 15 minutes.

Did you know you can make your very own cleansers? Simply mix the contents of three vitamin E capsules with two tablespoons of plain yogurt, one half tablespoon of lemon juice and one half tablespoon of honey. Mix it all together and apply it to your face with a cotton ball. Leave this mixture on your face for about ten minutes and rinse off. This mix can easily be stored in a bottle with a lid for future use. To make, mix up one forth cup of comfrey infusion, one forth cup of witch hazel and ten drops of patchouli essential oil.

Lemon juice is a very well known remedy for removing wrinkles. You can apply the juice over your skin and rub the peels gently. In a few days the outcome will simply amaze you.

Get a massage. When you get a good massage, your body will feel good, but it is also will look good. A massage will actually increase the blood flowing through your body, helping to clean out and restore cells faster ad more successfully. In addition, your muscles are looser, helping to relax wrinkles.

Cold water is real in preventing wrinkles. Do not wipe the face immediately after sluiceing, instead pat it with hands to dry, so that some total of water enters the skin; keeps the face striking and inventive. Soda half gram of carrot juice daily for two weeks. It is also proven alleviate for wrinkles. Take a part of sour papaya and smear on the face. Bath after sometime. The daily application of papaya alleviates wrinkles and make the skin average. Also smear on the peninsula and kneading. It tidys and brightens the peninsula and removes wrinkles.

Another very powerful natural ingredient is Honey, which has been used for hundreds of years as a wrinkle smoother and to heal many other health conditions. There are many other parts of the world where they used home remedies, in fact you can make a facial mask with honey or avocado and your skin will feel much better.

Read about Natural Cures. Also read about CoQ10 Supplements andCoQ10

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Antiperspirant Use Can Increase Your Breast Cancer Risk

Antiperspirant Use Can Increase Your Breast Cancer Risk

Author: Joseph Mercola

The aluminum salts found in many antiperspirants could increase the risk of breast cancer. Other risk factors, such as shaving the armpits before using antiperspirants, may heighten the risk even further.

Mimics Estrogen

Aluminum salts, which account for 25 percent of the volume of some antiperspirants, can mimic the hormone estrogen. Chemicals that imitate that hormone are known to affect breast cancer risk.

Higher Risk ActivitiesGiven that antiperspirants are used in the armpit, the aluminum salt concentration is highest near the breasts. Applying antiperspirants immediately after shaving will also result in a higher aluminum salt absorption rate due to damaged skin.

 Journal of Applied Toxicology February 17, March 6, 2006CBS News March 1, 2006

 Dr. Mercola's Comment:

One of the more common and harmful waysyou can beexposed to toxic metals like aluminum isusing an antiperspirant.

The rising risk of breast cancer is unquestionably related to abnormal hormone exposures. It appears that antiperspirantsmimic and influence the estrogen activity that leads to this form of cancer. Fortunately, reducing your exposure is pretty simple, since you can use ordinary soap and water to keep your body clean and free of odor.

I have not used antiperspirants for over 20 years and haven't lost any friends as a result of it. I did not stop initially because of the cancer risk but I noticed that it stained all the shirts I was wearing. I was also a struggling medical student and deeply in debt at the time; the last thing I needed was an unnecessary expense.

So I nixed the antiperspirant and vigorously washed my underarms every day with soap and water. I remained odor free despite running 50 miles per week at the time. I also stopped staining my shirts and saved a bundle there also.

Interestingly, deodorant-only productsaren't typically as harmful for your health as are antiperspirants, as most are aluminum free. I would also advise to avoid using them, though,unless they're made from some form of baking soda.

You may want to review a study I posted last year about the dubious safety of cosmetics you may be using.

A couple of years ago the Environmental Working Group (EWG)found thatonly 28 common cosmetics and toiletries out of 7,500 had all of its ingredients fully tested for safety. If you want to learn about the potential toxicity of your cosmetics, I urge you to review the EWG's extensive "Skin Deep Report." There, you will be able to search the products that you use on a daily basis and find out how safe they really are.

If you want to be safe:Only use natural cleaning products in your home. Most health food stores will have these available or you can search for them online.

