Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Amazing Fruit That Can Stop Hypertension And Heart Attack In Minutes: The Continuation...

Chili pepper fruit came from the plant from genus Capsicum. In Asian countries it  is only called chili omitting the word pepper. Chili pepper has number of varieties. It is not only use for culinary purpose but also for other purpose such as weapon, food and crop defense, and for medicinal purpose. Chili pepper is not only an effective topical  analgesic agent  for handling arthritis, herpes zoster, mastectomy pain and headache but as well as an  amazing cure for cancer, gangrene, hypertension, and heart decease when  proper intake management is followed.    

 +Jaime E. Dy-Liacco, Member, Board Of Trustees, Philippine College for the Advancement in Medicine. Also a former Acting Director General of the Philippine Institute of Traditional & Alternative Medicine ( PITAHC), Department Of Health admitted while speaking  during the seminar in Natural Healing that he was a prostate cancer survivor.  During the seminar he pointed out  that the Philippine Native Red Chili Pepper also known in the country as " Siling Labuyo "  has a phenominal substance that can cure cancer and can  stop hypertension and heart attack in minutes. The hot sensation from chili cause no physical harm and has no risk. He recommend to chew and eat  at least 10 pieces of red chili pepper( Red Siling Labuyo) as an alternative  when there's hypertension or heart attack.