Sunday, September 2, 2012

When Proper Nutrition Is Ignored

All of us are delighted with mouth watering and delicious foods most especially the children. Even adults with hypertension, diabetes, or  with heart disease breaks the rule. Truly so tempting and hard to resist not to eat the foods that you love to eat. Oftentimes, they cannot control themselves to eat foods  that were  prohibited  already by their physician. That's too risky. It's like betting in a lottery.

 We can notice that incident of children with cases of blindness, neuritis, scurvy, debilitated lungs, diabetes, hypertension,  and heart disease  are growing each year. In a survey they found out that most of these children are dependent in  processed foods. They love to eat processed foods advertised in televisions,  movie houses, posters in malls and supermarkets and huge billboard along the roads.

Perhaps some parents were too  busy that they prefer to prepare easy to cook foods for their children. Malls and supermarkets are flooded with this kind of stuffs. Easy to cook foods and instant foods are fast selling in the market all over the world. People forgot already the essentials of human nutrition. Diseases and premature death may occur if proper nutrition of the  body cannot be obtain.

Continued supply of vitamins and minerals substances  can be achieve by eating quality foods provided by  fruits and green leafy vegetables. Stay away from foods with visible fats and oils, too much sugar, iodized salts, alcohol and soda drinks,caffeinated drinks, salty foods and  foods with artificial preservatives and flavors.

To attain good nutrition and prevent you from deseases, eat more fruits and vegetables. Use whole grain products like brown rice, barley, wheat bread, oatmeal and corn. Tubers and legumes are good to our body such as yams, squash, beans, peas etc. Have a good breakfast everyday. It's the most important meal. Lastly, don't forget to drink enough water everyday. they say, at least eight glasses a day.