Switch over to natural brands of toiletries, including shampoo, toothpaste, antiperspirants, and cosmetics. Same sources here, either your local health food store or you can search online.

If you are concerned about the numerous toxic chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis, I strongly urge you to read Our Toxic World: A Wake Up Call. The author, Dr. Doris Rapp, does a thorough job of uncovering the many ways we are exposed to toxic chemicals and how they take a toll on our health and contribute to many chronic diseases.

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Cool food to tackle summer heat

Cool food to tackle summer heat

Author: Anand

Summer is finally here with a vengeance and with it comes the usual problems dehydration, heatstroke and a feeling of lethargy. But life goes on and one needs to cope with the heat especially when we live in a country which has almost nine summer months. The best way to beat the heat is to eat cool foods. And what are cool foods and how does it help? According to Ishi Khosla, nutritionist and dietician, "In science of nutrition, there is no concept of hot or cool foods. In a general sense, cool foods are those which have high water content and are easy to digest. They help us to re-hydrate and replenish electrolytes."

Water is a key ingredient in keeping the body cool. With the body sweating in order to keep itself cool, you need to hydrate your body even when you are not thirsty. Increase the intake of water regardless of your activity level. Instead of carbonated drinks have coconut water, buttermilk, panna (made from raw mango, sugar, a little salt and mint leaves), have sherbets like khus, gulab and phaalsa. Believe it or khus and gulab sherbets have ingredients that will not only keep you cool for long, but it also energises you.

"Pure water is the best drink," says Khosla. "Our body cannot store water, so one must drink plenty of it to replenish losses due to dehydration, excessive perspiration or strenuous exercise during elevated temperatures and maintain healthy function of body cells," added Khosla. Sattu (roasted and grounded barley or gram) is another effective way to keep your body cool. It can be stuffed in a parantha (as done in states like Bihar, Gujarat) or can be made into a drink - just add cool water and sugar to the powder, mix well and drink it. Put Tulsi seeds in your drinks, it has a cooling effect on the body.

Avoid eating foods that have too many spices or is fried. Instead have lots of fruits and vegetables in the form of salads and fresh juices. Summer is season for mangoes soak them in water overnight to take the heat out of them before eating them. As you tend to lose your appetite try experimenting with the recipes. Make different kinds of raitas, fruit shakes, salads and cold soups. People down South have their own foods that help them beat the heat. Instead of the usual rasam (dal water with lots of spices), they have sweet rasam (it has no species, just lots of veggies). Curd rice, buttermilk with rice rajma soup and raagi soup are some of the other foods that keep the heat at bay.

According to Khosla a few precautions/tips to keep in mind this summer are:

Keep raw foods like meat etc separated from fruits and veggies
Avoid opening the fridge often
Wash your hands before handling food
Avoid eating street food
Drink boiled water (boil it for at least 20 minutes)

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Simple things to do during heat wave

Simple things to do during heat wave

Author: Mark Hugge

There are other minor effects on this heat wave but we must focus on the major destruction that this phenomenon taking us.

There are lots of things or actions we could do during heat wave. If it happens, better be safe.One of the important thing is to keep calm. Being calm will keep you active and take decisions wisely. This will not create anymore problem unlike you will try to do some strenuous activity. Another thing you could do is stay indoor most of the time. This at least will not directly heat your body with some hazards and heat caused by heat wave. Keeping your body cool at the times is a good way.

Drinking plenty of water is a very good way. This cools your body and refresh your mind. Water is the best liquid to take during this heat wave scenario. Try not to drink alcoholic liquids or caffeinated liquids. These can contribute to the heat on your body, which in turns can add to the dizziness you may feel. Try also to avoid food or meals creating or increasing your metabolic heat. Light clothing also helps during this heat wave.

During this heat wave, never leave your children unattended or don't leave them outside. Animals or pets also needs to be taken cared off. They should be at least on a shady or not directly on the suns heat.

Don't panic otherwise others will just panic like you. Try to bring the person under heat stroke into some cool place. Keep the body cool by rubbing or wrapping some wet sheets or clothing. Check breathing and pulse for some problems during the period of attack. Keep the person cool and lying until the emergency team arrives.

