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Natural Remedies - Lungs & Detoxification from Smoking

Natural Remedies - Lungs & Detoxification from Smoking

Author: William Renolds

When we talk about natural remedies, lungs often don't rate a mention next to remedies for other ailments and conditions. Maybe this is because there is a commonly held view that the only real remedy for sick lungs is to simply quit smoking. This is of course the very best thing you can do for your lungs but it does not heal all the damage you have done from smoking cigarettes for many years.

If you could see inside your body you would see that your lungs are in a horrific state. Instead of pink healthy lungs you would see blackened, stained lungs that are filled with toxins and chemicals that can lead to a variety of health problems including cancer. This can be cured with a natural remedy though and that remedy does not come in a bottle or a single pill. It is a regime of different supplements, exercises and dietary changes that if used correctly can shorted the time taken to clean out your lungs from over a decade down to just a few short months!

Natural Remedies for the Lungs

Exercises for the Lungs

Tar seeps into the tissue of the lungs making them stiffer and less flexible. This of course makes it more difficult to breathe and also traps toxins in the lungs that can cause cancers and infections. Not only this but tar and mucus gets trapped in the airways which inhibit breathing and often inflame the bronchial tubes.

Lung exercises such as deep breathing, extreme exhalation and holding your breath can help to make the lungs more flexible and can help you clear your airways as well.

Reduce Your Stress

Stress is a huge health problem for everyone. Lots of stress causes a lowering of the immune system, which makes you more susceptible to disease and infections. This effects your natural detoxification processes, so natural remedies, lung treatments included, usually make use of stress reduction techniques so your immune system can be boosted, and this will flow-on to improve your lung health.

Eat Spicy Foods

While some people find that spicy foods do not agree with them, if you can eat such things as chillis then you can help your lungs heal by adding more of them to your diet. You see, spicy hot foods have an effect on the mucus in your whole body, liquefying it, which allows you to expel it more easily. Think about the runny nose when you eat a seriously hot dish for instance. This means that the mucus and tar mixture in your lungs, that is hard to dislodge, can be melted down to be easier to cough up or for the body to dissipate in other ways.

So, with natural remedies, lungs can be cleansed in many ways. These 3 methods are just the tip of the iceberg though. A complete lung detoxification regime needs a great deal more to make it work effectively. When combined, these methods force the toxins and tar from your battered lungs leaving them pink and healthy again allowing you to breathe easily once more. So if you want to be rid of the legacy of smoking and get more life giving oxygen, click below to find out more.

Lung Detoxification

This link contains a complete quit smoking guide too.

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