Monday, September 10, 2012

Cleanse Your Colon The Natural Way With " 144 Formula "

One of the great thing that  you can do to your body is to cleanse your colon. Cleansing your colons is not only for eliminating the toxins inside your body but also obtaining desirable  results  you get out of cleansing your colon. While colon cleansing get rid  of toxins in the body brought about by improper diets, lack of exercise, lack of sleep, and  stress, it also gives fascinating returns.

Cleansing your colon helps you detox your body. It puts away all the toxic waste inside your stomach. It normalizes  the bowel movement by eliminating the toxic waste that clog the big and small intestine. It normalizes the function of the digestive system resulting to better absorption of  food nutrients. Proper and adequate nutrients strengthen the immune system. Making you less vulnerable to cancer and other illness or dreaded diseases.

Come to imagine if your  digestive system can function very well. Foods are easily digested and  food nutrients, vitamins and minerals are abundantly absorbed. Great thing will happen. You have stronger immune system, healthy body and  vital organs, normalizes as well your blood circulation preventing you from hypertension plus granting you  a glowing skin due to enough supply of vitamins and minerals to your body. . Cleansing your colon helps you as well to reduce your weight a bit and it's beneficial to our body.
You can find a numerous ways in cleansing your colon in the  books or in  the internet.  I would like to share here the formula for cleansing the colon in a natural way which was also taught and shared to me by a friend that based on the testimonial from some of our friends, the formula was truly effective.

This formula was called " 144 Colon Cleanser " because it contains:

I-  One (1`) liter of potable water.
II- Four (4)  Teaspoonful of  rock salt or sea salt ( Avoid Iodized salt)
III- Four (4) pieces of kalamansi or lemon.

Prepare and mix them thoroughly  together in the evening. As you wake up in the morning don't take any solids or liquids. Put the 144 formula  in a glass then drink it. Finish the one liter 144 formula in an hour. Repeat the following day if needed. Note: after two consecutive days of drinking 144 formula- STOP!
You can repeat the two consecutive  days cleansing after 2 to 3 months.