Heat exhaustion is another thing that can happen to a person during heat wave. When this happens let the person lie down and cool it by rubbing or wrapping with a wet sheet or clothing. Call for medical officers while giving the first aid. Fan the person experiencing heat exhaustion. Give enough water to sip or drink for the person to relieve for the body heat. Don't drink water in an instant, keep it on a normal instance. It is better also to loosen the clothing he or she wears.

Heat cramps usually happens also during excessive heat. As above, take the person to a cooler place. Make the person relax by giving him a half glass of water every 15 minutes. Stretch lightly the affected area or muscles. Massage lightly to relieve pain.

There are other articles you can see on globalwarming awareness2007 about this discussion and how to deal with the problem.

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Friday, October 26, 2012

High Protein Diet Plan How To Structure The Best Diet For Building Muscle Mass

High Protein Diet Plan  How To Structure The Best Diet For Building Muscle Mass

Author: +Info Spreader

Having trouble gaining muscle mass? You've probably tried all sorts of garbage hyped by bodybuilding magazines as "the latest breakthrough" for great muscle gains, but have you really sit down and structure a high protein diet plan in order to incite positive changes with your physique? Before I cover my way of structuring the best diet for building muscle, it's essential that you sink in a couple of important points beforehand:

1. You're required to eat about 5 to 6 meals spaced out every 3 to 4 hours, day in day out, otherwise you can forget about having a strong and lean body.

2. Realize that the best diet for building muscle mass involves consuming the appropriate ratio of protein, carbohydrates, and essential fatty acids or generally known as the "good" fats.

So to put on more muscle size, I'd recommend a daily caloric intake of 50% protein, 30% carbohydrates, and finally, 20% fat. Don't subscribe to the common belief that a high protein diet plan may interfere with the proper function of the kidneys. Remember you're not planning to lounge on the couch, watching TV while nibbling on junk foods all day. You're goal is to put on weight by increasing muscle size and the only way to accomplish this is to go on a high protein diet plan. Alright I'm going to stop jabbering now and let you in on how I plan the best diet for building muscle.

Meal Structure 1:

The most important meal of the day, breakfast - 1 scoop of whey protein, 2 whole eggs, 1 mug of low fat milk, a bowl of oats, and a capsule of high-potency multivitamin = 44 grams of protein.

Lunch time - A cup of brown rice, 3.5 oz grilled chicken with 2 egg whites plus mix veggies, and vitamin C = 36 grams of protein.

The third meal - 4 whole eggs, a scoop of whey protein, a cup of pasta and a tablespoon of flaxseed oil = 48 grams of protein.

Dinner - Tuna in water sandwich along with an apple or banana plus vitamin C = 30 grams of protein.

Pre-Bedtime meal - 1 scoop of whey mixed with a large glass of low fat milk, a small cup of yogurt and 1 tablespoon of flaxseed oil = 32 grams of protein.

Meal Structure 2 (workout day):

Breakfast - 1 scoop of whey protein, 1 lean burger patty with 2 whole grain bread, an apple, 1 multivitamin plus a tablespoon of flaxseed oil = 44 grams of protein.

Lunch - A cup of brown rice, 4 oz of stir fry beef with 2 whole eggs, mix veggies and a vitamin C = 40 grams of protein.

Pre-workout meal - A scoop of whey with milk, a bowl of oats and a banana = 32 grams of protein

Post-workout meal - 1 and a half scoop of whey along with a glass of lemonade for spiking insulin through the roof! = 36 grams of protein

Dinner - 3.5 oz chicken breast strips with 1 baked potato, mix veggies and vitamin C = 30 grams of protein.

Pre-Bedtime meal - Another scoop of whey protein mixed with milk, a quarter cup of cottage cheese, a piece of whole grain toast and of course, a tablespoon of flax seed oil = 39 grams of protein

I weigh approximately 175 pounds so I'd try to consume at least a gram of protein per pound of bodyweight on a daily basis. The first meal and second meal nets a grand total of 190 grams and 221 grams of protein respectively. As far as I'm concerned this is the best diet for building muscle. This kind high protein diet plan has served me well so far, and you may use it as a guideline for structuring your very own mass gaining diet.

