Monday, September 2, 2013

Causes of Glaucoma - The Main Factor

Glaucoma is a disease that is harmful to the optic nerve, a progressive and irreversible loss of vision caused. Often, but not always, associated with increased fluid pressure in the eye.
The nerve damage results in loss of retinal ganglion cells in a characteristic pattern. There are many subtypes of glaucoma, but all can be regarded as a kind of optic neuropathy. elevated intraocular pressure is a major risk factor for developing glaucoma (higher than 21 mmHg or 2.8 kPa). A person may develop nerve damage at a relatively low pressure, while another person may have high eye pressure for years and not get hurt. Untreated glaucoma leads to permanent damage to the optic nerve and visual field loss, which may progress to blindness.
Ocular hypertension (elevated pressure inside the eye) is the major causes of glaucoma in most, but in some populations, only 50% of patients with primary open-angle glaucoma have intraocular pressure very well.
Other factors can causes of glaucoma, secondary glaucoma known, including the prolonged use of steroids (steroid-induced glaucoma), conditions which strongly blood flow to be limited to the eye such as diabetic retinopathy and occlusion of central retinal vein ( neovascular glaucoma), ocular trauma (angle recession glaucoma) and uveitis (uveitis, glaucoma).
The primary open-angle glaucoma (POAG) was associated with mutations in the genes for several loci. normal tension glaucoma, POAG, or third, is associated with genetic mutations.
There is increasing evidence that ocular blood flow is involved in the pathogenesis of glaucoma. Current data indicate that fluctuations in blood flow are more harmful than glaucomatous optic neuropathy steady decline. Unstable blood pressure and dips are linked to optic nerve damage and correlated with the deterioration of vision.
Some studies also suggest a possible correlation between hypertension and the development of glaucoma. In normal tension glaucoma, nocturnal hypotension may play an important role.
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