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Symptoms of Thyroid Problems

Symptoms of Thyroid Problems

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The thyroid is a small but important gland that is located in the neck, and its function is to produce hormones that are controlled by the pituitary gland. TSH, or Thyroid Stimulating Hormone, is sent out by the pituitary gland and results in the production of thyroxine by the thyroid. Thyroxine affects a number of functions in the human body, and this includes moods, heart rate, body heat, metabolism, body heat, skin and hair growth, memory, energy, and periods.

Before we can talk about the thyroid we need to understand some basics first. Up inside your brain there is an organ called the hypothalamus. This organ senses and reads how much thyroid hormone you have in your body. If it is low it releases a hormone called TRH or Thyroid Releasing Hormone so it can stimulate the pituitary gland. Now the pituitary is also located in your brain and works by managing many of the hormones in your body.

Symptoms of thyroid problems include:

1-Fatigue and weakness


3-Weight gain

4-Low basal temperature, cold intolerance, cold hands and feet

5-Dry and coarse skin

Thyroid problems are largely a result of an imbalance in your thyroid levels. Any kind of thyroid problem, regardless of cause, leads to a weight problem, and it's usually drastic - you could find that you are gaining weight, losing it rapidly or maybe you just can't get rid of it no matter how hard you try! This can then give rise to other weight-related diseases. The ensuing problems are bad whether you suffer from an under-active thyroid an overactive thyroid.

These are signs of hypothyroidism. There is usually pain in the muscles and joints. One may develop carpal tunnel or tarsal tunnel. Carpal tunnel develops in the hands and arms and tarsal tunnel develops in the legs. If this condition is left undiagnosed then it can worsen the condition. The best way to combat this is to consume iodine through your daily diet and take medical help.


One of the best treatments is Levothyroxine which is a synthetic thyroid hormone. This specific treatment can frequently be very dangerous and requires continuous monitoring as to how the levels of Levothyroxine affect the condition. An optional method of treating this health problem is by utilizing natural hormone like the extract from cows. However, there is always a doubt about the virus infections. In both the conditions it is believed that alteration of thyroid hormone levels treat the causes of thyroid problem moderately than just provisionally relieving the symptoms.

Thyroid tumors are another section of thyroid problems, and can involve both benign tumors and cancerous, malignant ones. Thyroid adenoma is a form that is a benign tumor, while lymphoma and other cancers of the thyroid are malignant types. Having an enlarged thyroid gland or a thyroid nodule can be a potential symptom of a thyroid tumor. Later symptoms may also appear if the tumor or cancer has progressed.

If you are drinking soft drinks and other foods flavored with aspartame or other chemical ingredients, switch to water or fruit juices instead as processed foods and their chemical ingredients tend to depress thyroid function. Replace the iodized salt in your salt shaker and replace it with sea salt, another good natural therapy for thyroid health that is mineral-rich.

Thyroid is a small gland in our body that plays a vital role in regulating our metabolism. As we are aware that proper metabolism is very important for many functions of the body, we must not take thyroid problems lightly. There are various factors that lead to thyroid dysfunction like iodine deficiency or highly stressful life.

You need to have faith in yourself and know that you will never eliminate your thyroid issues until you treat it as it is the main objective in your life. Be in control of your diet and do not get over anxious or impatient. Correcting thyroid problems usually always takes some time and patience.

Weightloss with a problem thyroid is a process of determining the amounts of protein and carbs that will stabilize your particular body chemistry. Different bodies have different types of metabolism that determines the food combinations that will increase or slow down weightloss results. Meeting the emotional and energy needs of someone with a problem thyroid is just as important as your diet. There is a direct relationship between an increase of metabolism and a hunger for life. If you stimulate your mood you can overcome your metabolic slumps and stay motivated.

For most women in the postpartum stage after childbirth extreme tiredness is normal, at least immediately after delivery. However, the continual fatigue is not normal. Most women and even "experts" will chalk these symptoms up to sleepless nights and the two in the morning feedings. While this may be the case, it is important to consider having a thyroid test. Because there is a condition called postpartum thyroiditis.

Licorice is a treatment used in a large number of medications and is added to many herbal formulas including natural remedies for thyroid disease. Although it is commonly used as a flavoring agent, the root is used as a flavoring component in herbal remedies by many health industries. Licorice enhances muscle protection which is vital for the thyroid gland. Licorice may boost the life of cells and the action of various secreting cells.

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