Of course a high protein diet by itself doesn't help you attain a muscular body. Learn how I changed my physique in just 6 short weeks after discovering a 100% effective system that details all the information pertaining to diet, proven mass building exercises, supplementation, weight gain, more meal plans plus tons of extra goodies for a guaranteed muscle-building results at

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Pain Management through Stretching

Pain Management through Stretching

Author: purplejie

The human body needs several things in order to make sure that it is as balanced and healthy as possible. The unfortunate thing is, many of us tend to get out of balance somewhere along the lines and this can cause problems with chronic pain. If you are experiencing pain on a daily basis, there may be something that can be done which will not only alleviate the pain rather quickly, it will also help to restore a balance to the body. One of the most effective ways of doing this through physical activity is by stretching.

Stretching is extremely therapeutic and not only can it help you to relieve some of the pain that you are feeling by lengthening the muscles and limbering the joints, it also has the benefit of bringing additional blood flow into the area which can produce natural healing properties within the body. The way that you stretch, however, can make a big difference in how much pain relief you are feeling, overall.

Many individuals decide that they are going to stretch at home and they go through a stretching program of their own. The type of stretching that is done can vary from static stretches that are done throughout the day to a special type of stretching routine which really helps to limber the body and to get rid of some of the pain that you are feeling. It is going to depend on the amount of time that you have to spend on stretching, as well as the particular type of pain that you are feeling as to what type of stretching you are doing. As long as you incorporate some of it into your daily activities, however, you should notice some relief from the pain that you are feeling.

Many people who have a difficult time with back pain begin their stretching before they ever even get out of bed in the morning. One of the most effective types of stretches is that you would tuck your knee up into your chin, as if you were in the fetal position. The real key is stretching this area out gradually in the morning and doing so before you ever get up out of bed, which causes pain for many of us to start with. Other stretching exercises can also be accomplished in bed before you venture out for the day. By doing so, you help deliver your body and to avoid many of the pains that are experienced in the early morning.

purplejie is a simple woman that loves to explore and share things through writing. She loves to share her knowledge to the users who care to understand everything about Pain Management Through Stretching . Go and visit Pain Management Through Stretching website to get plenty of more information. Come and visit us at:

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How to Prevent Influenza in Autumn

How to Prevent Influenza in Autumn

Author: Codeblue

In autumn, the influenza is very popular and people will have some symptoms such as cough, sneezing and rustiness, which affects the normal work and life. So, people are required to do advanced preventive measures. Here I summarize several tips for people to prevent the influenza in autumn.

First of all, we should know the reasons of long-term cold. The influenza viruses are easily infected. The viruses are mainly hiding in the nose and throat. When the infected people speak, cough or sneeze, the viruses will float in the air with the saliva droplets and attach on items. If healthy people inhale the polluted air or expose to the items, it is possible for them to get diseases. When people suffer from cold and have weak immunity, they are more prone to get cold. The influenza viruses are diversified and these viruses have no cross immunity, so they are easy to make people sick again and again. Therefore, some people often get cold and recover for quite a long time. We should pay attention to the following tips in daily life:

1. Drink plenty of water. Large number of water can take away the viruses from the body and prevent dehydration, which is a complication of influenza.

2. Take in vitamin C and vitamin E. The appropriate oral intake of vitamin C could reduce the cold symptoms. Vitamin E plays an important role in the human immune system, and it is widely found in animal fats and plant oil.

3. Wash hands frequently. Some viruses can survive for three hours in the places patients touch. Therefore, washing hands frequently could help people be away from cold. In addition, do not develop the bad habits of rubbing noses, because it is easy to take the viruses on hands to the easy-infectious part.

4. Sterilize kitchen ware regularly. The sponges and wipes in kitchen contain large quantity of bacteria. If there is a patient at home, it is better to use disinfectant to scrub the items they touch such as taps, door handles and refrigerator handles.

