Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Wonderful World of Anti Aging Skin Herbs

When it comes to aging skin, herbs are an excellent way to get glowing, smoother, softer skin. For an aging body and aging skin, herbs can stimulate blood circulation, slow down aging, absorb nutrients, and help the body eliminate waste. Most anti aging herbs have mind strengthening and spirit-lifting qualities that help the body and mind resist stress. In Chinese medicine, several anti aging skin herbs used for centuries show excellent results and wolfberry is one of them.
Along with aging skin, herbs such as wolfberry increases the kidneys strength and fights health problems such as, diabetes, tuberculosis, headaches, dizziness, fatigue, insomnia, and also vision problems. Wolfberry fruits contain nineteen amino acids, twenty-one trace minerals, vitamin c, protein, and other antioxidants and anti aging properties that also help reverse aging skin. Herbs such as Siberian root reduce both emotional and physical stress and helps prevent stress related diseases and premature aging. Used for hundreds of years in Chinese medicine, Go Ji berry is one of many well known herbs on the market today and is excellent for boosting the immune system and increasing a person's longevity.
Not all anti aging skin herbs work for everyone but red clover is one that commonly helps women with menopausal symptoms or menstrual pain, due to its estrogen like features. It also helps reduce tiny lines and wrinkles, making skin look healthier and younger. Red clover is one of the excellent herbs available in most health food stores in pill form. Aloe vera has anti aging, skin soothing properties, which makes it one of the more popular herbs. Found in anti-acne products, sunscreens, massage creams, face washes, and cleansers, aloe vera is also excellent on burns and scrapes.
Three more anti aging skin herbs used on people with acne are mint, turmeric and basil, because of their refreshing, anti bacterial, antiseptic properties. You can apply ground up fresh turmeric in milk, mint juice, or fresh basil daily as acne anti aging skin herbs to have blemish-free, glowing, younger looking skin. In the Middle East, India and now the United States and other parts of the world, they use pure saffron for skin care and in traditional medicine. Saffron strands and almonds soaked in milk and then ground and mixed with rosewater make an excellent face mask that revitalizes and nourishes skin. Certain anti aging skin herbs make peoples skin look refreshed, healthier, and younger but never try elaborate herbal remedies without talking to a professional first.
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