Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Food That Normalizes Your Blood Sugar Count Like Taking An Insulin Shot

Looking for an option to lower down your blood sugar count? This is the right place for you to find out how to put back to normal your sugar count in natural way without taking any drugs  that you can buy in the pharmacies. Live productive and live longer. Live a normal life.

Diabetic people may experience excessive thirst, labored breathing, weakness, fatigue, and loss of consciousness. Although not all people with diabetes  can feel these but one or two as mentioned above may be present. When diabetes left uncontrolled or untreated may cause so many complications such as, high blood pressure, heart disease, nerve damage, kidney failure or disease, infection, limb amputation, and comatose.

Most of diabetic people do not know they have such disease. Such disease is a silent killer. They will only realize they have diabetes if complication is already present. Diabetes is not fatal it's the complications brought about it.Check your sugar count before it's too late. Before it destroys your body. Come to imagine the agony of some diabetic people undergoing dialysis due to kidney failure or the psychological effect of  loosing your feet due to amputation.

Here's how you can bring down your blood sugar count in minutes. If you have a blood sugar count of 230 to 500, in minutes it will go back to normal. Eat two tablespoon of raw pork pancreas. It is abundant in natural insulin. If you are craving for alternative way to control your diabetes, you already got the answer.

How to Prepare The Raw Pancreas

-   Buy pancreas taken from freshly butchered  in the wet market. 
-   Wash and soak them in a basin of water for ten minutes with 1/2 cup of rock salt or sea salt (not iodize salt.) to disinfect the meat or pancreas
-   After 10 minutes of soaking the pancreas, rub it with more salt on all side of the meat till it's clean and can be eaten raw.
- Rinse out salt and cut them into small pieces to easily measure them in tablespoon
- Pack in small plastic bag every 2 tablespoon of pancreas 
- Don't put seasoning put it in the freezer.
- Pick and eat  one  serving at a time as needed.
- Season pancreas meat just before eating. Do not cook or marinate it in vinegar or kalamansi or lemon. 

You may like to eat raw pancreas with wasabi like sashimi while other people likes to eat it with chopped garlic, chopped onion, or chopped chili. Go find your own way to prepare it. Always eat it with raw garlic to get rid of bacterias and viruses. Eat raw pancreas in every meal( 2 tablespoon per serving) to keep your blood sugar normal like having a insulin shot.

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Source: Natural Healing by: J. E. Dy-Liacco