5. Do not stay in closed space for too long time. The poor ventilated areas are likely to breed influenza virus. Offices are the easy infectious places, so if people could not avoid them, they can use light salt water to keep nose moist.

6. Keep one meter distance with patients. The saliva containing virus can be splashed out one meter in the process of cough and sneezing. So, if you find someone decide to sneeze or cough, you should be one meter away from him. In elevators or buses, you can turn away immediately, because eyes and noses are most possible to be infected.

7. Ensure enough sleep. U.S. researchers have conducted a trial which allows volunteers to sleep late at night, and their immunities decrease 30% in the next day. After they have eight hours’ sleep, their immunities recover to the original level.

8. Insist in doing aerobic exercise. People are suggested to do aerobic exercise for 30 to 45 minutes every day such as walking, cycling and dancing. These exercises can greatly enhance the body’s ability to resist cold and avoid the risk of respiratory diseases.

Of course, people could also accept influenza vaccination in time. All the above methods are quite effective in preventing people from getting cold.

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All Natural Methods to Tighten Loose Neck Skin

All Natural Methods to Tighten Loose Neck Skin

Author: Felix Owns

As we age our bodies naturally start to slow down on the production of essential compounds like elastin and collagen, ultimately resulting in wrinkles and loose skin. Loose skin and wrinkles surrounding the neck can be the most difficult sign of aging to effectively treat. Loose skin can be attributed to things like age, skin damage, or obesity and is affectionately known as turkey neck or chin. Most people will turn to surgical lifts or tucks to eliminate loose skin and wrinkles surrounding the neck, but before committing to surgery, consider some all natural methods for tightening loose skin like the best neck creams, necksercises or home remedies.

One of the best things you can do is start taking the necessary measures early on to prevent any loose skin or deep wrinkles. Look online and search consumer reviews of neck creams that are made with the highest quality all natural ingredients used to stimulate the regeneration of healthy skin cells. The best neck creams have incorporated fruit based stem cells in order to effectively begin producing new cells, therefore reducing wrinkles. Another wonderful addition to the best neck cream is an all natural peptide based compound known as Matrixyl. Matrixyl apparently starts working with your body to start producing new collagen and elastin, the very compounds that keep our skin tight. This method of tightening the skin is much more efficient that using a neck cream formulated with collagen and elastin that is harvested from animal fats, a market standard in most. Animal based collagens have proved to be ineffective in most cases as well as ecologically unethical.

There are various exercises that you can do every day in conjunction with the best neck cream to help prevent and treat loose skin and wrinkles, while strengthening the muscles in the neck. Dubbed "necksercise", these everyday mini workouts are key to keeping the neck skin tight and strong. One such necksercise involves nothing more than you standing up and rotating your head clockwise slowly for about one to two minutes, the counter clockwise. This helps to release the tension from your neck for the next necksercise. Start by tilting your head back and putting your tongue to the roof of your mouth and move your chin up and down. Feel that tightening? That's making the loose skin and wrinkles stretch as well as building up the muscles in your neck filling out loose skin and wrinkles. Be careful not to overdo it as the bones in the neck are fragile and are easily damaged, so known your limitations and stop before any of these exercises become discomforting.

There are a few home remedies that you can make out of things found in your kitchen that can definitely aid in the reduction of turkey chin and deeply enriched wrinkles surrounding the neck. One such remedy is a combination of powerful astringents and time tested methods. Boil about five or six Black tea bags and while it's steeping add a couple squirts of fresh lemon juice. Remove the tea bags and place them in the freezer. Once they've cooled, lie down and place the tea bags on your neck for about five to ten minutes. The lemon juice and the tannin in the tea are both natural tightening agents adding an instant lift to the skin. The caffeine found in the tea has been used in remedies to refresh and stimulate the skin and with the coldness of the tea adding a bracing effect the skin will be nice and taught.

These methods of tightening the skin are full proof, effective and much safer alternatives to surgical lifts and tucks which can be expensive, painful, and time consuming. Search for more necksercises that you can do anytime to help strengthen the muscles in the neck, while firming and lifting the skin. There are numerous home remedies that you can do in order to help reduce loose skin, as well as numerous kinds of neck creams, but only the best neck creams will be made with ingredients like fruit culture stem cells or Matrixyl in order to begin cellular regeneration. These are just some of the methods you can choose from to start effectively reducing and preventing loose skin and wrinkles around the neck.

Felix Owns is a researcher and reviewer of every aspect of skin care. He has the knowledge and know-how to give advice on everything from organic eye gels and acne creams to the best neck creams and wrinkle treatments.

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What Are The Main Breast Cancer Symptoms and Early Warning Signs?

What Are The Main Breast Cancer Symptoms and Early Warning Signs?

Author: alleyjames

Early detection of breast cancer leads to less damage to the breast tissues, faster curing and less severe treatment so women those who ignore the importance of regular self examination and breast awareness should realize the vital role of early detection and must stay in touch with their breasts on regular basis to notice the disturbing signs and should visit the doctor on right time. Overview of breast cancer symptoms is given here that most of the women notice while performing self examination.
Breast cancer is the result of many things such as genetics factors and heredity is of core importance in the development of breast cancer, although more frequently it occurs in women but men can also get affected of it but the risk is lower for them. There are a lot of surveys and researches which have been conducted to find out the way to prevent breast cancer, but unfortunately there is no definitive way to prevent it successfully however there are certain ways to avoid the fatal effects of this dreadful disease and to avoid letting it get out of hand.

Overview of Breast Cancer Symptoms
There are different breast cancer symptoms as some of them are discussed in detail here
Lump Formation
Lump formation is associated with breast cancer strongly, however not all lumps are cancerous but to ignore them can be dangerous so the benign lumps should not be ignored as well. Lumps are mostly painless and cause spiny sensation as well; however it is not very common but experienced by some women.
Breast Tenderness
Breast tenderness is felt by women at last stage of breast cancer and it is also possible to have pain, but sensation in the breast varies from dull to sharp.
Change in Breast Size
It is also possible for women to experience the changes in breast size that are abnormal and uneven. In some cases the change in size is not due to cancer and is related to the periods, pregnancy and breastfeeding.
Change in the Texture of Breast Skin
Victims with advanced stage of breast cancer are expected to notice a clearly distinct area of breast skin with tiny dents or reddish that resembles an orange peel.
Increased Breast Temperature
If a woman feels that temperature of a specific part of breast is higher comparatively it can be due to breast cancer.
Change in the Position of Nipple
Changes in the position of nipple are easy to observe as they tend to be obvious such as inversion and ulceration of nipple. Discharge from nipple can be easily observed by squeezing the nipples so if any discharge of yellow, green or blood stained fluid is noticed it is abnormal and can be the indication of breast cancer so never overlook such kind of changes because if it is not due to cancer it can be the indication of any other breast abnormality.
Breast Pain
Breast pain can be due to breast cancer and if the pain is persistent that does not go away after medication as well immediate consultation to the doctor is essential. Some women experience cyclic pain before periods due to the hormonal changes, but that pain reduces after the periods begin and slightly moves to the end.
A breast aware woman can notice these changes if she is in habit of performing regular self examination because understanding breast structure is of core importance to locate and distinguishing abnormal changes from the normal ones as breasts are prone to develop the changes over the time.

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How To Stop Dizziness Naturally

How To Stop Dizziness Naturally

Author: Winston Jenkins

Ever felt as if the world were spinning around you? Or that the darkness is sucking you in? Dizziness can range from lightheadedness to nausea, vomiting to blackouts. Depending on how it manifests itself, there are different kinds of dizziness. Vertigo is by far the most common kind of dizziness. It is believed that a good percentage of people over the age of 60 suffer from vertigo.

Dizziness can be brought on by varying causes. Severe headache, hypoglycemia, migraines, ear infection, sudden change in blood pressure, anxiety disorders, travel or neurological problems can cause it. Unfortunately, for many people dizziness is not a matter they can ignore.

There are a number of medications that are useful for alleviating the symptom of dizziness. However, most of these medicines can cause discomfort and other undesirable side effects. Long term use of these medicines is therefore undesirable.

This is the reason why many people resort to the most effective means of stopping dizziness naturally.

Fresh ginger and ginger extracts are one of the most widely used natural remedies for dizziness. Fresh ginger is obviously the most useful form of ginger. It is even more effective than dried ginger. However, since it is difficult to get fresh ginger and take it in the right amounts, therefore most people take ginger in the form of tablets or powders.

Ginger is particularly effective for dizziness that results from travel. It can even alleviate symptoms of motion sickness. Ginger has certain properties that can tone down the conflicting messages received by the brain. This ensures smoother coordination between the various sense organs and puts an end to dizziness. Ginger can also calm down the symptoms of vomiting, cold sweat and nausea associated with dizziness. To treat dizziness naturally, you can take fresh ginger or ginger in the form of tablets or powders. Depending on the dosage and the severity of the condition, sufferers may take in 1-2 capsules 2-4 times a day.

Reduced flow of blood to the brain can lead to feelings of lightheadedness. In the case of dizziness that results from high blood pressure, celery juice can be an effective treatment.

Another natural treatment for dizziness is gingko biloba. It can calm down symptoms and lead to relaxation. Mixing equal amounts of honey and apple cider vinegar with warm water is also said to be effective.

The intake of caffeinated drinks and spicy foods can lead to dizzy spells. Healthy living is another way in which it is possible to avert spells of dizziness. According to some experts, imagery may be used in conjunction with natural herbs to get over spells of dizziness naturally.

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Best Neck Wrinkle Treatment How to Get Rid of Neck Wrinkles?

Best Neck Wrinkle Treatment How to Get Rid of Neck Wrinkles?

When people age, the skin loses its elasticity and it is common to find wrinkles and lines in the face, neck, under the eye, hands etc. Wrinkles on the neck will be the ones that are most prominent and can easily reveal a person's age or make them look older than their age.

To treat the wrinkles on the neck some people resort to treatments like surgical procedures and injections like Botox. While, they are expensive, they do not give you the natural look after treatment and make your skin heavily made up plastic look.

Other popular treatment to remove neck wrinkles is Microdermabrasion. Microdermabrasion works by scraping out the topmost wrinkled part of the skin using certain abrasive crystals. While this method may be fairly good to treat scars, it is not so effective for wrinkle treatments. The best remedies for wrinkles are found in wrinkle creams based on a natural formulation.

Collagen and Elastin are tissues that are present under the skin which are responsible for the skin's elasticity and tone. When these tissues decrease in number due to aging, it results in wrinkles in neck, face etc.

When you treat the wrinkles, look out for creams that aid the production of collagen so that your skin gains back its lost elasticity. Some anti wrinkle creams have Hyaluronic acid which has the property of producing collagen in the skin. Stay away from products that contain harsh chemicals and anti oxidants as it can have harmful side effects. Go for the ones that are based on a natural formulation.
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How I cover Face Wrinkles

How I cover Face Wrinkles

Author: Karla Sutton

Other than applying wrinkle creams, many women try to cover up wrinkles with make up. Cosmetics can be used to hide, if they are applied correctly. However, many women apply too much make up or choose the wrong skin care products. Ironically enough, this can create the opposite effect. When the make up is not applied properly, it can make the wrinkles more visible.

Before applying any cosmetic products, it's important clean your skin thoroughly. Wash the skin with a gentle cleanser and apply an anti aging cream to the skin. When the skin is moisturized, it will accept the make up better and you will achieve better results. You can apply a skin moisturizer before using foundation or just use a tinted moisturizering lotion. This will depend on the amount and depth of the wrinkles you want to address.

Many women make the mistake of applying too much foundation in an effort to cover wrinkles. This is a mistake. The foundation will crack and make the wrinkles more visible. Choose a foundation for medium coverage. A matte finish works best for hiding wrinkles. Use a powder on top of the foundation. Powders reflect light and help you achieve better results.

Using a concealer can help to hide wrinkles. The color of the concealer you choose will depend on the effects you wish to achieve. A yellow base is best for covering dark circles under the eyes. To minimize wrinkles, choose a concealer with a white base.

Women tend to have problems with the area around the eyes. To address this, moisturize the area around the eyes {{on a daily basis|every day}}}. Use an anti wrinkle cream that is made for the eye area. Choose your eye shadow products carefully. Powder works better than cream eye shadows. Creams tend to pool in the wrinkles and can make them stand out. Use lighter colors on the majority of the eye are to reflect light and minimize wrinkles. It is best to use a deeper color at the lower part of the eyelid.

Applying blush will help cover capillaries that may be on the cheeks as well as fine lines. Use a powder rather than a cream-based. As with eye shadow, powders are less likely to pool in lines and make them stand out more. Use your blush sparingly to conceal wrinkles and lines.

Lastly, lips seem to be a problem area identified by many women. To fight this, use an anti wrinkle cream prior to applying your make up. Use foundation to help prevent the lipstick from bleeding onto the surrounding area. Apply lipstick with a stiff brush to keep it in place. Cream lipstick products work best for minimizing wrinkles in the lip area.

By combining the best wrinkle creams with these make-up tips, will help you minimize the wrinkles you have and prevent new wrinkles from forming. Choose skin care products and anti wrinkle creams carefully. Invest in good quality products for the best results. Read reviews to help you find the best products for your skin type. This will help you make the right choice and get the best results possible.

Karla is a skin care product reviewer and contributing editor for Wrinkle Cream Review sites.

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How to get rid of pimples in one night

How to get rid of pimples in one night

Author: Nathalie Fiset

How to get rid of your pimples overnight is in fact impossible, but within a very short time - a few days in fact - you can see a marked improvement in your skin after following some very simple guidelines.

You need to understand the cause of pimples before you can learn how to deal with them, so take a few minutes to read this.

The body's sebaceous glands produce oil (sebum); for a young person approaching and during puberty, the production of sebum can vary wildly due to the hormonal changes occurring in the body at this time. Very simply, the pores on the skin (most often those on the face and are in fact hair follicles) become blocked up with sebum. Bacteria becomes trapped in the pore and feeds on the sebum creating an infection which shows as a red swollen lump.

So to help the body through this period, and hence reduce the occurrence of pimples, here are a few simple guidelines. They will not answer your question of how to get rid of pimples overnight but follow these and within days you will find a marked improvement in your skin condition.

1. Gently wash your face. Use a mild skin cleanser that will wash away the oils on your face and after that rinse your face with water.

2. Now you should exfoliate your face - that is, remove the dead skin cells that the body as discarded so they do not block up the skin pores. You can purchase an exfoliate (facial scrub) product or you can make one up yourself : pour a little salt into a small bowl, add a few drops of water and mix till it turns into a paste (not liquid!); adding a little toothpaste (paste, not gel) to this mix gives it a little extra kick, as does baking soda. You can also add some oatmeal. Use this mixture to exfoliate - gently massaging it all over the face including the areas not affected by pimples. Do this process gently - there is no need to rub. Then after a few minutes rinse your face with water. Pat (not rub) your face dry.

3. Next, using white vinegar or apple cider vinegar or hydrogen peroxide, dab this onto the affected area and this will help to dry out the skin further.

Repeat the above 2 times every day, morning and evening, and within just a few days you will see a marked improvement in your skin condition.

Never touch your face with your hands as the hands carry bacteria; use a tissue if you need to itch!

Be careful when using cosmetics - use ones that are oil-free, since oily skin is believed to be one of the factors that contributes to pimples.

Take vitamins for your skin if your diet is not full of fruit and leafy vegetables. Vitamin E is the best one for a good skin.

Start a new healthy lifestyle by having a balanced diet. Eat healthy fresh foods. Don't forget to drink a lot of water and this will help detoxify the body. Get lots of fresh air and some exercise.

The above guidelines will ensure you have a clean, healthy skin in no time. Be patient and success will be yours in your quest to get rid of pimples overnight

Dr Nathalie Fiset is a family doctor and a certified hypnotherapist. For more information go to: or

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